Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Mr Dave Sim is the best physics teacher in the world I promise you!! He makes physics so exciting with all his secret teaching techniques and yes I definitely will recommend The Physics Cafe to everybody

Tomio , PJC

The notes from the physics cafe are really concise and covers all types of exam questions. It helps me to recall the right and most efficient method to solve the question and I am able to reduce my revision time by 75%. In the physics cafe, i also learn to answer qualitative questions with ease and now i am more confident of tackling such questions whenever i see them. I will definitely recommend the physics cafe to all my friends taking the subject. Thanks Mr Sim!

Xin Min , PJC

Physics cafe heavy emphasis of problem solving and making sure people have a good grasp of core concepts, have help us save time. Unlike schools which spend time on irrelevant concepts and the structuring of notes is very messy.

Lim Guan Kiat , PJC

The Physics Cafe has been a monumental help in my journey as a JC student. The notes provided are adequate, understandable and greatly speed up learning and understanding of a topic. Mr Sim provides comprehensive care for all his students and motivates us through many ways. For instance, he gives us quizzes after lessons sometimes, which greatly enhances our learning experience. The JC2 2014 cohort at The Physics Cafe is very well-versed in Physics concepts, therefore, they would be able to excel. Lastly, The Physics Cafe’s interesting methods definitely would allow students to better grasp Physics concepts. I would strongly recommend my friends to join it!

Jamie Lim , PJC

The physics booklet contains condensed concepts and equation that allows me to have a big picture of what is going on within each topic and how topics are interconnected. Furthermore, the concepts are clearer for certain hard topics than the notes given in school. It allows me to learn more efficiently and focus on topics that i am weaker in so that i can improve at a faster rate. The lessons also clear doubts on questions that i have in mind in certain topics and this allows me to have a better understanding of physics, a subject which i did not do well from the start of the year in JC1. I would definitely introduce my friends to Physics Cafe!

Charles Quek Koh Wee , PJC

I feel that my physics has definitely improved and I have reached a stage where I can help my friends understand certain things. I need better time management but physics cafe has definitely helped me interpret questions better. I also notice all the efforts made to make the physics cafe a very convenient place and am appreciative of it.

Venugopal Bhargav , PJC

I managed to understand concepts I used to find difficult much easily due to the concise notes and lectures. I was also able to learn the fastest approach and methods to solve certain questions which will make a difference during the paper itself! The examples in the notes and other materials have overall increased my confidence in sitting for the paper. The lessons in physics cafe is very different from school lectures with the smaller class size and also lots of engagement with the lecturer. I will definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends.

Rashmiga Gunasekaran , PJC

The tutor placed a lot of emphasis on how to face different types of questions and also exposed us to a wide range of questions to boost our confidence. Step by step approaches to questions have helped me a lot in solving the problems. Maths Cafe is very different from school lectures due to smaller class size which means more attention for the students. We are also able to raise our questions without feeling embarrassed. I will definitely recommend The Maths Cafe to my friends.

Rashmiga Gunasekaran , PJC

Physics Cafe lessons are so much more detailed than other tuition centres and are much more precise, it helps me to quickly revise the important concepts! I joined physics cafe a little late into the year and I would have definitely joined earlier if I could. Yes, because physics cafe is a great place to learn to like physics in the easiest way 🙂

Sneha Sivakumar , PJC

I attended PMC because I felt that I was lacking the practice and skillsets to maintain my grades. PMC provides very concise notes as well as detailed analysis of the problems and which method is the fastest and less prone to errors. I really like that PMC offers digital lessons and free drinks. It provides a conducive and flexible study environment. The student councillors are also very friendly 🙂 I joined PMC during August after the June Holidays and yet, I feel well prepared for the exam currently. Of course, if given the choice, I’d join PMC earlier so that maths would be a breeze and I would be able to focus on my other subjects. I believe that the results of the students relies solely on their own effort. Although the teachers (Mr Leong & Mr Tan!!!) are very caring and helpful in answering my questions and clearing my doubts, they can only help to a certain extent. It is the student’s mindset to tackling the questions and responsibility to work hard and be disciplined to help them secure their distinction. Although the tuition fees are not cheap, the quality of teaching provided is excellent! (And also free drinks, snacks, foolscap!!)

Matilda Woo , PJC

I joined The Physics Cafe after mid-years this year because I have been getting S grade since the start of J2 and had to improve my physics grade. I really like the summarised notes and formulas because it makes revision easier. I like how the tutor engages us during lessons by getting us to share our answers to better gauge the possible answers that we will choose, and common mistakes made. the tutor is also approachable, and I can clear my doubts after the lesson ends. I would have preferred to join PMC earlier as I might have gotten a higher grade for physics in both mid-year and prelim. The questions in the tests exposed me to different types of questions in different chapters so I can tackle such questions.

Jacqueline Khung Hui Lin , PJC

My grade for physics was constantly a S during the whole of J1 and the start of J2 when I was on my own, and despite having joined after common test in J2 (and going for intensive crash courses at 9 in the morning twice a week) I still achieved a S in MYE. Don’t be disheartened if you do not see results as soon as you join, it takes time to see results. I still consistently went for lessons at PMC and eventually jumped 3 grades (C) for my latest preliminary exam. I would have never expected myself to have this much of a jump but I’m really thankful to the tutors it did, and I definitely wish I had joined earlier. Nevertheless, I am confident that PMC will help me to constantly improve and eventually achieve better grade for A levels.

Kim Na Hyun , PJC

I felt that before coming to PMC, Physics and Maths were just interesting subjects which I could pass or fail in in a random fashion. But this tuition centre, honestly, opened my eyes to the huge sea of information which I could learn and apply in my academics which were not even touched upon in my JC. I truly developed a passion for academics. The facilities at PMC were off the roof, with free drinks and VERY cheap snacks, it made me feel at home whenever I chose to study there. I joined PMC when I was in J1, before my June holidays. I have improved in my understanding of the topics so much from then till now. A lot of the students at the PMC are naturally smart. But, there is nothing stopping you from getting your As if you are prepared to work hard for them.

Vijayanarayanan Sai Arunavan , PJC