Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

I was scoring consistently grades of below D, and did very badly in physics as i was unable to grasp the concepts of the chapters. However, things began to take a turn for the better when Mr Sim started teaching me. My grades jumped from Es and Ds to As and Bs! which is a drastic improvement for me. My understanding of the topics became very much clearer, and instead of just scoring in physics, I was able to understand physics better and embraced the subject. Mr Sim is a very responsible teacher, and even became a friend to me, even after my A levels.

Dragg , CJC

I highly recommend Mr.Sim simply because Physics is made as easy as ABC in every sense of the phrase, he will enlighten you on what is the underlying concept behind the concept that you learn in school he explains how certain formulaes are derived from with the pure basics and at a pace that anyone may understand so listen up people! Anyone who wants to do well in physics yet they can’t do it on their own, find Mr.Sim and he will ensure that you get the basics right and have the foundation to tackle the harder, more complex concepts of physics. All hail Lord Dave!

Tan Ying Hong , CJC

Notes given to us are concise and useful. I like the summary behind every chapter that really focus on the important parts of that chapter. The secrets enclosed booklet have also help a lot as that is the booklet where we know all the crucial points to take note of and it has been summarised very neatly. Thank you for helping me understand Physics much better than I ever had.

Shiuan Yen , CJC

The Physics Cafe’s notes were really great, I never looked at my tutorials again. Everything was covered in the graduating booklet. Lessons in The Physics Cafe are far more interesting and easier to pay attention to than in my school. Mr Sim is a great teacher and a dedicated one. Will definitely miss him. Everyone taking physics should go for The Physics Cafe! It’s a good way to strengthen concepts and do well for physics.

Jason Wong , CJC

I feel that the notes are extremely concise and good because it rly helps with the answering skills during the exam. Mr Sim has also really helped to boost the confidence i never had with respect to physics – I haven’t been doing well since secondary school. Even though I only joined in June when I was in JC2, The Physics Cafe has helped me in terms of answering questions and strengthening my concepts. It’s really different from lessons conducted in school because of the details and skills Mr Sim goes into which has really benefited me. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Kimberly Chew , CJC

Before I attended The Physics Cafe, I was scoring pretty badly for physics. There was always not enough time for me to complete the paper as the questions were always so demanding. Well, that was before I joined The Physics Cafe. Ever since I started attending Mr Sim’s lesson, I realized that the questions which I thought was demanding was actually quite simple. There’s always a definite method for solving the different question types. Plus, Mr Sim also teaches us how to solve questions as quickly as possible. Now, I’m scoring my As and Bs for all my major physics examinations, mainly As. I will definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my family and friends.

Chen Yi Hong , CJC

I have understood much more in the few weeks of going for physics cafe than I learnt in my 2 years in school. Thanks Mr Sim for your guidance! Your jokes and the free coffee helped me to stay awake to grasp the complicated concepts which I failed to comprehend in school. I used to fail physics but now I’m performing much better, one of the top few in my class

Matthew Wong , CJC

Hello Mr Sim! I just want to thank you for making physics so easy and reviving my love for the subject. When I first entered junior college two years ago I wasn’t sure whether or not to take physics or biology and this was especially frustrating because both were subjects that I loved. I decided to go with physics despite being slightly stronger in the latter because the courses I wanted to take were linked to it. It was a decision I largely regretted in my first year because no matter how hard I triedI never could do well in the subject. I didn’t understand what went wrong, I listened to lectures, handed in all my tutorials, rushed through assessment books and tys papers(even in the first year) and I was still failing. It just didn’t add up. I managed to stay afloat though, and hence didnt engage the services of Mr Sim until year two where I joined in the June workshop because I was really in an emergency situation. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to go for Mr Sim’s class at first even after a friend told me about all the magic that he managed to perform for physics.I have attended tuition classes in secondary school before and I have had my fair share of bad tutors who never really helped me at all. Most seemed like an extension of school (or sometimes worse) and I didnt believe that the physics cafe was any different. That all changed however when I attended the first lesson of the workshop. Within 15 minutes of the lesson I learnt something new about the first topic which I thought I was a master in. Throughout the workshop my physics standard has certainly improved much and topics which I was weak at suddenly became easy and I found many misconceptions in the topics I thought I was strong in. By the end of it, I felt ready to take on the exams and that was when I decided to attend his normal lessons as well. Mr Sim has an amazing way of linking all the topics together and when the A Levels finally came physics wasnt a bundle of topics it was one big subject that I had finally gained confidence for. I would highly recommend Mr Sim to anyone who is taking physics at the JC level because he is a really good teacher and I’m not the kind to praise others easily so I really mean it.

Heng Kun Qiang Amos , CJC

Mr Sim uses many different programs and analogies to explain concepts. He introduces many methods to solve really challenging questions. I really like his crystal clear explanations whenever he teaches us a new concept. He is a really passionate and caring teacher.

