Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Miss Toh, I will always remember your puzzled face when I don’t do your homework. alwayz make me feel guilty.. :p your quiz was a little stressing initially but can be quite exciting too! your explanations are clear and to the point. I like it and I am sure many students do as well. Thank you Miss Toh!! Won’t have gone to JC without your encouragement and teaching.

Vini , ~SECONDARY , Favourite , VJC , YJC

If there are any words to describe Miss Toh, I think it will be gentle and smart. I can remember vividly how she whipped out her pen and a blank piece of paper to give me an overview of a chapter which I have missed cos I joined her class later. She clarified my doubts in mere 30mins. A monstrous chapter miracously turned into something so intuitive and easy. I guess this was one of the first few personal encounter with Miss Toh that strikes me with that impression. No wonder people says first impression counts. Haha.. ok, overall, Miss Toh is the best math tutor I have so far.. which explains why I have sticked to her until my big Os… Thank you Miss Toh… Keep in touch k?


Thank you Miss Toh. I didn’t know I can do well for Math before you came to teach us. I enjoy your lessons because it is always very casual and we feel at ease to say or ask anything. Your overview of each topic helped the us understand the topic easily. Although we are always noisy and lethagic in the 3pm lesson, you are always understanding and patient with us. Thank you for teaching our class. 🙂


I have done pretty well for Maths this term and I am proud of it. At first, I have no confidence in Maths as I know that I am lazy but Miss Toh and my peers gave me lots of encouragement to work harder. I would like to give thanks to Miss Toh for her her moral support and lessons. I really appreciate Miss Toh’s lesson. Thank you cher!! I will continue to work hard <3

Shahhidah , ~SECONDARY

Miss Toh,
Thanks for all the guidance and help that you have given me these past 3 months. It was with your help that I managed to improve tremendously, and score a B for maths! Something which I have never achieved ever since in upper secondary. You are a kind and caring teacher, and you never fail to help me in any way possible. Hopefully I can score a B3 or perhaps an A to make you proud! I hope I won’t let you down. : )

Ying Xiang , ~SECONDARY

I joined Miss Toh after my sec 3 exam… I failed badly and needed to sit for a provisional exam to continue taking a maths. With 4 one-to-one lessons, miss toh gave me a quick crash course. She showed me all possible questions in each topic nd caught all my bad habits… She made it sounds so simple that i cannot believe it!!! I was very happy when i pass the paper and regained confidence in a maths. Ever since then, I began to excel in maths… finally, got A for a maths in O level. Thank you miss toh for all your help! All the best..


Miss Toh is a kind and patient teacher who has helped me alot as my GCE O LVLS are approaching. I am very poor in maths when i first joined but she is always willing to go in depth of that particular subject topic. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. Her good temper is something I think is very important because it enable me to have lessons that are stress-free. The summary sheet that she gave us, helped me a lot. I can absorb alot of concepts from there in a glance 🙂 Thank you Miss Toh, you really helped me a lot!

Marcus Lim , ~SECONDARY

Miss Toh has a good knowledge of variety of exam questions. The extra lessons and worksheets provided were indeed very useful. Thanks for providing more worksheets in areas where I was weaker in. It was also wonderful that there was such great enthusiasm to help me in any way possible.


Maths used to be my greatest problem. Although I can understand the concept, I could never score A in maths until I joined miss toh classes. After going through the major concepts, she will show us the common trick questions in exams. I feel that it is extremely helpful especially for students like me. I feel as though I saw the exam paper before I actually even sit for it. Miss Toh has helped me gain confidence and like maths again. Thank you Miss Toh for your wonderful lessons.

Liang Min Li , ~SECONDARY

Hey Miss Toh! F9 to B3!! I still cannot believe it. Thank you for helping me all this time. Also, thank you for having faith in me. I think you always have it more than I have for myself. Haha. The notes you prepared are formatted very effectively as it’s size allows me to carry it around and revise anywhere. Its content is structured such that it’s easy to understand. Besides that, your encouragement is also something I really appreciate too. By the way, you still owe us our Mac treat!!!


Miss Toh is able to relate what she teaches to daily life, so it becomes much simpler to grasp the concept. Lessons never end on time but I do not complain as I get to ask questions and clarify some stuff that I am unsure of. She stays back to help me out with whatever extra questions I have or concepts that I am not clear about as I am not a fast learner. She is extremely patient, and tries her best to help every student. Miss Toh’s notes are detailed, which highlights important points. It is concise, brief and yet, hits all the important concepts and fundamentals for all the topics. She has done so much more than what she needs to do. She really helped me gain my interest in Mathematics back, and although my basics were very weak, I managed to finally pass A Maths and score a B3 in E Maths.

Emmanuel Phua , ~SECONDARY

Miss Toh is Truly an amazing math tutor I ever seen!!!! She can explain the same concept in SOOOO many different way until I can understand. She is extremely approachable! It feels like you’re talking to a friend than a teacher! Which made us feel very easy to ask any questions in class! She never scolds or get angry and willing to stay back and spend extra time for me to ask my huge stack of questions. Thank you Miss Toh for helping me get my A! 😀

Kek Shi Jie , ~SECONDARY

Hi Miss Toh, Thank you for your guidance for the past 3 years. You have been the most wonderful teacher I could ever ask for. I couldn’t have gotten my A without you.

Melissa , ~SECONDARY

I was introduced to this tuition center, Maths Cafe by a classmate in the beginning of the year. At that time, My maths was terrible to a point where i scored F9 for all my math tests. After enrolling in Maths Cafe, the teacher, Miss Janelle Toh taught me the basics of mathematics like algebra. As i get better with my foundation, i learnt more new things all thanks to miss toh. My grades improved from F9 to C6 in the prelims, then lastly, to B3 in the GCE O LEVELS. I have enjoyed my classes with miss toh and it was indeed a fun journey. THANKS MISS TOH!

Dalton Wong , ~SECONDARY

The notes that Miss Toh prepare is concise and good. They are my exam-essentials since sec 2. The small booklets make it seems like there is really nothing much to digest. I will always refer to the first page for all the formulas, concepts and useful examples to do my homework. Thank you Miss Toh for nanny-ing me for 3 years. Zheng Hui Min, St Theresa School

Zheng Hui Min , ~SECONDARY

Ms toh is very patient and always try to help you understand things you don’t before she continues with lesson. The topic tests and exam practices nearing the o’s helped SO much(to the extent i can’t explain.) She comes up with interesting and very-easy-to-understand methods to maneuver around problems. The 2 hours of lesson with ms toh every wednesday was probably the best thing i did last year. Thank you ms toh! I owe it to you!! XD


Miss Toh has her own unique way of making us remember our careless mistakes. She actually gives ‘names’ to the things that she wants us to remember. Honestly, it was kinda funny at first but I soon realized how effective it was. It was like I knew careless mistake like one of my friends. Hahaz.. another thing I like about Miss Toh’s lessons is that she gives us many challenging questions to stretch our tiny brains. ;p these questions really help us feel smart and of course do well in exam. Hee… thank you miss toh! 😀

Joanna Lim , ~SECONDARY

I never thought I needed maths tuition until I was in sec 3. I couldn’t understand a thing in class! I was so frightened and lost at that time that I asked my mum to help me look for a tutor. That was when I first met Miss Toh, I was amazed by how she can compressed what my school taught in a month in just 1 lesson. She highlights the main concepts and go through several examples before giving us the commonly tested exam questions. It was so clear and concise that I felt so relieved that I found her. Without her help, I guess I will still be one of the lost sheep in class. Thank you Miss Toh for taking me in.

