Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

I got the A….I felt that I did really well, especially for the planning question. The Physics Cafe helped me understand the topics in depth, not just surface learning, and to take control of situations where I would have normally panicked, and answer really odd questions by keeping calm and remember that whatever they test, we have already learnt them. We have to just look from a different angle and tackle the challenging questions from another point of view

Brendan Chen , MJC

The Physic Cafe has helped me to tackle various exam question in which Mr Dave Sim have trained us to. I am able to better recognized the questions and able to answer the questions in exam better. The Physics Secret Enclosed is definitely of great help where it help us to recognize the questions with reference to the booklet and we know which part of the topic is tested and what are the steps/formula to answer such question. It is very different from the school lectures notes where everything is of whole chunk of information and not summarized. I would recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as it had made physics much more enjoyable and bearable subject.

Yap Jia Ji , MJC

I learnt how to tackle A grade questions alot better as Mr Sim taught us many different SOPs; especially for the often out of syllabus data handling questions, I learnt to break down the question and assimilate its ideas and string together new concepts to answer it. The practices that I do in class helps us to digest the relevant concepts and understand them to a deeper level; explanations are very clear and helps me to understand challenging questions. Time trails aids us in managing our time and to complete questions within the time frame, this has helped me a lot since MYEs as I wasn’t able to complete the paper then, whereas I could in the prelims.

Brendan Chen , MJC

From the point of someone who does not find physics largely interesting, I have to say Mr. Sim’s classes are always interesting. I espescially found his lecture notes helpful because he combines the important parts of the topic together with an array of questions. Mr. Sim was always more than happy to explain topics repeatedly until his students have grasped the concept sufficently and is ready to hang back after class to answer questions and clarify doubts. His tution classes, concept maps and regular class tests helped me pull my physics grade from an S to an A. Thanks Mr. Sim!

Thara Nair , MJC

The Physics Cafe really helped me a lot on improving my physics. From not being clear with the concepts to know exactly what the question is trying to test. I am really fortunate to be able to attend classes in the Physics Cafe to know more about physics and the fun of it ! The main difference between lessons in The Physics Cafe as compared to school and other tuition center is its thoroughly summarized notes with clearly defined concepts. Most importantly, Mr Sim has the ability to analyze and explain the question and concepts in a much more simpler way that makes answering question much easier. He is also able to give interesting examples to help us imagine the scenario to understand better! I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe! It’s really beneficial ! I would also like to thank Mr Sim for being such an awesome physics tutor and for all the things and efforts you have done for us. Thank you so much !

Jasmine , MJC

Lessons at the Physics Cafe are unlike any normal mundane lessons in classroom and you’ll always look forward to attend his lessons. Thursday has always been a day I look forward to since the day I joined the physics cafe. Mr sim is very charismatic and encouraging tutor. He made physics lessons very interesting and every laws and principles just fall in the right place. The experience in physics cafe is a very fruitful and enjoyable one and will definitely miss them..Thank you mr sim!! You’ll be missed! :))

Samantha Loke , MJC

I would say that the centre has been very successful in implementing techniques so that students are able to score in their exams as compared to their peers. What can be improved would be having more questions of grade A standard so that students can get experienced to the full blow of A levels.Firstly and I would think most importantly many physics tutors in my school treat physics as a dead subject. They feel that it is something just like secondary school where stuffing information to us would suffice. However, in the Physics cafe, physics is alive(: we can see how something actually works and clears the many doubts that we might possess in secondary school where information is stuffed into us. Secondly I would feel that the physics cafe has very concise notes that makes the students interested in dng more of physics. Be it due to the small size of the booklets or the fact that we are dng so many mcqs, something is clearly working there.I would definitely want to recommend my friends to join the physics cafe.