Darryl Tanujoyo , CJC

I personally believe that the physics cafe has allowed me to have a clearer idea of the different kinds of questions and concepts that can be tested for every topic. And through all these lessons, i honestly think that I’ve improved by a fair bit since i joined because back in JC1 physics was like a guessing game whereby I used any formula from the back of my head, hoping to get the answer right, which usually doesn’t happen. After every lesson that I attend, I truly gain more confidence in Physics, as everything that seemed so difficult at first starts to get a little easier. And that If I were left on my own to study, I would probably spend hours and hours trying to figure it out. The difference between Physics cafe and my school is that everything is different. My teacher in school likes to dwell on a question for extended period of time. For example, he went through 1 Quantum MCQ from 2007 paper for more than an hour, not kidding. Sometimes, at the end of the lesson I’ll be equally or even more confused than before. However at Physics Cafe, I constantly feel on task and that Mr Sim is able to explain everything in a very different way such that things do seem easier, and the things that I learn in 1 lesson can equate to what I learn in a 2 weeks in school. Also, I believe that the grade A questions that we do weekly has allowed me to have a stronger skill in problem solving, and not just stare at the question empty mindedly. Honestly, the people at Physics Cafe definitely have a stronger grasp of concepts, and most are able to solve questions at a faster and more efficient way, as a result of the time practices that we’ve gone through.

Koh Jia Qian , CJC

Mr Sim is a very spot-on teacher who knows exactly the common misconceptions that students have in certain topics. The emphasis he placed on exams-smart techniques have helped me a lot in being more confident in answering questions too! His notes have certainly helped me in being able to consolidate all the information for each topic.

Wong Mun Fong , CJC

The past two years with Mr Sim certainly was an enjoyable time! Physics in JC certainly became a breeze when my teachers went through concepts that I had already learnt at The Physics Cafe! The Physics Cafe does a great job in introducing the Secrets Enclosed booklet, which definitely helps students save time, in terms of looking for formulas. The Physics Cafe supplies loads of useful and necessary materials to help students, but only if they choose to do the work that is given. For me, I live very close to The Physics Cafe, so I am glad that I don’t have to spend too long travelling. Neither do I have to take so much time to revise physics as a whole. Physics cafe certainly gets to the points that you need to score instead of overloading you with basic examples that do not really test your understanding of concepts but application of formulas, which is not what exams really test. Peers in The Physics Cafe are more relaxed I would say, since we all know the secrets and tricks behind some of the questions, while others may have to struggle a bit harder than us to do well in Physics. I definitely think that the JC2 cohort of 2014 will do well (gut feeling). If my friends do need help with physics, I definitely recommend that they join the Physics Cafe!

Benjamin Lee , CJC

The Physics Cafe provides short and concise notes for us to easily grasp Physics concept unlike those long and detailed notes provided by the school. I manage to understand Physics concepts better within a 2-hour long lesson at The Physics Café than 3 sessions of lectures in school. Mr Sim brings across ideas easily to us and makes learning of physics interesting. Without Physics Cafe, I would not be able to see the progress in my Physics grades! With effort, I believe that the 2014 JC2 will be achieving their desired goals. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Samantha Hong Hui Lee , CJC

The Physics Cafe is an excellent place for anyone looking for help in physics. Mr Sim really helps you grasp the concept of the topic from day one. And he doesn’t stop there. He goes on and teaches exam techniques and problem solving strategies. This makes a big difference when tackling a hard question as it helps me break it up into smaller sections and then answer it step by step. It also boost your confidence in tackling a variety of questions. I struggled in school tutorials as there was no emphasis on answering techniques, which Mr Sim focuses greatly on and this makes a big difference in the final exam. He puts time and effort into his notes and selects good questions. He ensures that we grasp the ability to solve even the most difficult of questions.I would definitely recommend anyone struggling with Physics to join The Physics Cafe! It’ll make a big difference in your perspective of physics. Thank you Mr Sim for everything!

Rashaad Khan , CJC

Mr Sim is by far the best physics teacher one could ever meet. Before I came to the physics cafe, I was not confident in solving difficult qns. However, Mr Sim’s approach to such questions really helped me gain my confidence to tackle such questions. He also explained concept’s really well and his problem solving strategies helped me built up my confidence in physics as my foundation in physics was already very poor. He puts in a lot of effort into his notes while also selecting good questions for us to grasp the concepts of the topic. I was elated when I scored an A for physics and I only have Mr Sim to thank for it. Thank you so much Mr Sim! I would definitely recommend anyone having trouble with physics to join the Physics cafe. It’ll make a difference in the way you look at physics, just like it did for me

Rashaad Khan , CJC

At first, I didn’t really want a physics tuition because since primary school, the only subject I need tuition in was English but ever since I got into JC, I never really got a grade that is close to distinction and I lost motivation in many aspects especially physics because I never really understood what was taught in lectures or tutorials. However, it all changed when I joined The Physics Cafe as Mr Sim was able to explain everything so clearly and systematically that everything seems so simple! I always look forward to his lessons as I know I will learn something useful ranging from understanding the contents to how to effectively use what you know to tackle those grade A questions. Not only can I catch up to my classmates in school, I also gained lots of confidence in answering difficult questions. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as it is really effective in pulling up my grades.