Chan Yi Lin , ~SECONDARY

was introduced to Miss Toh’s E Maths class by a friend, at the beginning of June, last year. Before joining her tuition class, I was a D7 to C6 student and I never enjoyed Mathematics. It was always a nightmare. Miss Toh has her very interesting techniques to tackle different questions and problems. This shed light to many sums I could not solve before. Her topic by topic lessons during the beginning were extremely useful and it helped to build a solid foundation which was critical in every aspect.

What’s more, she provided the class with her little graphical formulae chart.. How could I live through my O levels without that?! 😀 I begin to love Mathematics and it wasn’t as bad as it used to be. My grades improved tremendously within just 2 months. (from C5 to B3) During Mid-September, like every teacher, Miss Toh started her ‘Practices papers thrown at you’ campaign. Although tiring, it gave me the practice I desperately needed.

Her passion for teaching and her energetic personality brightens up every room and never fail to put smiles on our faces even after a long and tiring day. She was also very patient and made sure the class understood everything before she moved on to the next question. I would not have done as well as I did for Mathematics if it wasn’t for Miss Toh’s support and guidance and I owe it all to her. I am truly thankful to her and the friend who had introduced me to this tuition class.


Miss Toh is simply awesome! I started tuition in the middle of sec 3 and managed to catch up by the end of the year. I was able to help my friends when they can’t solve their homework questions. By Sec 4, I was like a maths expert in my class. It was really amazing how I could improve so much in such a short period of time!! Thank you Miss Toh! Cheers,

Jervin Wong , ~SECONDARY

I have been attending Miss Toh’s lessons since sec 2. Without her help, I think I will not be able to do well consistently in Maths. Thank you Miss Toh. All the best with The Maths Cafe.

Pauline Chen , ~SECONDARY

I was averaging around a B grade since sec 3. I was never able to hit the 70 mark. With only 5 months to O level, I decided to seek help from The Maths Cafe. I was recommended to Miss Toh by my friend from another school. Miss Toh’s short cut method and concise summary of all the topics is really useful during my revision. It makes the concepts easier to digest. And it is also extremely helpful when we were doing drilling of the many many challenging exam papers (be it from school or from The Maths Cafe; it was a total madness!!). It saves us the time and effort to search through our notes for the formulas. All in all, I am thankful to have joined Miss Toh’s Maths class before my O level. A big Thank you to you Miss Toh! ^.^

Zhou Rou Ling , ~SECONDARY

Hi Miss Toh, I would like to say THANK YOU for all the help you have rendered to helping me achieving my ALL A1 target in O Levels. :p It was always a joy to attend your class. You make Math so easy to understand and fun to solve all those challenging questions from The Maths Cafe. The small test every week is also very helpful to help us gauge where we stand in major exam. The colorful summary is concise and handy when we do revision. ? Thank you for making this journey so much easier.

Fabiana Low , ~SECONDARY

I was really bad at Maths all the way until sec 2. Only in sec 3 then I decided to seek help and attended Miss Toh’s Maths classes at Marymount. She was patient with me because of my weak foundation. She will explain concepts and my doubts slowly and clearly until I could understand. With only 4 lessons before my Mid Year exam, I managed to PASS my Maths exam for the FIRST TIME in secondary school! From then on, I made steady improvement and got A for my year end exam. Thanks Miss Toh!

Jonathon , ~SECONDARY

Miss Toh, I got 88% for my Mid-Year 😀 Thank you for being such a MARVELLOUS Maths teacher!! 🙂

Loo May Tia , ~SECONDARY

Hi Ms Toh, Ed just told me he scored A2 for SA1. I believe this will definitely increase his confidence as it has been a long time since he got an A for Math. Thanks very much for your efforts and your dedication.

Cath, Edmund’s Mum , ~SECONDARY

Hi Ms Toh, I would like to thank you for helping Sharmaine so much in her maths. She scored A1 in her recent common test and it’s definitely very encouraging for her as maths is the only subject that she never score A1. She is with you only since March and I can see a big improvement and confidence in her. In fact, she is always looking forward to your class and also thanks for always staying back to answer her questions from her school worksheets. The only regret I have is not knowing you earlier so that she does not need to struggle in this subject.

Mrs Ng, Sharmaine’s Mum , ~SECONDARY

Hello Miss Toh, I got A1 for both math. I really want to thank you for all your guidance. I’ve gained so much confidence in maths ever since joining The Maths Cafe. You always answered my questions patiently until I understand my silly careless mistakes. I think I have learnt so much math concepts from you than over the past 3 years in school. From F9 in sec 3 to A1 in O Levels I think there isn’t much for me to add, the grades speaks for itself. ;p Thank you so much so much!

Evangeline , ~SECONDARY

Miss Toh! I did you proud! I got A1 for E Maths and A2 for A Maths! I never thought it was possible. I really want to thank you for EVERYTHING. No matter how hard I studied last time, I always didn’t manage to score as well as I wanted to. The Maths Cafe questions are tough and prepared me well for my school exams. The colourful summary is concise and extremely handy. What you taught us was not just how to score in Maths, but rather how to study smart. Thank you for all the encouragement, tips and support till the end. I will definitely recommend The Maths Cafe to everyone I know.

Charmian , ~SECONDARY

I would definitely recommend The Maths Cafe to my peers. Miss Toh has really helped me pull up my Additional Mathematics grades from a D7 during the Mid-year exams to an A2 in O Levels. She is willing to put in extra time and effort to make sure you understand everything clearly. The notes are amazing as well and have definitely helped me understand topics better. I would like to take this time to thank Miss Toh for being such an amazing mentor.

Huan Ru Han , ~SECONDARY

The answering techniques taught to us by Ms Toh is very helpful as not only does it help us in during the thought process, but it also makes it easier for us to revise when reviewing our previous work. Having lessons in The Maths Cafe means having more attention from the teacher, which means that it is a lot easier for you to approach the tutor, Ms Toh, to clarify any doubts you may have. Also, Ms Toh is by far one of the best mathematics teachers I have ever had as she is able to explain clearly the concept being taught/the thought process in solving the question at hand and as such, I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Maths Cafe. (:

Ng Yi Ching , ~SECONDARY

Miss Toh! your notes are really helpful as they are short but to the point! (makes maths seem less dry!) and the way you explain the methods and how to present our answers is super clear and easy to remember 😀 like when learning how to do differentiation and integration especially, you taught us in ‘english’ instead of in ‘maths’ and i think that really helped me to understand betteras compared to when my school teacher taught! i think The Maths Cafe really helped me a lot in acheiving my goal for both maths and i will definitely recommend my juniors to join your class! thank you Miss Toh for all the help and support and worksheets to do! 😀

Charmaine , ~SECONDARY

Thanks Ms Toh for all you have given me!! I rly appreciate all your efforts and i hope u can continue moulding students into what they desire. Before attending the classes, I constantly flunk my physics examinations ever since sec 3. At physics cafe, they presented comprehensive notes to us and also rigorous practice on physics questions. Although b3 is not really an amazing score, it is still a huge improvement and i would like to thank Ms Janelle Toh for her efforts.

