Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

From a range of 1 to 10, with 1 and 10 being successful and extremely successful respectively, I would rate a 10.Concepts are explained to us more clearly in the centre, while tutors in the school often skip some important concepts and expect us to ‘think about them ourselves’ without providing any hints or how to approach such concepts. The skills of problem-solving have also been imparted to us quite clearly, which is also one area in which our school lacks in providing. Overall, though it was a short 2-3 months, I find it to be a joyous ride and I would definitely recommend Physics Cafe to my juniors.

Daniel Leong , NYJC

The Physics Cafe has adopted teaching methods that are very conceptual and application based, making sure that students thoroughly understand the topic and know how to apply in to answer questions, including grade A questions. I would prefer such a teaching style as it is more straightforward and to the point so that students know what we need to know about the topic. I would definitely recommend my friends to the Physics Cafe.

Jie Xiang , NYJC

Mr Sim simplifies concepts and even finds shortcuts for us to attempt questions quickly and with great accuracy. He also reinforces important concept that we need to know so that we will remember them better and know which ones to focus on. I’m glad that i joined The Physics Cafe and I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends!! 🙂

Sara Ng Wei , NYJC

I feel that the major difference between the The Physics Cafe and my school is that the Cafe is able guide students towards solving a problem and the concept behind it. Hence, with schools focusing on teaching the syllabus and the Cafe teaching the different types of answering techniques and questions types, the student will be successful and well prepared for his paper. Since I have experienced the effectiveness of the Cafe first hand, I will definitely recommand my friends or juniors to join The Physics Café

Tan Yong Siah , NYJC

I think that the problem solving notes are really helpful as it provides a systematic approach towards the question and allows me to understand the question better. With a better understanding of the question, I can then solve the question unlike the past whereby I failed to understand the hints the question gave. I feel that the time spent in The Physics Cafe allows me to learn the concept more and understand them much clearly as opposed to the lectures that I have always failed to understand in school. Yes I definitely will.

Jun Wen , NYJC

I feel that The Physics Cafe is successful in helping students understand concepts as the tutor ensure that we are exposed to all types of questions and the notes such as The Physics Secret Enclosed is extremely useful in helping students recap certain topics just before the exam. Also, I would like to thank Mr Sim from pushing me all the way from a U before I join till a C today. His patience and guidance definitely make a difference to my grades. I will recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Tan Jing Han , NYJC

The Physics Café is the best Physics tuition center in Singapore! Mr Sim tackle many more topics in a single lesson instead of just focusing on a few which could be very tiresome. It encompasses every type of question the examiner could possibly test and thorough process is given as to how to solve such problems. I would ask my friends to join The Physics cafe, if you want to guarantee an ‘A’ in physics at A level, you should join 🙂

Gary Ong , NYJC

I would certainly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe. It is a unique gift of an individual (Mr Dave Sim) to be able to present Physics in such a simplistic manner. Despite joining Mr Dave Sim’s class late into my J2 year, the weekly lessons made a tremendous impact on my grades and gave me confidence for my upcoming exams. What I absolutely love about his lessons is that he makes an effort to ask every student questions and this definitely helped me pinpoint my weak areas

Tan Pek Nan John , ~SECONDARY , Favourite , NYJC

I feel that I have definitely grasped a better understanding of physics concepts after each lesson. Even though results do not show now, I believe that my understanding will be reflected in the A levels. Thank you Mr Sim for making lessons understanding of concepts easy and building my confidence each time I do not do well for my exams.

Jenna , NYJC

The notes given by physics cafe is very concise and i find it very helpful to read as a reminder before the paper because unlike school lecture notes which you cannot finish reading even half the syllabus in a day, physics cafe notes are straightforward and short but have all the marking points. I only joined physics cafe in j2 march which i felt was a pity because if i had joined earlier, i would have a stronger physics foundation and also i would not have spent so much time trying to digest my lecture notes and barely understanding the chapter at the end of the day. Even though i was with physics cafe for less than a year, i feel that my physics foundation is better now and i can do questions faster so i can finish the paper in the stipulated time. I’d definitely tell my juniors to join physics cafe and i hope i can do Mr Sim proud at A levels!

