Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Mr Sim is able to come up with concise concepts for physics, by summarizing the important parts of every topic. His elaboration for every topic is clear and even when we do not get it the first time round, he is very friendly and approachable and never fails to ensure that his concept is brought across to us as clear as possible. He also emphasizes on exam skills to train us essentially for the A level examination. His tuition centre is very conducive for learning and he pays attention to every student’s needs as much as he can.

Ng Woon Aik , SRJC

Mr Dave Sim is an amazing physics teacher who is able to explain Physics theories and concepts in ways that we were able to easily understand. His physics notes were useful, especially the summary booklet we received during the June workshop. They were clear, concise and most importantly, have the most essential concepts and answering techniques for each topic summarized in A5 booklets which came in really handy. Mr Sim also has his way of encouraging his students to do better and was always sending us emails and texts to motivate us. I’ve always been bad at Physics especially since the start of my J2 year. After joining the physics tuition class in May, I saw myself improving gradually over the months and surprisingly also found myself developing an interest in the subject ( I really used to hate Physics!). All in all I’m really thankful to have had Mr Sim as my Physics tutor and if I were to choose again, The Physics cafe would still be my choice. (:

Lee Xinyi , SRJC

I got an A for my physics A- levels and I was very happy as I have never gotten an A before. I would say The Physics Cafe played an important role in helping me in my understanding of the subject and also prepared me well by strengthening my foundation and exposing me to many different types of questions. With all the material provided and explanations by Mr Sim I was able to compile a notebook of my own which also consisted of notes provided by the school, which really helped me understand the subject better. I will definitely recommend The Physics cafe to my friends and the lessons here were really quite enjoyable.

Jeanette Leong , SRJC

The notes are very concise and great for revision, I think The Physics Cafe have really gave me a good overview of physics and how to tackle the different types of questions with utmost understanding. The difference between The Physics Cafe and the school is that, unlike in school, the contents and concepts of each topics can be effectively taught to us and challenging questions are filtered out to best cater to the needs of students to ace the A levels. I’ll definitely recommend the physics cafe to my friends as the experience was a meaningful one.

Randall Ang , SRJC

The Physics Café is very good in teaching complex topics by summarizing the concepts into the notes and mindmaps. Made understanding the concepts a lot easier to grasp and apply. The constant worksheets for revision of the more complex topics were very useful as students got to try and apply their knowledge and ability of the topic once they have been taught it. Especially the grade A questions that gives students the idea of how a grade A question of that topic will be like. Lessons are engaging as Mr Sim will direct questions to students, masking the warring environment more interactive. I will recommend my friends to join! 🙂

Audrey Tang , SRJC

Looking back at 2011 after the O levels, never would I have expected that I could get an A for physics A levels, on top of how through the 2 years in JC, it was one of my best subjects. This is not because I am at all talented in physics, let alone highly interested in it. Rather, it was by the guidance and patience of Mr Sim that made this possible. Difficult concepts were made understandable, easier concepts were made meaningful, even revealing the depth of knowledge behind it.The rigor in which physics was taught at The Physics Cafe is remarkable. Concepts were taught on the basis of what the students could best grasp them from. Exercise questions were meticulously selected to provide breadth and depth to the chapter. Practice sets were given to us to ensure we could master the chapter at our own pace, balancing the demands we had from other subjects. The way in which The Physics Cafe is modeled reveals the kind of teacher Mr Sim is. Meticulous, yet visionary; rigorous yet understanding; disciplined yet caring. Therefore, it is truly no exaggeration when I say that Mr Sim is one of the best teachers I’ve had the privilege to know in my life. Thank you very much Mr Sim!

Charissa Chan , SRJC

Before I came to the physics cafe, I struggled very much with Physics. Questions that came at me seemed so foreign and demands so obscure that I had great difficulty in even applying my knowledge of physics to answer them. Thankfully, the skills I have learnt at physics cafe helped me approach complex “Grade A” questions systematically and efficientlydespite meeting such unfamiliar situations. While other teachers may teach me how to solve specific questions, the lack of a systematic approach and thinking which the Physics Cafe provided, had often left me unable to solve the next difficult question. I think the secret to the success of the Physics Cafe in helping students get their desired grades is probably their effective system of teaching and exam approach. I would highly recommend any lost souls who seek the grace of a Physics god to join the Physics Cafe.

Emily Koh , SRJC

The physics notes are good and simple. They are so simple that me, as a Physics student, I only need 10 minutes to revise for each topic that is covered in the syllabus. Mr Sim explains concepts and uses analogies so well that concepts that seemed alien in school will be cleared up by the end of the session. I would totally recommend my friends that are taking Physics of any level to come and join TPC as I am sure that they will improve continuously under the guidance of Mr Sim.