Hughie Chan , ~SECONDARY

Physics cafe’s unique secrets enclosed has greatly benefitted me as it has summarized all the key concepts all within a small booklet. This has made revision so much easier and enjoyable! Lessons in physics cafe are much clearer than those in school. I was able to understand concepts in an extremely short time which i previously didnt with the explanation of Mr kwok. I was also able to ask questions after class and he would patiently answer me to clear all my doubts. This led to my results improving from C6 to A1! And im incredibly thankful for such a great tutor like mrkwok! Im confident that with all the help provided by physics cafe, my friends and i will definitely achieve our desired grades and reach our desired JCs. I have recommended and will continue to recommend people around me( my juniors or friends) to join physics cafe , for it is really a fantastic tuition centre:)

Tan Yan Zhi , ~SECONDARY

Physics tuition at The Physics Cafe is the best! I will definitely recommend my friends as The Physics Cafe gave me a clear explanation of details that might seem incomprehensible and difficult to understand. I hope to meet the excellent teachers of The Physics Cafe in JC 🙂


Before seeking the help of The Physics Cafe I really thought that a distinction for Physics Levelis impossible. But through the many lessons I find myself understanding a lot more concepts that I couldn’t understand before. So I will definitely recommend my friends and even juniors to join The Physics Cafe if they need help.

Pak Fang Ning , ~SECONDARY

I feel that The Physics Cafe a very good course to go to but I think I joined a little too late. Nevertheless, I’m blessed to jump from an F9 to a B3 within 2 terms 🙂

Hana karim , ~SECONDARY

Hello Ms Toh !! You’ve been a great physics + math teacher during the past 2 years when I was in The Physics Café! I started off with below average grades for my math and I’m Glad to have you as my teacher for I have improved so much ! Thankyou for being such a patient and dedicated teacher ?? You are amazing (very pretty, kind and smart) and I will never forget you !! 🙂 Hi! Mr Wong ! Thank you for being such a great teacher , teaching me in sec 3 and towards the end of Sec 4:-) Don’t worry about us forgetting you because we won’t ?????? I will never forget your lame jokes because it’s so lame its stuck in my memory forever!
Anyway, physics lesson would never be the same without you:-) thankyou so much for your guidance and WE LOVE YOU! Dear PMC, I will definitely recommend my friends to join the physics cafe !! The notes are extremely useful because they are small and easy for a quick overview of the topics! Especially the thick booklet before the major exam where the explanation and key points for every topic is in there! This makes it really convenient for us to do a last minute check (right before the actual exam)!! Since its small, it can also be carried around easily 🙂 i feel the revision tests are THE BEST!! Before O-levels I actually redo the questions for every test and it really helped to refresh mymemory on the different type of questions (since o’s has so many topics cfm forget :0) Anyway, I used the notes really really well and I really liked the way it was formatted !! YOOHOOHOOO!!!!

Sharmain Wee Li Ming , ~SECONDARY

Mr Shane Wong engages his students very well. His charismatic nature and great knowledge in the subject matter makes him a good tutor. His lessons are relaxed, fun and interesting. Hence, lessons were not so much of a chore but more of a weekly stress reliever. Additionally, we still get to learn more Physics knowledge.

Shaun Chim Kean Weng , ~SECONDARY

Physics cafe’s unique secrets enclosed has greatly benefitted me as it has summarized all the key concepts all within a small booklet. This has made revision so much easier and enjoyable! Lessons in physics cafe are so much clearer than those in school. I was able to understand concepts in an extremely short time with the explanation of Mr kwok! I was also able to ask questions after class and he would patiently answer me to clear all my doubts! This has led to my results improving from C6 to A1! And I am incredibly thankful for such a great tutor like Mr Kwok! I am confident that with all the help provided by physics cafe, my friends and i will definitely achieve our desired grades and attend our desired schools. I have recommended and will continue to recommend people around me (my juniors or friends) to join physics cafe , for it is really the best tuition I’ve ever had.

Tan Yan Zhi , ~SECONDARY

The Physics Secrets Enclosed has been a really good summary of everything that I need to know. It covers all the main points and concepts of each topic. I think that the difference between this Physics Maths tuition centre and the others is that they spend about half of the time explaining the important concepts to ensure that we understand them fully. If we do not even know how to apply the things that we learnt, there would be no point in doing the questions. Going through the topics thoroughly has helped make me understand what I am doing in each questions and has no doubt helped me improve my physics grades. Thank you.


The Secrets Enclosed is very useful, especially since it has a summary of every topic. This makes studying a lot easier. I personally enjoy lessons in The Physics Cafe as lessons are really enriching and interesting! Mr Wong is really lame (in a good way) and funny hahaha. The Physics Cafe helped me a lot, especially for structured questions. The Physics Cafe goes through the answers for structured questions in point form which makes it a lot easier for revision! My peers in The Physics Cafe are hardworking and this serves as positive influence since they motivate me to work harder 🙂 I have confidence that we will all do well this year! Especially since we have such dedicated and inspiring teachers who are willing to stay late after class just to help us clarify our doubts. As i have benefitted much from the lessons at The Physics Cafe, like my seniors did. Similarly, i would recommend my juniors to join The Physics Cafe too! Thank you for the past 2 years of guidance, I have benefited a lot and my grades have definitely improved, from a c6 in sec 2 to a distinction now!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!! <3

Sharmain Wee Li Ming , ~SECONDARY

In Secondary 3, Physics was a chore and a mess of concepts which I couldn’t differentiate and understand. After failing, I proceeded to the November crash course in hope to start understanding some concepts. It was so enlightening I decided to join the Secondary 4 class this year! Attending Physics Cafe provided me a fundamental knowledge of the concepts I need to know in the S4 topics. Physics Cafe helped me to be more confident in Physics and motivated to study for Physics so yay! Thank you Mr Shane and Physics Cafe! :))

Bernice Lim Si Min , ~SECONDARY

I really like the Secrets Enclosed booklet as it has helped me a lot in my revision. Lessons in The Physics Cafe are really enjoyable and our teacher never fails to point out all the little details that we may miss out. There is a stark difference between my peers in the Physics Cafe and my friends in school as they have a better grasp of the concepts and they are more confident as well. I think my friends and will do well this year as we have one of the best physics teachers 🙂 i will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as it has helped me improve a lot. Thank you!

Goh Xuan Ying Alicia , ~SECONDARY

Secrets Enclosed provided me with a lot of help and tips on how to answer questions
Mr Kwok has helped me a lot by fixing a lot of my concepts and foundation in physics (especially for electricity)
Through the lessons, i’ve also been exposed to many different types of questions and learnt how to tackle them

Quah Wen Chyi , ~SECONDARY

The secrets enclosed is a good summary of the whole physics textbook as it is small and very detailed. I will not have to carry around my big physics textbook anymore. Yay!The lessons in Physics cafe are easier to understand compared to the ones in my school. The lessons are also much more engaging and entertaining. I think my peers in Physics cafe are much more smarter and confident compared to my peers in school and most of them will do very well for our O levels.I would recommend my friends who are weak in physics to join the physics cafe as even I was very bad at physics and failing but now I am doing way better.