Cheryl Ng , NYJC

I have definitely improved in terms of confidence and logical based skills for all the Physics papers I’ve sit ever since. Even when I’m not in my best state of mind or have not studied fully, I will still be able to attain a reasonable result because the concepts are delivered so clearly that it can be easily understood and remembered. The questions given helped to build on the concepts and it really took lesser time to solve those questions during the actual exams because of all the shortest techniques being taught. I love how our welfare is so well taken care of and the learning experience is maximised so as to ensure tuition can be fun and interesting too unlike the usual thought that tuition is boring and time-consuming. Every minute matters to the tuition centre and the students have definitely benefitted from that because we take the minimum time to learn all the concepts and we are trained to digest and unpack information really quickly, I <<>love it. I feel that I can rely on the tuition centre entirely for Physics and can thus put aside so much more time on my other weaker subjects and I am really glad at this advantage I have over my schoolmates. I am now ever more prepared to get that highly sought after A for A levels physics.

Brandon Chen , NYJC

I am definitely more confident in Physics after the June Holiday workshop as the skills I acquired were very useful in helping me solve challenging questions. The main difference between lessons at PMC and my school is that they zoom in on the important details and techniques and attempts challenging questions on the spot. I would strongly recommend the Physics Cafe to my friends!

Cheong Lee Son , NYJC

Lessons in the Physics Cafe is really filled with excitement for me as the thrill of learning new concepts in a rather soothing atmosphere is pleasant. I really enjoy the fact that we are tested on concepts we just acquired, and the refreshment lessons are really helpful in helping us recall past concepts. Overall, I would highly recommend PMC to my friends!

Cheong Lee Son , NYJC

Lessons at physics cafe has always been interesting and insightful. Physics has always been the subject I feared most, and physics cafe has allowed me to love the subject more every lesson. If I can go back in time, I would definitely join earlier. I have recommended physics cafe to my friends and will still do.

Charmaine Koh , NYJC

I will recommend my friends for physics cafe as it is the best tuition that I have ever been to. It provides many useful questions that have helped me have a better grasp of all the topics in physics. Moreover, the teachers are kind and understanding and are willing to answer any questions that we have with the utmost confidence. I believe that the percentage of students receiving an A in physics will only continue to increase as the tuition offers grade A questions that can ensure that we have the best understanding for all topics in physics.

Roydon , NYJC

I decided to try PMC which was recommended by 2 of my friends as i needed help for physics at the start of J2. I think that the class environment is very conducive for studying and the teacher’s method of teaching with his working and notes that are clear, concise and effective in helping me organise the large amount of physics knowledge that I must remember. I would have joined earlier if I heard of PMC earlier.

Claira Chiw , NYJC

Firstly, I am very self-motivated as I really believe in my abilities. Even though I did poorly for Mid years, I gathered my thoughts and told myself to work even harder for Prelims. I joined PMC last year June during the crash course in j1 and I feel that I joined at just the right time. I am really thankful for my tutor, Mr Dave Sim, as he is really good at simplifying complex questions into easier questions.

Cheong Lee Som , NYJC

I joined the physics cafe around June holidays in J1 as I felt that I could not understand the necessary concepts. Physics cafe has allowed me to grasp these concepts much easily. This helped to regain my confidence in this subject. I also found the summary notes really useful in summarising vital concepts. Physics cafe provides a range of possible questions that may be tested for each topic. Later in J2 year, we will be taught answering skills for grade A questions. Furthermore, the vending machine which provides drinks for free and snacks really help us stay refreshed. Thank you physics cafe! 🙂

Wong Wen Yi , NYJC