Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Miss Toh, I will always remember your puzzled face when I don’t do your homework. alwayz make me feel guilty.. :p your quiz was a little stressing initially but can be quite exciting too! your explanations are clear and to the point. I like it and I am sure many students do as well. Thank you Miss Toh!! Won’t have gone to JC without your encouragement and teaching.

Vini , ~SECONDARY , Favourite , VJC , YJC

Before attending physics tuition at The Physics Cafe, I was actually totally clueless to how I could revise my H2 physics topics and what to actually pay attention to for each individual topic. Instead, I chose to cram my school lecture notes as much possible to clear my Physics exam. But after attending Mr Dave Sim’s lesson, I found the mind map on the last page of the notes extremely useful in providing quick and instant recollection of my Physics concepts. In addition, after being taught color coding methods by Mr Sim to do our notes, I found Physics easier to revise than before. I would definitely recommend Physics Cafe to all students 🙂

Noel Png Jia Hao , YJC

I have learnt lots of technique in answering questions. The difference between here and school is that the school lecturer can be boring at times and may complicate certain concepts while Mr Sim is very clear in telling us the concepts and humorous at times. This, this will not make the lesson boring. Also, Mr sim also engages with the student by asking the students questions which will never happen in school. I will definitely recommend my juniors and friendsto join the physics cafe! Thanks Mr Sim for your teaching!

Lim Yi Heng , YJC

Thank you Mr Sim for helping me improve my grades tremendously! Mr Sim’s notes are very concise and useful for effective learning! His explanations and teachings are very clear and short which makes me able to understand and digest what he has taught us!

Justin Onggo , YJC

Mr Sim is a very experienced teacher because he knows what typical exams/tests are asking for and able to answer many doubts/misconception even before we ask him. The approaches and skills Mr Sim introduced in solving different questions are easy to understand and less confusing than the way schools usually teach. The notes/ summary mindmap also help me to grasp the essence of each topic in shortest time possible, so I do recommend those who are still struggling in Physics to join Physics Café.

Fang Ziwen , YJC

Mr sim clarifies my misconception of the topics I am weak in through his clear and simplified explanation in class, incomparable to my learning in school. The centre also provides free drinks and the student councillors there are really nice and pretty. I’m pretty sure the jc2 cohort would do well this year with the effort they put in alongside the help this centre provides.

Solomon Tan , YJC

The Physics Cafe has definitely allowed me to grasp physics concepts much easier than before. The concise notes make revision much easier and the take away questions provide a much needed source of revision. Thanks Mr Sim!

Tham Jun Han , YJC

Physics cafe lessons are effective and efficient. The 2 hours spent each lesson is definitely a fruitful one. Mr Dave Sim always comes prepared and you can tell that he is prepared based on the questions he asks to the class.ITS LIKE HE IS READING OUR MINDS. The new place in toa payoh is very conducive and is well structured for learning. I will definitely recommend physics cafe to my friends that need help in physics.

Daanyaal Khan , YJC

I joined Mr Sim when I was beginning JC 1 as I knew my foundation was weak and I must do something to ensure that I will enter my desired course. I was recommended by my senior and initially I was afraid whether the tuition will be effective. However, Mr Sim’s notes were more concise and had a more logical flow than my school notes. This ensured that I do not need to spend much time solely on physics and made more time to focus on other subjects. Also, his lessons were faster than school, but it was easier to catch up with the pace. Mr Sim ensured that everyone answered his questions to further deepen the understanding of abstract concepts and include application to daily life. Furthermore, the digital videos allowed me to revisit certain concepts that I have forgotten. Through Physics Cafe, I am confident of myself scoring As for my subjects during A levels. Thanks Mr Sim!

Shaiful Ridhwan , YJC