Nikhil TarunSanghavi , ~SECONDARY

Hello Ms J!!! Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all the effort you have put in to teach us. When I went into Physics Café last June ( I think? ), I was really worried that I could not catch up for I have heard that this was a really good tuition centre and had many able pupils. Thank god I can lol :p My Physics was really, really bad when I first entered. I had absolutely no clue about topics such as Dynamics and what I did mostly was to randomly apply formulas T^T . I am really grateful for the clear, concise way that you guys teach that make Physics logical. Soon after I had first joined, I had joined The Maths Café as I had kind of failed my Additional Maths paper last year o.o My maths improved a lot too. Answering the questions well, I think that the Secrets Enclosed is a short and sweet booklet that has allowed me to understand the topic and its concepts better. It is a good summary. I guess it could be larger though, its sometimes hard to squeeze the notes we took down in class. The biggest difference would probably be the fact the concepts are taught in a clear manner. The lessons are always organised and planned well, and this actually boosts the student’s faith in the tuition centre. It makes us confident and sure, making us believe in the ability of the tuition centre to successfully tutor us. The atmosphere in the Physics Café is really good. Sometimes in other centres, I feel that the surrounding students do not take the lesson very seriously and make quite a bit of noise. Here, one would be shy to not pay attention during the class due to the studious atmosphere of the lessons. Nonetheless, it is not a bad thing and is encouraging and never restraining. The competency of the students here to excel is also motivating. The teachers are also very committed and are open to questions. They are easy to approach and which encourage me to clarify my doubts. I feel that the patience of the teachers in the Physics Café are outstanding and they will continue to tutor you, no matter how bad of a situation you might be. In all, thank you Miss Toh and the other teachers for putting in so much effort! All of your efforts make a big difference to each and every student. In my opinion, teaching is quite a tough thing to do and hence I have great respect for all the teachers here, on how they are so motivated to teach every week. As for the last guiding question, yep I do. Additionally, next year, you will receive another member of my family as a student 😀 ~
P.S: I went into the Physics Café because my Physics was my worst science and my Additional Mathematics was failing. This preliminary exam, I got the highest for both subjects in my school!! Thank you Miss Toh and the Physics Café!

Crystal Tan Hui Yan , ~SECONDARY

I’m grateful to have been able to come to this tuition centre. While my physics results for prelims have not met my expectations, I believe I can improve my grade by the time I sit for my O levels exam. Attending The Physics Cafe has helped make certain concepts clearer for me and I’ve seen an improvement in my understanding of the subject.

Simren Kaur , ~SECONDARY

Dear Mr Kwok, Thank you for being extremely patient and clearing all our doubts before class and even during class. I really appreciate the extra help that has been provided and hopefully with all the guidance I have received I will be able to ace my Os. Thank you for clearing doubts that my teacher in school was unable to.
Thank you for your time.

Resvin Kaur , ~SECONDARY

Even though I joined The Maths Cafe halfway through the year, I have learnt many tips and formulas to apply during my maths paper. Now, I enjoy practicing math because I understand what the question is asking and how to apply whatever formulas I have learnt. Secrets Enclosed is a very useful guide to revision and has allowed me to recap on the different topics and brush up on my weaker ones. My peers in The Maths Cafe definitely have a better understanding of concepts and certainly have seem to be doing well in maths. The Maths Cafe has definitely allowed me to do well in both A.Maths and E.Maths and I would definitely recommend my friends to join this class 🙂

Matilda Woo , ~SECONDARY

I really don’t regret signing up for tuition here because the lessons are very effective! They are well planned and targeted, in the sense that each lesson sets out to cover a specific part of a topic, which I think is good because it helps me link what I’ve learnt with the chapters. I like how the tutors try to organise the question types for each of the chapters and the approach for each question type (especially for math). It makes it easier to identify the right approach to get started on the questions. I’m taught by Ms Toh and she’s very good at explaining the concepts for both math and physics 🙂 She helped me to better understand the subjects and clear a lot of my doubts. I think she also makes lessons more enjoyable because of the random jokes she makes from time to time! With regard to the centre itself, I like the environment because it’s quite a casual setting, there’s food, and it doesn’t make me feel overly stressed out about studies 🙂 I also like the flexibility that the centre offers because I can attend any time slot without making prior arrangements, and the digital lessons are also great to catch up on lessons I’ve missed. Overall, I’d recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe 🙂

Cherie Ko , ~SECONDARY

Before I joined The Physics and Math Cafe, I was getting a D7 for my A Math. However, as I attended the lessons here, I could see myself improving and getting better grades. Although each lesson is only 2 hours, I have learnt a lot as the lessons were very summarised and to the point. The notes that were prepared are very useful and helped me revise for exams as it contained a variety of frequently asked questions that would come out. What I liked best about the Physics and Math Cafe is that the teachers help make learning a more enjoyable process. They know what students’ weaknesses are and would address them at every topic we are at. I would recommend this centre to my friends and family so that they can also experience that learning can also be fun and enjoyable!!

Magdalene Rachel Cho , ~SECONDARY

Joining PMC for Maths classes have really helped me, such as in my understanding for the various topics as well as the ability to answer questions with more ease. The summary notes given has also been very helpful especially during revision. I only joined Maths classes much later, but I definitely would have joined earlier if I could turn back time. I would really recommend others to join PMC for Maths classes in the future.

Kazel Kiew , ~SECONDARY

I think that the classes PMC has provided are catered more towards students that are weak in their basics. Attending PMC has allowed me to relearn everything from the start and build up a stronger foundation. Although I did not score well for my prelims paper, I do think that it is a big improvement from a measly 28 marks to 47 marks, and I could have done better if it weren’t for all the careless mistakes. The centre provides a conducive environment for students to study in and a place for those who needs a place to study at. Also, I believe that all the Teachers at PMC cares about the wellbeing of the students — whether they were doing well, even to the extent of taking time out to evaluate students’ performance and how they could improve from there. In addition, the Teachers at PMC really attempt to keep students interested in the lesson as much as possible by cracking jokes and even making the lessons interesting using various ways. If were given the chance, I would have joined PMC earlier so that I could have a stronger foundation from the start which would aid me in my revision. I’m not sure about the overall performance of the cohort but I’m quite sure I am able to do well thanks to PMC:) I would definitely recommend my friends to join PMC however even after recommending it to them, most of my friends felt that the fees are too expensive and decided to opt for a cheaper yet workable choice of tuition classes instead.


Firstly, I love the spicy popcorn chicken. The cafe should change their flavours of popcorn chicken, maybe once per 2 months to create variety. I think that the cohort will do well this year as we are well trained(intensively) by Miss Toh. I feel that the time practices/tests could be longer and perhaps, some of the important pieces like the Mock Papers can be marked by the tutor(s), to allow better understanding of what our errors are. This is much more effective as the students, including myself, are unable to properly mark our questions as we are unfamiliar of the standardised “O” Level Marking Scheme. We sometimes blindly mark our answers and not our method marks, so there is a tendency for our methods to be slightly incorrect. We sometimes judge and award ourselves marks solely based on our answers and not our workings, which is the incorrect way of learning. The tutors will know best when to award the method marks to us.

Malcolm Koh Jun Jie , ~SECONDARY

I feel that Physics Cafe provides us with ample revision, which is the main reason why I joined this tuition anyway. I also think that the lessons are a little bit rushed (although this may be because I joined in August and the syllabus was already almost done). I found it a little bit hard at first, to ask questions in the middle of lessons as it is a group lesson. But Mr Shane Wong + the people here are very friendly, and I grew more comfortable with asking questions. It has really helped me as I had a C6 is Physics for my Mid-Year Exams, and I scored an A1 in my Prelims... Quite unbelievable but yeah. I cannot really say if I am ready for the exam, but Physics Cafe has really helped me be more prepared for my exam. I hope all of us will do very well for Physics and all our hard work will pay off! A1/2 for everyone!

Sharryl Seto , ~SECONDARY

The Physics lessons in PMC were very effective and the notes provided are concise and helpful, especially during revision. After joining PMC, I am able to better understand the topics and also exposed to the more challenging types of questions during lessons. I would gladly recommend others to join PMC in the future.

Kazel Kiew , ~SECONDARY

The quality of physics cafe is very good as compared to other tuition centres and in school as it provides very clear and systematic way of understanding concepts. I like the fact that drinks and snacks are provided during lessons or extended lessons. I joined the Physics cafe in sec3 before midyear examinations and I would have joined earlier if I had known about it earlier. Yes, I think the sec4 cohort will do well this year I will definitely recommend my friends to join physics cafe. Thank you!