Ng Yan Lun , MJC

The Physics Cafe definitely helped me to start to understand the concepts of physics that I had always thought as “senseless” and “useless”. At the same time, Mr Sim has actually made me more interested in physics. It’s definitely the right choice to choose The Physics Cafe as no 1 tuition centre option 🙂

Eliza Ng Sue Ying , MJC

Before I entered this tuition, I thought I had known everything about Physics. However, the first test I got back was a dismal 5 out of 25. It brought me to this cruel reality that in junior college, physics is not that simple as just “applying the formula” anymore. In fact, it is so much more than that. Thanks to some online research, I was able to find The Physics Cafe and I never regretted for a moment joining it. My Physics immediately shot up to a borderline pass at the next major examination and I was surprised by how much I had actually not known. Mr Sim is not only a great teacher, but he has made learning both fun and easy to remember. Through him, I have learnt so much more than what my school lecture notes can possibly hope to have. It was always tiring for him during Saturday morning as he only has a 1 hour break before the next lesson. However, he still stayed back to help many of the JC2s who have urgent questions that require him for help. Without him, I shudder to think what would have happened to my physics. With him, I am confident and approach papers with the belief that I have the ability to conquer almost any question. Thank you Mr Sim!(:

Ng Yan Lun , MJC

scored an A for physics and I would really have to admit TPC played a huge role in this result. TPC may not have been the most cost savvy option for tuition but I definitely do not regret choosing TPC. It is just worth it. I believe what sets TPC apart from other centres is the quality of the notes. It gives plenty of notes but they are concise and easy to read everywhere. The tutor is also passionate about the subject and it definitely helps to have someone enthusiastic teach you in lessons that can be rather lengthy sometimes. The questions given in lessons are also difficult and is definitely more challenging than the average questions given in schools allowing you to have the confidence during exams.

Jonathan Lim , MJC

I definitely would not regret my choice attending The Physics Cafe. Despite starting tuition later than most of my peers, I would say that I have learnt alot thus far. Lessons are at a comfortable pace enabling me to be able to understand the lesson and each chapters taught well. Distance may be hassle as I live in the east, but it is definitely worth the trip and I can truthfully say that I have learnt something new in every lesson since attending classes here. I would definitely recommend this tuition to my friends.

Jonathan Lim Ming En , MJC

The Physics Cafe makes very effective notes that really does cover almost all of the important things we need to do well for our exams. The exposure to many types of questions also helps to drill us for our exams and gives us the confidence to tackle any sort of question. They also train us to solve the questions as quickly as possible which definitely helps us to manage our time better during the exams. I really appreciate all the extra services like shuttle buses, free food and free drinks provided by the cafe! Also, the cafe library is a really conducive place for self study.

Reiko Tan , MJC

I feel more confident in answering Physics questions as I know the problem solving techniques and also what to look out for in each question. The Physics Cafe has both basic and challenging questions to ensure that the students know the basic fundamentals as well as know how to apply such skills to the more challenging questions. I enjoy the services that come with the Physics Cafe.

Nur Diana Nordin , MJC

The notes that I got from physics cafe is so clear, concise and comprehensive. It is a one-stop solution to all my physics problems. It gives a great overview of the syllabus and saved me a lot of time during revision. During lessons Mr Sim is so well prepared, he clears any possible doubts I may have, making it seem almost like he can read my mind. This ensures the rapid pace of the lesson, making the 2 hours spend as fruitful as possible. With the revision leading up to A’lvls I’m confident that I’m able to do well, just like the all the other students here.

Ng Geng Jui , MJC

The Physics cafe lessons were unique to its centre. Mr Dave Sim took on a rather concise and succinct method of approach when explaining concepts and brought along the same style of teaching when solving questions. There was a clear system in how lessons were organised and catered to aid in our preparation, from topical revisions to exposing us to integrated and “A grade” questions. The way Mr Sim taught us changed my perspective of physics as a subject and made it seem much less intimidating than it was since secondary school days, and changed my previous approach to physics questions to a clearer and efficient one. On another note, the centre has very nice free crackers. Please bring back the milo dispenser 🙁 the milo was so good. I would recommend my friends to join TPC

Elizabeth Wong , MJC

The questions are mostly higher order and I think that’s good as it can prepare me better for exams. But, as my physics is weak, so I struggle a little catching up with the class. Overall, I benefitted from the lessons and will recommend my juniors who stay in the central to start early.

Wong Yock Teng , MJC

I have enjoyed my time at The Physics Cafe as the lessons were very engaging and fun. The Cafe had a very conducive environment and the tutor was able to explain complex concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand way. I will recommend my friends to the physics cafe as I believe it will greatly benefit them too.

Dallen Lim , MJC