Jonathan Lim , SRJC

I scored an A for my Physics in A-level and I was extremely delighted as I know it isn’t easy to get an A for physics. The Physics Cafe definitely geared me towards truly understanding physics and not just blindly solving questions like I used to. Weekly sessions and intensive revisions towards exams really reinforced key concepts essential to me to tackle the A-levels. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Colin Foong , SRJC

Physics Cafe has been really effective on training me towards answering all types of physics questions by enforcing that I should seek to understand and not memorize and regurgitate content. At the same time, giving us loads of work to practice on really helped me by giving me exposure to all sorts of challenging questions and giving me confidence during exams. Explanations of key concepts and summary of notes were extremely concise and helpful to me as well, unlike thick sets of lecture notes from schools. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Colin Foong , SRJC

I have been in The Physics cafe since the start of last year due to my mediocre physics results in secondary school and have even come to love the subject. I was able to consistently top the class for physics and I have recommended many classmates to come here and most of them have found it useful and improved. I am confident that with Mr Sim’s teaching, the 2014 cohort of The Physics Cafe will do well and maintain The Physic Cafe’s current standard and even improve. Thank you for your teaching and guidance throughout these 2 years sir!

Tan Boon Ping , SRJC

I indeed have become more confident in solving physics questions and would more or less know if I would get it right or wrong. TPC explains concepts clearly first to make sure we understand and then proceed to solve questions that are related to that concept to help strengthen our understanding which is something I find really effective. Shortcuts and tips to solving questions fast and right are also taught which helps in exams. Yes I would definitely recommend TPC to my friends if they are financially capable to do so.

JesslynKoh , SRJC

The Physics Cafe had really helped in making me understand the concepts of each topic. Lessons are very well explained and steps to solving different types of questions helped me solve questions at a faster pace. Revision and practice for physics is more efficient and effective at TPC than to do it by myself. I used to score straight U for physics when I was J1 and even when I spend extra time on physics, I still could not pass. But after joining TPC, I’ve improved tremendously and started to see how the vague concepts became clear. Thank you Mr Sim 🙂

JesslynKoh , SRJC

The Physics Cafe has taught me very useful thinking processes and answering techniques that has helped me improve my Physics. The grade A questions that TPC provides have also benefited me greatly. Travelling to The Physics Cafe is definitely not a waste of time as what I learn/what is covered during the 2 hours lesson is definitely more than what I can do if I study on my own. After all, with The Physics Cafe, I am under expert help and as I continue to learn with Mr Dave Sim, I’m becoming an expert of my own. The Physics Cafe is definitely faster paced than school lectures/tutorial and we also cover more depth within a shorter amount of time in TPC. Though it may seem unlikely that it is possible to cover more within lesser time, Mr Dave Sim makes the concepts seem so easy that physics becomes an easy subject to grasp! I absolutely have faith the 2015 JC2 cohort of The Physics Cafe will do well this year and I definitely would recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends and juniors!

Brian Pek , SRJC

I will recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as they place emphasis on problem solving techniques rather than just rote memorization. This has allowed me to gain confidence during examinations as I am able to solve the more challenging questions.
The Physics Cafe has also helped me to save precious revision time as they are able to go through more concepts and content in 2 hours than I am able to do alone in 5 hours.

Damien Tan , SRJC

I have become more confident in handling more challenging physics questions. The lessons are short yet effective in delivering the key points of each chapter so that students can learn and absorb them quickly. I really like and am thankful for everything that the physics cafe have provided.

Ryan Lai Teck Xuan , SRJC

The overview of the chapters have shorten the time for studying! In addition the physics cafe cares for the student as not many centres provide complimentary food and drinks. It helps me stay awake when I’m tired. 🙂

Soh Jia Min , SRJC

I have benefitted a lot from the lessons. The questions provided allows me to have a good exposure of the topic and be prepared for the kind of questions that can be asked related to the topics. Explanations given by Mr Sim are also very clear and easy to understand. The physics booklet also allows me to have a quick overview of all the concepts. All these materials have made my revision much easier and efficient.

Muthu Aravinth , SRJC

The Physics Cafe have been able to teach Physics concepts very clearly. Mr Sim cuts straight to the point when teaching instead of the school teachers who spend ages explaining concepts and in turn making us more confused instead. I love the free drinks and food from the holiday lessons!! I joined the physics cafe weekly lessons early in J2. I attended the J1 December holiday lessons too. I would say that I’m about 95% ready for the A levels. I would need to expose myself to more questions to be fully prepared. I would prefer to join from the start of J1 if I could turn back time. Pretty sure Physics cafe will maintain their standards 🙂 Yes, I would highly recommend my friends!! Especially those who don’t seem to work well with school teaching styles.

Tay Yee Cheng Jermaine , SRJC

I got an A for my A level physics paper and I’m very satisfied with my grade. Lessons at The Physics Cafe have been extremely beneficial to me in my learning of the subject. Lessons here challenges students and trains them to think quickly. To my juniors, I feel that The Physics Cafe has very good tutors, and do not worry if you are not doing well currently. Have faith in yourself, and believe in the tutor’s plan. In addition, the tutors are very approachable, so do not be afraid to approach them to enquire your doubts. I strongly recommend my juniors to join The Physics Cafe, and all the best for your A levels!

Ryan Lai , SRJC