Petrina low , ~SECONDARY

The quality of lessons at Physics Cafe are excellent, allowing us to go through topics taught in school and practicing related exam questions. The commodities available also help to enrich the experience there These include the free drinks, lucky wheel, even the student councillors are nice. I joined early in the year so that I could have enough time to prepare myself for the exams ahead and now I feel ready to take them on.

Muhammad Harith Bin Samri , ~SECONDARY

The lessons at the physics cafe are definitely much more enjoyable and concise than those at school as the tutor is always very friendly and engaging in his lessons, making the lessons a joy to attend and something to look forward to during the week. Since joining the tuition at the start of the year, my physics has been constantly improving and my only regret was not joining earlier when I was in Secondary 3.

Kieran Lee , ~SECONDARY

The quality of the lessons is the best as the student-teacher interaction is very good. I joined the physics cafe in January 2016. I had already started coming to the maths cafe back in 2012. If the paper is easy the whole sec 4 cohort would do well, but it would be hard to score as the distinction rate would rise to around 90/100. This means that some of the sec 4 students must ace their paper. Finally, I would recommend the physics / maths cafe to my friends or my juniors as it has really helped me figure out my weakness. I will really miss this place

N.S.Ramanan , ~SECONDARY

Personally, joining PMC is the best choice I’ve ever made. My physics was failing miserably and after attending regular lessons, I found physics to be interesting and fun. It helped me spark an interest and I started to improve tremendously. The lessons are fun and engaging :)) the student councillors (mainly Lily and Miao Xin) are both very kind and approachable; they make me feel like I can approach them for any of my needs and concerns. Also, the seaweed chicken is the besttttt. I joined after Chinese New Year in sec 4. Honestly, had I found out about PMC earlier, I would have joined at the start of sec 3 so that I wouldn’t have had to bridge such a huge gap. Definitely will recommend my friends to PMC 🙂


I really enjoy the carefree atmosphere at the physics cafe, as well as the responsibility given to students to ensure that they inform their own parents of certain issues (e.g. When to pay the fees). Most tuition centres send an email directly to the parent when it is time to pay the fees. I also think that the notes given are very useful when i am studying (e.g physics secrets enclosed). I joined the centre at the start of this year and i do regret not joining in Sec 3 as I am weaker in Sec 3 topics. I would like to think that i am ready to ace the exam but there is always room for improvement:) I also do believe that the Sec 4 cohort would do amazingly well as all of us have worked hard for the upcoming exam!! I am very grateful for Ms Toh for this past year and for the fun classes!

Natalie Law Xin Ying , ~SECONDARY

The lessons have been really helpful in helping me to understand the concepts better. The lessons are well planned and less rushed as compared to schools. I joined the physics cafe in the beginning of sec 4 and if I could turn back time I would have joined earlier so that I would not have struggled with my physics. Yes, I will recommend my friends to join the physics café

Phay Yi Ying , ~SECONDARY

The lesson has a steady pace and it is easily understandable as the teacher’s explanations are clear. What I like about physics cafe is the flexible time that is provided. If I am not able to make it on my tuition day I can just attend another class without having to tell the centre which is convenient. I joined Physics Cafe this year before June Holidays and I would have joined earlier. I think the Sec 4 cohort will do well I would highly recommend my friends to join.

Chan Eu Ching , ~SECONDARY

Physics cafe provides very comprehensive notes which allows me to revise very quickly for my examinations and tests. The questions in the worksheets given are also more challenging as compared to my school worksheets. Many of the questions have appeared in my exam, allowing me to have an edge over my peers as they might not have seen such questions before. I joined physics cafe after my sec 3 MYE exams as my physics results were terrible. I would have joined earlier if I knew about physics cafe 🙂 Yes! I think the physics and math cafe would do well this year as in my physics class, almost everyone is really good in their physics. I will recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as it has helped me tremendously in my physics!??

Faith Tay , ~SECONDARY

hello! I am very satisfied and amused by the quality of the maths cafe lessons because they provide very detailed notes and questions that are not commonly seen in school, not forgetting the snacks and drinks 🙂 I joined the maths cafe mid this year and I would definitely have joined earlier. lastly, I will recommend my friends to join the maths cafe.

Yap Jing Yee , ~SECONDARY

The quality of the lessons is great and the way the teacher teaches and how the worksheets are distributed based on each lesson or topic criteria. The teacher also asks if anyone have questions to ask after each lesson caring whether they understood what she taught us or not. The teacher also asks each student three or more questions every lesson. The digital lessons improve our learning as it is not all-time boring whiteboard and the free flow of drinks was really great especially when one becomes tired or stressed after a lesson, it can really loosen one up. The student councillors are caring as well. They are great in doing what they need to do. I joined in way before the June holidays and when I think about it now I wished I could have joined in earlier. Of course, I will recommend this tuition to others just because of the great supply of different things that enhances us.

Kyaw Zay Yar Soe John , ~SECONDARY

Thank you for not giving up on us. I really enjoy the challenging questions you give us in the worksheets, which are also are comprehensive for studying. Having digital lessons are so convenient and helpful and the free drinks definitely have my short attention span!

Charlotte Loy , ~SECONDARY

I feel that The Math Cafe gave me an in-depth guide and many practices on the different math topics this allowed me the time to practice and learn on the topics. I liked the digital lessons which can help us catch up on any lessons I missed and keep me up to date. I joined in January 2017, If I could go back I time I would have preferred to join earlier. I would recommend my friend to join Maths Café

Andrew Wong , ~SECONDARY

I have recommended it to my friends, but a common comment is that it is too expensive, and they need to do homework from PMC late at night. I joined in sec 2 during the End of Year holiday programme and I would prefer to join earlier. HAHAH free drinks and student councillors are very friendly and approachable!!


I think the quality of the Maths Cafe lessons is much higher compared to school lessons as the questions are more challenging and the teachers can explain it so that I understand it more clearly. The notes provided are also very helpful when revising for exams as everything is consolidated and easy to understand. I would recommend my friends to join the maths cafe as I have found it quite helpful. The only snag is that it is quite expensive. However, I think it is worth it for the quality of lessons.

Ethel Tseng , ~SECONDARY

By attending the math lessons in the physics cafe, I was able to do questions with higher difficulty than usual and hence I was able to do well for my EOY exams. I would definitely recommend my friends who are weak in math to join the maths cafe!!

Jobie Lim , ~SECONDARY

Lessons here are more engaging than lessons in school. The notes and lessons also give me a much clearer understanding of the various concepts. I like the digital lessons as I can watch lessons that I did not attend on previous topics that I am weak at. The student councillors are really friendly too! I joined in May and would prefer to join earlier as I missed out on the topics that were taught before and I did really badly in tests on those topics. I will recommend PMC to my friends!


The environment to learn in, the free flow of drinks and the award giving were amazing and great. I joined only at the start of this year and I wish I could have joined way earlier. I will also recommend my friends to join because of the great stuffs that they supply especially the way they give their lessons using the high technology digital lessons. The free Wi-Fi is great too so I would really recommend to others.

Kyaw Zay Yar Soe John , ~SECONDARY

Lessons are easy to understand and go at an easy pace. I have recommended two friends and will continue to do so.

Joanne Lai , ~SECONDARY

Thank you for making the lessons very interesting and engaging! Thank you for being very Organised in the administrative area as well! You’ve helped my marks to improve greatly even though I just joined your centre! Thank you!

