Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Mr Sim has really helped me for physics for the A levels H2 Physics. Though I’ve only attended his lessons from April JC2, he taught me almost everything I knew about physics. I’ve learned more in the few months leading up to the A levels than the two years in school. I would really like to thank him for salvaging my physics, and I truly hope I can share the good news with him when I get my results.

Samson Chan , JJC

Physics used to be a subject that I fared poorly in. The Physics Cafe has helped me understand and apply the various Physics concepts that I previously could not grasp. Lessons are more hands-on as compared to school lectures and notes are more summarized and easy to comprehend. I will definitely recommend friends with difficulty in grasping Physics concepts to join.

Jeremy Tang , JJC

The lessons in The Physics Cafe are different from other tuitions that I have attended before as it is very engaging and focused. I find it useful and I feel more confident as Mr Sim paces us to do the A level papers as well as sharing his own solutions with us. I hope that there will be a timed mock paper for us before the A levels so that we can give ourselves a final check on areas that we still lacked and improve on it.

Chen Jingwen , JJC

The Physics Cafe’s summaries have helped me a lot in preparation before exams! Thanks Mr. Sim.

Akshita Ravi , JJC

The Physics Cafe experience has been especially life-changing towards my attitude and interest towards Physics. Before attending TPC, I hardly had any motivation to do physics & would always shun it aside. However, with the help of TPC & Mr Sim’s step-by-step guidance, physics has become fun & interesting! The concepts explained are very concise & drills on your understanding of the subject, which is very important to succeed in physics, which some other centers do not really deliver! I am so thankful to have joined the physics cafe & would definitely recommend it to my friends! Thank you Mr Sim!! Cohort of 2014 will do well & make you proud!

Renitta Thomas , JJC

The June holiday workshop has made me more confident about physics. I have also seen improvements in my results. The Physics Cafe has helped me to stretch time from the selected questions and fast overview of every chapter. It was also thorough in the coverage of the syllabus. Lastly, I enjoy the facilities available.

Ow Yong Hei Ee , JJC

I really appreciate all the effort and time spent by Mr Sim in ensuring that we will be able to maximise the time spent during lessons. Physics concepts have certainly been made much more easier to understand. Hopefully we will be able to do well for physics during the A levels and do Mr Sim proud!

Justin Hong , JJC

The Maths Cafe has definitely helped me a lot in gearing me up to tackle challenging questions that aren’t typical/standard. This allowed me to gain more confidence in tackling any type of questions at hand and to hopefully attain >80 for the paper. The Secrets Enclosed Notes are also very useful as a form of summary for the whole syllabus and it really helped me in maintaining my A for Maths ever since I joined TPC and thereafter scoring even better than before I joined. Prelims had been tough and getting not only an A, but also somewhat my best Math results in J2 was a blessing and a booster for A levels. By scoring better in my H2 Maths, it also helped me in my H3 Maths (MOE) which I am currently undertaking.

Koh Wen Hao , JJC

Physics cafe has compiled the syllabus into The Secret Enclosed booklet, and that made revision very easy for us. Having attended lessons at physics cafe made me understand more about the subject and enable me to widen my exposure to different types of questions I wouldn’t be expose to in school. The digital lessons are very useful as well, as I will still be able to attend a lesson I miss few weeks ago ! The free shuttle bus and drinks provided by physics cafe ensured that the students welfare are taken care of, and that’s really nice of them 🙂

Cheng Xin Ying , JJC

Compared to school it actually fluctuates. sometimes when my sch touches the topic first and i dont understand, then when I attend PMC I use it as a re-visit and try to understand. similarly, if PMC touches the topic first then may not understand and will use school lectures as a re-visit. So I use both to strengthen my understanding of the topic. I like free drinks and I like my friend hahahahaha. but i don’t like the 2018 timingssss omg the timings so weirddddd 9am and 4.30pm. I LOVE <3 Toa Payoh branchhhhhh :C. idk if the further travelling to Novena, Paya Lebar and Beauty World will be advantageous to my studies. Toa Payoh is super convenient, and my grandpa stays there so its fittingggg but sad next year no more tpy. I joined in J1. hmmm actually before I got private tuition for Amath in sec4, my cousin recommended me PMC but cause my foundation sibei bad, so I didn’t want to join a class since what difference would it make to in school where I am already a blur sotong and failing math. so nope I think JC was a good start.

Daphne Tan Yue Ying , JJC

I am self-motivated and was not forced to come for tuition. In fact, I was the one who convinced my mom to allow me to go for tuition after doing badly in J1 term. I’m attending lessons as I find it easier to understand PMC notes compared to my school’s. E.g. for sequences and series, I don’t refer to my school notes and just revise the few pages of notes that the revision packages contain, and I find it sufficient. I like the digital lessons because I need not replace the lesson within the week itself and I can do it when I have the time instead of trying to make it on time for the make-up classes. I joined PMC in J1 term 2 and I think the timing I joined was just right. I think some students in PMC are naturally quite smart but also most are naturally self-motivated and disciplined to learn. Tuition fees at PMC are indeed not cheap especially since PMC is a class-based tuition instead of individual.

Daphne Tan , JJC

Physics cafe made physics easier and a more interesting subject to study. The materials provided are concise and informative, making the use of materials organized and easy for memorizing.

Sim Kim Teck , JJC