Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

The LPS is very useful as the lecture notes just has too many things and I get too stressed out about understanding and memorising everything. For the whole Physics 2 year syllabus the whole stack of my notes is <20 pages! It is efficient and very useful, the procedures apply to almost all the questions in the topic. Thank you Mr Sim!

Joan , IB

I progressed from struggling with Physics last year (and hating the subject) to understanding Physics and being able to apply the concepts and steps that Mr Sim taught me so. I was lucky to have Mr Sim as my Physics tutor. Currently doing the IB diploma & got a grade 7 (highest grade in IB) in Physics in my recent prelims! Now Physics is my most favourite subject. Mr Sim made it possible by explaining to me in a step-by-step process and exactly how to apply what I learn to questions. Mr Sim is one of the best Physics teachers in the world! He does not dismiss your questions no matter how insignificant – and makes sure you understand all the concepts. He is one of a kind – dedicated to teaching & committed to making sure you do well. Thanks!!!!

Joan , IB

I studied IB Physics [HL] with Mr. Sim in the months leading up to my final exams. Before I started with Mr. Sim, Physics lessons at school didn’t make much sense; concepts were disconnected and poorly organized, and were pitched a level that went way over our heads. My teacher told me, frankly, that he didn’t expect me to do well. After just five months with Mr. Sim, though, I got the best possible score for my final exam of 7 points. Mr. Sim is a dedicated teacher, who was determined to give me as much time as I needed to do well. He has full confidence in his students’ ability as well as his own, which inspires even the most unenthusiastic students. This confidence is not uncalled for; my friends and I showed a rapid and marked improvement in our test results even after just a few sessions! His notes are concise and well-explained; his unique and problem-solving-based approach ensures that the student understands the reasoning behind the Physics, and he tailors his style for each student. And not only is he capable, he’s nice as well; he has a great sense of humour and boundless patience. He fielded even my most inane questions with perseverance. His ability to explain concepts from multiple angles allowed him to clarify questions that continued to trouble me, as opposed to a lot of the teachers out there who just keep repeating themselves until the student gives up and pretends to understand! He’s also well versed in the tips and tricks of question setting, and is able to advise his students on common mistakes and even some of the more unusual ones, which was miraculously useful for our very tricky final paper. Thanks, Mr. Sim, for putting the sense in science.

Sandesh Kaur , IB

The thing that struck me about Mr Dave Sim was how dedicated he was to teaching and helping his students improve. We had a class from 4:30pm to 7:00pm, following which he had another group of students at 7:30pm – meaning that he had barely half an hour for his dinner. However, he often extended our lessons and answered our incessant questions, resulting in him having less than fifteen minutes to eat. (Sorry Sir ><) The four of us started lessons with him with only a few months left to the exam, in other words, a crazy crash course. I was terrible at Physics, really really terrible, but Mr Dave Sim managed to help me understand various concepts through his precise, yet simple explanations. One thing that was particularly useful was the mind map he’d create for each topic, condensing the entire chapter into a single page of concise and extremely useful notes. Make no mistake about it, those mind maps were our lifelines on the day before our exams. It was pretty tough having such a tight time constraint, but Mr Dave Sim was extremely patient, going through multiple questions and repeating examples to make sure we got all our fundamentals right. Somehow, we covered all that was necessary, and did well in our exams. Lessons weren’t only informative – they were highly enjoyable as well. The four of us actually looked forward to Thursdays! Mr Dave Sim made use of interesting teaching methods to help us visualise abstract Physics ideas. Videos, animations, models – you name it. He particularly had a knack for little magic tricks (too bad we figured them out though) which held Physics notions behind them. Learning Physics became fun and exciting. You’d want to have Mr Dave Sim as your Physics tutor, because really, he is an awesome teacher. Not only because of how capable he is, but because he truly has a heart for his students. I wouldn’t have conquered survived Physics without his help. Thank you so much Sir! 😀

Lydia , IB

Before I joined The Physics Café, I was struggling with my H2 subjects in school, especially Physics where I consistently scored Us for class tests. Back then, I had no clue about what was covered during lessons in school, due to the slow pace of lessons there. I got very anxious that I couldn’t cope with Physics as a subject in the long run, until one of PMC’s former students recommended me to sign up. When I stepped foot into The Physics Café for the very first time, I was amazed by the overall appearance and size of the centre, and how it didn’t look like any ordinary tuition centre! There was that iconic vending machine with free drinks, and a self-service snack shelf. I was also quite blown away by how the lessons were conducted, as well as the conducive learning environment! Be it Physics or Math lessons, they may be fast-paced but are structured in such a way that is both time-efficient and easy to understand for students. What takes the school 4 lectures to cover is nicely compacted into a mere 2-hour lesson, and even the hardest concepts are being made easy here in PMC! Over time, I slowly improved from a U grade to a D, then finally to an overall B grade with an A for Paper 3! Previously, I was upset that I had no conducive place to study at home, in school, or in public libraries. Thankfully, The Physics Café is here to save the day! You have the freedom to study near the admin counter or all the way inside the designated study area in the centre. Be it Paya Lebar, Bukit Timah or Novena, all 3 centres provide you with an almost noiseless environment which is perfect for studying long hours! Even though I do not live near Paya Lebar, along with my school being at Bukit Batok, I always look forward to travelling all the way to The Physics Café no matter how long the journey is, be it to attend lessons or for self-study! I would definitely recommend The Physics and Maths Café to JC students taking H2 Physics or H2 Math, regardless of how well they’re doing in school. As long as you stay engaged throughout the lessons, I can guarantee that you will have a wonderful learning experience, and your grades will gradually improve too! Even the toughest of topics and concepts would be easy for you to grasp, thanks to the hard work of the outstanding tutors here – Mr Dave Sim, Mr Daniel Kwok, Mr Leong, and many more! Thank you, PMC for giving me a wonderful place to study, and helping me regain my self-confidence over the past 2 years. You have given me so much, and this, is truly my happy place! 😀

Lim Jia Ler , IB

Initially, I was only looking for math tuition after my mid-years in J1. However, during this search, I receive a recommendation from my Cousin who introduced me to The Physics Cafe. After attending the first lesson, I received a warm welcome from the admin and felt comfortable being in a new environment. The lessons I attended had been amazing and I realised how physics and math concepts has become much easier to understand and be applied to my learning. With summarised contents, it is easier and more efficient in learning and makes physics and math less complicated. However, it is still necessary to expose ourselves to more questions to familiarise with the concepts learnt.

Farrel Koh , IB

The tutors are very motivational and have a lot of faith in us being able to do well, which helps us to be even more self-motivated because we are aware that the tutors are very supportive, and we want to do them, and ourselves, proud.

Nicole Lee En , IB