Meredith Chong , ~SECONDARY

The centre gives questions more challenging than normal questions I see in school which makes me look at questions more carefully and think carefully. The vibe given off by the centre is something I like. I joined in the middle of the last lap of Secondary and would have preferred to join earlier. I would recommend it to my friends.

Celine Loo , ~SECONDARY

My physics really improved after joining The Physics Cafe and I finally understood all the topics. The questions we do are also super helpful!! Thank you, Mr Wong, for making class very fun as well :))

Nicole Seow , ~SECONDARY

Firstly, the tutors are all extremely patient and nice, especially Mr Wong, who bothered to remember our names even though he was only the substitute tutor for the day. They even took their time to explain to me about concepts that I don’t understand even after the lesson. Other than this, they have great teaching skills, their explanations are all extremely clear and easily understood. I was failing previously, but now, Physics is one of my favourite subjects. I sound like I’m trying very hard to flatter this tuition centre but I’m serious. The environment is also casual and fun, much different from tuition centres that often have teachers and workload that strike fear in students, I look forward to going The Physics Cafe. Everything is beyond excellent.

Yeh En Tong , ~SECONDARY

I’m thankful for the past three years in the PMC for the maths class. The teachers have taught me a lot and it’s thanks to them that I am spurred to achieve great things and do my best.

Darryl Foo , ~SECONDARY

I believe that the fees for PMC is indeed high. But considering the quality of the lessons, and nourishments provided, I believe that such lessons are truly worth the money. I am very thankful for all the teachers whom put it their 101% in what they are doing. Thank you, teachers 🙂

Liew Kai min , ~SECONDARY

In my opinion, PMC tuition is the best tuition I have attended. Joining this tuition was my idea as I wanted to improve on my physics and math. the materials are really helpful as it gives a thorough summary on various topics (applicable to both math and physics). not to mention, the lessons are really enjoyable, and the teachers have a way of making every single lesson interesting and memorable. I join PMC at the start of secondary 3 and regretted not joining earlier as I feel that my grades could have improved more. Whilst I feel that the students in PMC are both naturally smart and naturally self-motivated/well-disciplined, it is also important to mention that through the PMC teachers’ guidance, the students are able to grasp the concepts easily and understand the subject better, scoring a distinction. I would still recommend my friends this tuition as it is worth every single dollar.

Zachariah Chin , ~SECONDARY

I joined the Maths lessons in the Physics Maths Cafe (PMC) late this year. I was initially hesitant because of time constraints but I decided to after my experience in the Physics lessons. Since then, I have not regretted. My experience in the Maths lessons are extremely beneficial, with my tutor being approachable and being able to break down the concepts down to understand them better, I feel that I am now able to answer A Maths questions easily compared to before I joined. Similarly, I feel that although the fee may not be cheap, by putting in our own efforts in practicing questions in and out of lessons and clarifying our doubts, we would be able to achieve our goals for O Levels, and the amount we pay to attend lessons would be worth it.

Russell Wong , ~SECONDARY

PMC does not just provide a place for conducive learning but instils the mindset that something difficult can easily be simple with practice. The constant practice allows me to be familiar with the variety of questions that could come out for exams. If I could go back and time, I would have definitely joined earlier so as to get my foundation strong. With the students there, who are already well-disciplined and self-motivated, I’m easily influenced to keep striving and do my best.

Saarah Hidayah D/O Mohd Ansar , ~SECONDARY

Attending PMC was one of the best choices I have ever made. It has really helped me in my Amath’s grades and I have improved tremendously going from a B4 to A1. I first joined PMC in Secondary 2 for a short while but stop going and continued again in Secondary 4. It has been a really enriching journey and I am very grateful to the tutors! With the notes and tips given by the tutors and the amount practise done every week, I think I am ready to face the examinations. I am determined to do well for myself and for the amount of hard work that the tutors have put in!

Rebecca Yap , ~SECONDARY

Classes offered by PMC are unlike any other tuition centre. PMC has made my learning enjoyable. There is always something important to take away from each lesson and the rewards system keeps me motivated to participate well in class. The snack bar is an effective implementation and has helped me pay better attention during lessons. Overall, I would definitely recommend PMC who wants to score A1 at their O’ Levels.

Naidu Vibha , ~SECONDARY

I joined PMC at the beginning of 2018 and I’ve gradually seen improvement in my results. In Sec 3 I would always fail Amath and had very little confidence in the subject but after taking classes in Sec 4, I am more familiar with the content and I was finally able to pass my Amath paper during prelims. What I like about the centre is that the notes that they provide are concise and convenient to bring around. The tutors there are also detailed in their explanations and passionate in teaching. They are very helpful and ensure that students understand what is being taught. I’m glad I joined PMC for I have benefitted greatly from the classes there.

Anabel Thien , ~SECONDARY

I joined PMC by my friends’ recommendation. I like the daily practice and the past year O level questions prepared by PMC. They are very effective and allow me to be more familiar to questions of all level of difficulties. The tuition fee is higher than other tuition centres, but it is reasonable as the materials are generally more well-prepared. In overall, I enjoy the lessons in PMC.


The materials given help in reinforcing concepts taught during the lesson and also gives us a quick reference/break down of all the topics covered and the techniques to solve them (secrets enclosed book).

Yew Khang , ~SECONDARY

I joined PMC in 2015, when I was in secondary 1. I feel that the math lessons here in PMC are very effective in helping me to secure an A1 in all my major examinations so far. Thus, as the O level is approaching, with the help and support given by PMC, I am very confident that I will be able to obtain an A1!

Jobie Lim , ~SECONDARY

I joined PMC for its math tuition because before I joined it my foundation for math was poor. Conceptually I was fine but as topics became more demanding I soon found math to be very messy and uncomfortable. I was sourcing for a method to compile the information into something that more concrete when I came across PMC. What I enjoy about PMC is that its notes are very thorough yet succinct at the same time. this really helped in my revision and to go through my topics with more clarity. Personally, I do feel that the cost is a little on the high side. The price could be made more accessible for students who may not be as fortunate as me to be able afford the tuition. However, overall, I do feel that my time at PMC has helped to align my understanding of math, and I would suggest it to those who may find the subject overwhelming.

Xander Goh , ~SECONDARY

I look forward for my lessons every week as my favourite subject is maths furthermore, when your tuition is enjoyable and it’s on your favourite subject, you will definitely be motivated to go, and I love every lesson and I am sad that I am leaving. I like the admin staff, they are very friendly furthermore if I want any notes they would print it out from me promptly and the free drinks offered is awesome. I joined after June Holidays when I was in sec 4. I wished I had joined earlier and spend more time and I am sad that everything is coming to an end. “Good things come to an end” but I wish this time it doesn’t. You can’t get your A1s by being naturally smart, if it was this easy everyone in Singapore would be getting it. It isn’t meant to be easy but tough and the students in physics cafe are motivated to do well (clearing our misconception, requesting for more work, managing our time well.)


I really enjoyed going to math lessons as they were the right level of difficulty. The lessons gave me confidence in my Maths and helped grow my love for the subject. The materials are very effective, and the notes are concise. I think that PMC disciplines students in making us take ownership of our learning by giving us take away questions weekly to consolidate the lesson taught.

Charlotte , ~SECONDARY

I feel that PMC gives us a lot of exposure to question types, moreover, the summary notes are also very useful. The teachers at PMC are also very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful as well!