Lin Jun Jie , CJC

I scored an A for Physics A level and i am really happy about it. The lessons in The Physics Cafe has been really helpful especially when the lessons are always well paced and easy to understand. The thing that makes the tuition experience better is that questions are asked and needs to be answered quickly as we do not want to look stupid in a class full of smart people. This really pushed us to think quickly and think smarter since giving the wrong answer is really embarrassing. The best advice for any subject including Physics is to make sure you know all the possible types of questions that may come out and the only why to do that is to keep on practicing. I would recommend anyone to join The Physics Cafe if they want to secure an A for Physics

Pak Jun Wei , CJC

The Physics Cafe is really helpful in splitting each topic into parts and what are the different types of questions that will come out which makes us confident going into the exams. Having a guide to answer questions also has us stay calm when we see tougher questions.

I also saved a lot of time in The Physics Cafe as difficult concepts that will take me hours to understand by myself can be explain within minutes with simple ideas here.

In The Physics Cafe, just being there gives you a strange motivation to do well among people of other JCs especially the better ones. You are also trained to think quickly to answer the question until equations start popping out in your head within seconds.

My peers here in The Physics Cafe are way more serious in lessons and are confident in themselves with is nice to see as compared to in CJC where people are really laid back.

The JC2 cohort will definitely do as well or even better than the previous year.

I will recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as everything is made simple even the most difficult concepts which really help.

Pak Jun Wei , CJC

Attending physics cafe definitely helped me to learn the concepts much faster and I’ve stopped using my school notes as physics cafe notes are much more concise and to the point. One thing that can be improved would be to include more qualitative question in the daily dose so as to get more exposure to more questions. The tutors are very successful as in class we rarely have to ask questions as all the potential doubts that we have are all explained by Mr Sim before we even need to put up our hands to ask. All the extra services provided are very good as not many tuition Centres care about the wellbeing of their students hence it is a great initiative on the Centres part to care for its students. I started joining in the first half of the year in J1 and I think I am ready to a certain extent. I would have joined earlier when I was in secondary school as my foundation for physics is very weak as I did not attend any tuition during secondary school. I would most definitely be recommening my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Mark Ng , CJC

I joined The Physics Cafe at the start of JC2 and I wish I had joined earlier to get my foundations right. However I still benefitted from the lessons a lot and learnt so much. The new centre is at a convenient location for me, near my school. My favourite add-on service is the self-service vending machine as there is a variety of drinks to choose from. I will surely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends.

Abinaya , CJC

The Physics Cafe provides Secrets Enclosed which is very helpful when studying. It provides the main concepts for us to understand the topic at a glance. This is helpful because, in school’s lecture notes, the content is usually messy and it is difficult to pick out main points. A good thing about physics cafe is the fact that it provides a study area for students with free drinks. This serves as a conducive environment for studying during major exams such as Prelims and A levels.

Tan Xiang Yun , CJC

I really like how the notes are short and concise, its also very convenient to carry around and refer to. It helped me alot when I’m doing physics and didnt have to spend too much time referring to school lecture notes that are lengthy and misleading. Going through popular questions expands my perspective on physics questions, Mr Sim made everything seem easier. The new TPY branch is also really huge and comfortable, I like the vending machine the best! If i were to turn back time, I would join physics cafe earlier and I would definitely recommend you guys to my juniors and friends. Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate the admin, from making me a cup of hot milo to printing notes on time, thank you for making the whole experience more comfortable, it felt like home. I hope i can do you all proud and reach my goal for physics As. See you all soon!

Megan Heng , CJC

I felt that the Physics Cafe has been instrumental in my progress as I now know how to answer questions correctly and understand several concepts quite quickly. As compared to my school’s normal teaching style, this is more laidback and encourages me to learn more about the topic. I really enjoy how the topics are compartmentalised.

Josiah Michael Maringantua Samosir , CJC

Thank you, Mr Sim, for helping me so much in physics. My grades have improved tremendously and it’s all thanks to your lessons. You are able to explain concepts in a succinct way such that I am able to easily understand and apply them. You have made me more confident in physics while increasing my interest in the subject. I am always grateful for all your effort

Shriya Nangia , CJC

Firstly, the notes provided are extremely convenient, concise and useful. Lessons at the physics cafe are also more interesting and covers topics at a more in-depth level compared to lessons in school. I would recommend my friends to join the physics cafe

Chelsea Tan , CJC

Thank you for making lessons more interesting and I am able to clear my misconceptions more easily! I am now looking forward to learning more about physics and I would definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends!