Kimberly Khow , ~SECONDARY

The materials that PMC provides are short but simple and precise and teaches us to think at a higher level. The student councillors are really nice and are always very cheerful n helpful. I joined PMC math in sec 2 and physics in sec 4 I think those that scored distinction were self-motivated and inspired by PMC’s teaching and guidance, thus they could excel in their exams.

Natasha , ~SECONDARY

I’m grateful for joining the PMC for the past 2 years. They have helped me to establish my foundation for Physics and also find a passion in the subject. I hope that subsequent students will feel the same way I do. Even though the fee isn’t cheap, it’s worth it because of the great teachers and their efforts to help us.

Darryl Foo , ~SECONDARY

Lessons in PMC is interesting, and explanations are very clear which makes me want to attend lessons every week since it helps me to recap on different chapters. Materials and free drinks are what I like the most in the centre. I joined PMC in early 2018 and the lessons helped me to improve in my physics grade tremendously from a B4 to an A1. I will definitely have joined earlier if I knew that the lessons were than schools. I feel that students scored distinctions because of their appreciation for PMC and whatever you’ve done for them which makes them want to give back and do all of you proud by doing well for O levels.

Brian Cheah , ~SECONDARY

First and foremost, the lessons in the Physics Math Cafe are very engaging and interesting. Furthermore, there are digital lessons which allow students to watch the lessons that have been missed. Next, the notes provided are very concise and easy to understand. A case in point is the “Secrets Enclosed”, it summarises all the concepts required for the exams and makes revising easy. Finally, the tutors are extremely patient, knowledgeable and caring. They are willing to take time after lessons to answer any questions students may have. I would like to say a huge thank you to all my tutors for making learning fun! Before joining the Physics Cafe, I was unable to understand some of the topics taught in school. However, after joining this tuition in the middle of Secondary 3, I was amazed at the ease with which the tutors were able to explain these topics. The tutors made me understand the topic within 30 minutes, something which the teacher in school was unable to do in 3 hours. In fact, if I had learnt of this centre earlier, I would definitely join it. When I joined the Maths Cafe in Secondary 3 in December, I had not understood anything which the teacher was teaching in school. Hence, I was failing Additional Mathematics with straight E8s and in fact, I still failed up to Secondary 4 MYEs with an F9 (32.1%). At that point, I was contemplating dropping the subject. Quoted from Mr Dave Sim: “You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple.” After my MYE, the revision of Secondary 3 topics in MC started and I started understanding A Maths. During the revision, I found the subject to be much simpler than I had always thought it was and I finally understood the meaning of that quote from Mr Dave Sim. The clarity of the explanations and simplicity of the notes coupled with my drive to succeed allowed me to improve at an exponential rate and I managed to achieve an A1 (81.7%) in Prelims. In conclusion, Physics Math Cafe is undoubtedly the best physics and math tuition centre. Despite the high costs of tuition, it is unquestionably worth the money.

Ernest Choo , ~SECONDARY

I absolutely love attending PMC! After attending PMC, I had a much greater and deeper understanding of physics which really helped me pull up my grades (I think this is the same for the rest of my tuition mates as well!), up to the point where my classmates were asking me to teach them physics. The lessons were super fun and interesting to attend, it’s not the usual boring tuition in which students fall asleep in, and PMC proves that homework is not needed in order to do well! The teachers and the staff are extremely kind and helpful. Special thanks to my tutor Mr Shane Wong for being such a patient and engaging tutor and making lessons so interesting and funny 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t have done so well if it wasn’t for PMC. thank you so much!

Cristal Bel Chin , ~SECONDARY

When I first found out about the Physics Maths Cafe (PMC), I wasn’t forced to attend lessons, but I was intrigued by the unique learning environment that it has to offer compared to other tuition centres, and so, I joined the Physics Cafe early this year. What really sets the Physics Cafe apart from other tuition centres is the incorporation of facilities, like the study room and a vending machine and approachable tutors. My tutor, Mr Wong, will be one of the teachers that I will remember in the future. He creates a light-heartening learning experience, with many jokes made along the way, and breaking down the concepts so it’s easier to understand. I feel that although the tuition fee may not be cheap, it will be worth it in the end with the tutors’ help and putting in our own efforts to achieve a better grade in Physics.

Russell Wong , ~SECONDARY

Before I joined Physics Cafe, I was unable to understand concepts clearly and their applications in different types of questions. I had begun to lose interest in the subject. I was initially hesitant to go for any tuition, but my friends encouraged me to give it a try. The materials provided, and the teacher’s clear explanations made lessons easy to understand. The practice in answering questions allowed me to understand the applications of the physics concepts and be more confident in solving physics questions. They even revised previous topics which I had been unsure of. I am extremely glad that I enjoyed Physics Cafe and definitely think I could have joined earlier to build a stronger foundation in the subject. I now feel more prepared for giving physics examinations and have even started to enjoy learning physics.

Jesleen , ~SECONDARY

I started off wanting to join PMC because I felt that I needed more help in my physics. I think what is good is that it condenses my learning in school by topics in two hours (i.e. effective learning) and assists me to prepare for my ‘O’ levels. My parents did not force me to attend lessons, and by the way, I like the free drinks. 🙂

Shirmaine Kwok , ~SECONDARY

I’m not self-motivated, especially when it comes to physics as it is my worst subject. I think the lessons in PMC has really helped me as I’m much clearer of concepts now. I joined around the June Holidays this year and yes, I wished I joined much earlier. Although I do think the fees are not cheap, I think it is worth the cost as the I’m clear of the last few concepts in physics as I learnt it in PMC.

Song Kah Yin , ~SECONDARY

The notes provided by PMC are more concise and enjoyable to read compared to the big bulky textbook and it allows us to read and grasp the information easily. Centre provides free drinks and snacks before and after lessons (also during make up digital lessons) which provide a fresh new twist to what a tuition centre seems like. The digital lessons allow students to catch up quickly when they aren’t able to attend their allocated time slots at their own time. I joined PMC during the June Holidays in Sec 3. Before that, my physics grades have been wallowing at the bottom, but I feel more confident with applying concepts and laws now.

Raelee Toh , ~SECONDARY

My parents do not force me to attend tuition. I attend because I want to learn more. I am thankful to kind and helpful tutors such as Mr Wong, Mr Ma and Mr Leong. Thank you all, dear teachers! I think students do well because firstly, they study really hard and secondly, they have knowledgeable and helpful teachers to guide them. The attitude of the teachers is very important too. PMC materials are quite good overall.

Damaen Tan , ~SECONDARY

One thing I like about PMC is the notes given. They are really helpful during the exam period since the notes are short yet full of information which is required for the papers and easy to bring it around. They are easy to understand as well!

Jobie Lim , ~SECONDARY

I decided to start my lessons at PMC after being clueless about Physics all the time, but after lessons at PMC, my teacher taught me very clearly and very well and I slowly began to understand a lot more than I ever did before. Together with PMC’s excellent resources such as their notes and their Secrets Enclosed book, I feel that I have benefitted a lot from these lessons. PMC has a high distinction rate of close to 8 out of 10 students scoring a distinction every year, as much as the teacher guides us very well in effectively handling the subject, I believe a large part of the success is also due to the students’ hard work in trying to complete all the not compulsory homework after every lesson.

Neo Kai Lun , ~SECONDARY

The notes are really useful, and I can always rely on the teacher to explain concepts I am not confident in, both from the papers given to papers I have done outside of lessons

Elizabeth Leia Tan , ~SECONDARY

It is not cheap but for the quality and the results I can see after having joined, I would say it is all worth it.


I think I am quite self-motivated. My parents do not force me to attend lessons. I attend PMC because I find lessons here a lot more effective as I can understand better. I like the way the teachers teach and the notes that are given. The way the teachers teach gives me a very clear understanding of the topic through their explanation, and the notes given are very concise and easy to understand. I joined PMC before Sec3 MYEs. I think I am 70% ready for Os but I still need a lot of practice on topics that I am weak at. I would definitely join earlier, at the start of Sec3 because I was still very confused about kinematics and dynamics after school lessons, so I think that if I joined earlier, I would’ve grasped the topics better like I did with other topics. I think being naturally smart gives you an advantage over others but coupled with self-motivated and self-discipline, scoring an A would be much easier. I understand that tuition fees are not cheap, but for the quality of the materials and lessons, I think it’s worth it because I improved drastically since the start of Sec3 and it’s because of the lessons at PMC.

Nicole Seow , ~SECONDARY

Before joining PMC, I did not have much interest in Physics. I only joined because I wanted to improve in this subject. However, after experiencing 2 years of lessons from Sec 3 to 4, I have developed a passion for it, and I would owe it to the dedicated tutors who work very hard in order to help us to grasp complicated concepts. My physics grades have also improved a lot. So, thank you to all the tutors for caring so much about us and helping me to reach my potential!

Clara Heng Yih Xian , ~SECONDARY

I attend lessons not because my parents forced me to but because I wanted to improve my results. I like the materials and facilities (recreational room and drinks). I joined after June holidays. I think that those who scored distinction religiously do the work given and practice a lot and it doesn’t have anything much to do with being naturally smart since physics is a subject which is skill-based so as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”

Shania Go , ~SECONDARY

I feel that PMC gives us a lot of exposure to question types. Moreover, the summary notes are also very useful. The teachers at PMC are also very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful as well!

Kimberly Khow , ~SECONDARY

The physics cafe gives very detailed notes with challenging questions which enable students to develop analytical skills which help with solving other similar questions. It has really helped me understand many concepts, even beyond the syllabus and helps physics lesson to be more interesting for its students. The student portal is also very convenient in accessing information regarding lessons and scheduling make-up lessons.

Meredith Chong , ~SECONDARY

Initially, I was very reluctant to attend the lessons, as it was on a weekend and I wanted to rest. However, after attending a few lessons, I realised that the lessons were very beneficial, and they really helped me improve my physics, as well as help me find my passion for said subject. Best free drinks station!! And, the materials, especially the ‘secrets enclosed’ books as I always revise them before taking my exams in school. I joined PMC at the start of 2017, when I was in Sec 3. I feel that it is a good time to join as it will help give you the necessary push for studying physics, and also not be too stressed out. I do think I’m ok to take the exams, but I still have much revising to do. Some students are naturally smart and talented in physics, and their parents want them to go to tuition to ensure they study the subject, so it’s no wonder that they get distinction. There are also definitely those who have benefitted from the classes and improved a lot throughout the years.


Firstly, I always love to attend the PMC lessons as my tutor (Mr Shane) is always able to deconstruct complicated physics questions into its basic and simplified forms. It has taught me to not be afraid of complicated, long drawn diagrams as ultimately those questions at the core are simple equations to be solved. Furthermore, he has inspired me to also become to a Physics teacher in the future as he is a great teacher with amazing dedication, he is even willing to stay back for hours just to help me solve several questions in my Prelim papers or TYS! Secondly, I kept scoring C5’s and B4’s throughout sec 3 and decided to join back the PMC at the start of sec 4 to improve my grades. And without a doubt, PMC has indeed helped me to improve my physics from a C5 to an A2 during my prelims (top 15% in my school for physics!) Lastly, I personally believe that the students who attend PMC aren’t genuinely much smarter or gifted as per say. However, I do believe that the way the teachers teach by showing how physics is actually understandable has really struck a chord with me. I also believe that the high distinction rates of PMC students is mainly possible due to the dedication and inspiration from both the teachers and students that make it possible as I now have a genuine interest and love in Physics thanks to my tutor helping out with my questions. Thanks so much!

Loo Ming Zhou Jordan Loo , ~SECONDARY

I enjoy attending lessons and look forward to them. Lessons are made fun with interactive vids and fun teachers, even more so with complimentary drinks and food!! Wished I have joined earlier.

Ryan teo , ~SECONDARY

I come for classes because I feel that they are genuinely very helpful and allow me to understand concepts and master difficult questions better. Lessons are interesting and have helped me a lot in improving for physics. I think the student portal is very helpful and organised and is very useful. Furthermore, the materials are very good and help me to learn more, and the tutors explain lessons in a way that I can understand easily. I definitely would have joined PMC earlier if I had the Chance, as I feel I would have benefitted more if I had participated in earlier classes. I feel that Many students score As because they are both smart, and because lessons help a lot. It’s one thing to be smart, but with the right teaching it goes a Long way in really helping one score a distinction. I must agree that the tuition fee is expensive, but I do think that it is worth the money as it has really helped me a lot.

Tricia kuan , ~SECONDARY

I am extremely self-motivated and the reason why I signed up for tuition is because I felt I was lacking behind my peers in school due to my slower speed of learning and I felt that tuition is necessary for me to keep up with them. The notes that PMC provide are well organised and contains essential information about the individual topics which allows me to quickly recall important concepts just with a few flips. What I like the most about the centre is the fact that the tutors always engage every single student in the class by giving every student a chance to answer a question to ensure that every student is keeping up with the lesson and are not zoning out. I joined PMC at the start of secondary 4 and if given a chance, I would definitely join earlier as if I did, I would have an easier time in secondary 4 as I am generally weaker in my secondary 3 topics and took quite some time to catch up on them in secondary 4. I think the high distinction rate in the PMC is most definitely not because the students are naturally smart but because most students are motivated and with motivation and the well-planned lessons in PMC, students are able to make the most out of each lesson and as such, are likely to score a distinction in the O Levels. Even though the tuition fees are not cheap at the PMC, I honestly feel that it is worth the fees due to the conducive environment provided at the centre and the well-planned lesson packages.

Teo Wei Jie , ~SECONDARY

I definitely agree that PMC tuition fee is not the cheapest especially when compared to other centres. However, it is worth the money and useful as I was able to get great tutors who were willing to stay after class to answer my queries. The question papers and answer schemes given to students were also of high quality and standards and I’m extremely grateful for that. I started growing an interest in physics after joining PMC and I enjoy doing it now as it is so much simpler. I improved from a fail grade to B3 for prelims and I hope that I get distinction eventually for O’ Levels. I improved greatly and I’m really thankful for everyone in PMC. Credit points and the free Wi-Fi and snacks really made tuition fun and made me look forward to every Saturday! Thank you so much PMC! 🙂

Chandiramohan Harisha , ~SECONDARY

PMC’s teaching style and resources are very effective. I joined the Math and Physics tuitions and even though the improvement was not immediate. With much motivation from tutors and the enjoyable lessons, I have managed to pull my additional math score from F9 to A1 and my physics score from C6 to A1 last year. The studying environment is very conducive and the free drinks at Novena is really great. Being able to get good grades is due to tutors’ motivation, help and our own passion.

Tan Guan Shi , ~SECONDARY

I would certainly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe. It is a unique gift of an individual (Mr Dave Sim) to be able to present Physics in such a simplistic manner. Despite joining Mr Dave Sim’s class late into my J2 year, the weekly lessons made a tremendous impact on my grades and gave me confidence for my upcoming exams. What I absolutely love about his lessons is that he makes an effort to ask every student questions and this definitely helped me pinpoint my weak areas

Tan Pek Nan John , ~SECONDARY , Favourite , NYJC