Ting Sze Yin , CJC

There is training on thinking fast as well as methods on how to tackle certain topics which schools don’t normally teach. It is different from my other tuitions in the sense that I do not have to memorise answers in order to answer certain types of questions. Free drinks and the quality of the lessons is superb. I joined at the start of J1 and yes, I would have joined earlier. I would recommend it to my friends.

Ting Sze Yin , CJC

Lessons at PMC are fairly similar to school lectures, except that a lot more emphasis is placed on answering technique, hence the abundance of practice questions available. This is certainly a lot more in depth than conventional school lectures. The centre is a very conducive environment for studying. I joined PMC in August. If given a choice to do so, I would definitely have joined PMC earlier, so as to better bolster my confidence for maths. I would definitely recommend PMC to my friends, if they ever need additional help regarding mathematics.

Wong Yi Hao , CJC

I really like how we are forced to answer questions when the tutor asks us. In that sense, we cannot slack off at any time. My dream is to get an A for the A level paper for physics this year. I will be working towards it, and I hope my peers do too.

Ong Su-Ann , CJC

The Physics Cafe summaries important parts of the respective topics into small booklets that serve as easy reference whenever we forget concepts or equations for that chapter. I like that the notes are short and easy to understand. I’ve joined the Physics Cafe before J1. I do hope the cohort scores well this time round. I will recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Joshua Tan , CJC

I got a “D” for my A level, not too bad. The lessons are very clear as Mr Sim helps us to gather concepts through the equations needed for each individual topic, there’s class participation from every student and he checks our understanding through the after-class quizzes which we submit the answers using our mobile phones. To my juniors, persevere through and learn because of gaining new knowledge and understanding physics because it is fascinating and not for simply scoring well. And yes! I will recommend my friends to join the physics café

Samantha Ong , CJC

Was I self-motivated? Not really at first. I was deeply traumatized by math because lessons in school were too fast and I couldn’t keep up. I ended up neglecting it so much I didn’t pass a single math exam the whole year in J1. In the end, after going through Mr tan’s lessons and going through the fundamentals. I now have enough faith to say that maths is my favourite subject and the only one I can really say I’ll get a good grade for. My parents didn’t force me to attend and I can gladly say if I had the chance I would have joined earlier because the experience here has helped so much in making math easier to understand. To be honest, when I still failed my math prelims last year in the time I joined (around last year June holidays), my results jumped from a single digit to a low forty which is honestly a huge jump. I think that the reason why most students here can score good grades in A level is not only because of their intelligence but also because of all the support they receive as well as the motivation to do well after being finally able to do the questions. If they were like me, the feeling of finally understanding a topic, to finally be able to answer the questions that previously looked like impossible puzzles, it was so satisfying that they naturally get motivated enough to start studying the subject on their own. It’s not just about smart per say, it’s like a combination between smarts and nurtured self-motivation. In my opinion for tuition fees, I feel that it could be cheaper? But the services are well worth the price they helped me out when I was failing and got me to a level where I can confidently say I will do well for my A-levels and I guess that’s what matters at the end of the day.

Ryan Goh , CJC

I’ve always been quite unmotivated to study and practice math questions on my own, which is why I opted to come to PMC. The weekly classes give me ample opportunity to practice and hone my math skills through the selected questions. Going through the question afterwards also helps me to clear any doubts I might have regarding the question. The environment at PMC is surprisingly cosy and conducive, in stark contrast to the other tuition centres I have attended in the past, where the environment can be quite rowdy. As a whole, having the chance to attend classes at PMC has definitely helped me to improve a lot, not only in maths but in my studies as a whole, by instilling in me the discipline and motivation to want to excel.

Wong Yi Hao , CJC

I feel that Physics Cafe is a great place to go to as the teachers go through the questions very detailed and the way they explain concepts are easy to understand. I joined physics cafe around April, but if I knew about this centre before, I would have joined from the start. When I joined PMC, the syllabus was almost completed, so I was lagging as the crash course workshop was very fast paced and only had a brief overview of the topic. I highly recommend physics cafe!!!

Donovan Ang , CJC

I joined physics cafe when I was in J1 and I feel I have done relatively okay in school exams. I am also able to cope and understand physics concepts better in school now after attending weekly lessons at Physics Cafe. Sufficient help is provided and extra lessons especially the June Holiday workshop serve as a great platform to secure my foundation before attempting to do harder questions.

Ting Sze Yin , CJC