Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Mr Sim’s notes and teachings are really easy to understand and learn. 🙂 They build the perfect foundation for your Physics syllabus. All you need is a little effort on your part and the A should be yours. I came to this tuition with a U grade and only 5 months to the A levels. Mr Sim has helped me get an A for physics which is nothing short of a miracle! :p You’d want to have Mr Dave Sim as your Physics tutor, because really, he is an awesome teacher. Not only because of how capable he is, but because he truly has a heart for his students. I wouldn’t have conquered survived Physics without his help. Thank you so much Sir! 😀

Jia Jun , ACJC , Favourite

Mr Sim’s notes are straight to the point and serves as a concise form of lecture notes, making it easy to revise for tests and exams. He is very approachable and i wouldn’t hesitate to ask him any physics question in class!

Yun Feng , ACJC

Mr sim has really helped me tremendously with my physics! Before attending the tuition I was barely keeping up with the lessons in school. But Mr sim has really made physics lessons so much more enjoyable and most importantly easy to understand. It’s really amazing how he can make complicated concepts seems so easy to comprehend, and that we are able to solve all questions with the focused few concepts that he teaches in every topic. I will definitely recommend the physics cafe to all my friends.

Law Hong Yee , ACJC

The problem solving techniques taught are very concise and effective in solving problems as it allows students to logically tackle problem. Lessons in the cafe are much more focused and give room for critical thinking (which is sorely absent in most school lectures) especially with all the grade A questions we have become so obsessed with!

Shaun Tan , ACJC

Topical mind maps were really useful in remembering the essential formulas and explanation for certain phenomenons. Lesson in The Physics Cafe is more enriching and allows students to have a clearer understanding of the subject through problem solving.

Lee Meiqi , ACJC

The Physics Cafe is definitely a tuition centre that I would recommend. Apart from going through concepts, Mr Sim also goes through step-by-step methods to solving questions. This is by far the most effective way I have been taught to solve questions on my own because he breaks difficult questions down into very simple ones, making the thought process easier.

Joelle Ho , ACJC

Mr Sim is a wonderful teacher who is able to make a three hour lesson go by in a blink of an eye. His lessons are engaging and interesting, and his explanations are concise and easy to understand. The secrets enclosed compilation is very useful for a quick reference, and gives us some assurance. Stay awesome Mr Sim!

Anchelski Teo , ACJC

I will always recommend my friends to join physics cafe. In fact, I have recommend my friends to join from the beginning of JC1 because I feel that Physics Cafe has helped me maintain decent grades throughout my entire JC life. I like how Mr Sim gives us time and instruct us on how to decorate our notes and make them colourful. This is especially useful for visual learners like me. I also like how he has made the notes very neat and organized. Mr Sim also ensures that everyone stays alert during his lesson by taking turns to answer questions. Although some of the questions might be challenging at first, he will guide us along by prompting us. Only after much prompting and we still cannot get the correct answer, he will then teach us. This is something different from schools or other tuition centers as most would usually just give the answer instead of making the students think harder. In JC1 when topical MCQs were given, I felt that it was effective in ensuring that we understand our basic concepts, especially with the short and comprehensive worked solutions at the back. At the same time, MCQs are not as time consuming as open-ended questions so that has given us time to focus on our other subjects as well. Physics Cafe has also been flexible in the changing of tuition slots. As there are many time slots available, it is easy to reschedule tuition if say a last minute event pops up.

Lynette Ho , ACJC

Lessons in The Physics Café have been indeed effective. It helped me to focus more on what the questions are asking and know what are the points the questions are asking for, thus making it easier and more efficient for me to answer the questions. Physics cafe will also pick out certain difficult questions for us to try and make it a point to break down the question so that answering questions will be more systematic. Also skills taught in answering questions were useful and helps in both saving time and getting the mark. Lessons in school did not taught us how to anwers questions to allow us to obtain the maximum mark.

Liu Weiting , ACJC

The notes are both concise and informative…win-win situation! Lessons in the physics cafe are more engaging, and all sorts of potential questions or misconceptions, whether big or small, has been answered by the tutor beforehand, making exams much easier to handle! With clarification on all these little details, students like myself have been able to truly understand the concepts behind the physics topics, and also appreciate them in a new way. And yes i would recommend my friends to join the physics café

Ng Wan Mai , ACJC

Hi Mr Sim. All of your classes are effective and i learned how to accurately answer questions from you so yeah of course i’ll recommend my friends to join. I think your approach of asking everyone questions is useful since it keeps everyone engaged. To me, i find it funny when i cannot answer your questions because my attempts are super nonsense. But it helps me to remember better. Your sense of humour is quite good too! so lessons are fun even if they are 3 hours long. Thanks for everything! Oh and the secrets enclosed is very useful.

Tay Qing Yuan , ACJC

The Physics Cafe has really helped me a lot on improving my physics. Mr Sim is a really experienced physics teacher who is able to help and inspire many students to give their best in physics. His physics notes are very good as he is able to deliver the main concepts in a very clear and concise way which has aided a lot in my learning. I will definitely recommend my friends to join the Physics Cafe. Thank you very much Mr Sim!

Suresh Babu Pragadeesh , ACJC

The physics cafe has helped me so much in grasping concepts in physics. In school lectures, teachers tend to cover a lot of content in a short period of time, perpetually leaving me confused and less motivated because physics would seem like such a difficult subject. At tuition, concepts are very succinctly organized to aid answering of questions to enable us to understand what the questions are asking for. Initially I was very involved in my CCA and never had much time to study because I was always so drained from school. When my work lagged behind, I was unmotivated especially since the content was so difficult to grasp. With Mr Sim’s help, I was better able to appreciate physics and started catching up with my work a lot faster than I thought. In addition to helping me academically, Mr Sim is a very encouraging teacher. Despite having so many classes a week, he still makes sure to open up more time to talk to us to ensure that his students are coping well with stress and school related problems. It is very reassuring when teachers make an effort to do so and definitely helps me to regain some motivation and drive for the A levels.

Camellia , ACJC

Hi MDS, your exam techniques are legendary, and definitely the best kind of help I have ever received, and i believe it is my part that has not been executed as diligently as desired to get that A. The two hours here are more productive than 5 hours anywhere. Mr Sim is student oriented and really knows how to capture our attention without needing to be naggy or annoying like most school teachers. His unceasing enthusiasm wakes us up in class and makes everything interesting. I will without a doubt recommend my friends to join Physics Cafe, especially since my circle of friends are willing to invest in education.

Charmian Lee Jia Min , ACJC

Everything has become so much easier ever since I joined TPC. Mr Sim is able to explain all physics concepts very well such that we are able to understand them very quickly. The 2 hours are well spent every lesson.

Uditi Bareja , ACJC

I achieved an A for physics and was very satisfied with my score. Even though I was aiming for that score, actually receiving it first handedly really made me feel quite accomplished. Joining this tuition centre enabled me to clear my doubts on the fundamental concepts and build up my knowledge on the subject through easy-to-read and compressed notes. Mr Sim taught me how to use a step-by-step way of answering common and challenging questions which my school may not have prepared its students for. In class, he will time us to complete a set of questions, which I feel helped me gauge my time better during the actual exam and answer questions well at the same time. Outside of class, he gave more than sufficient practices with worked solutions, making me constantly practice and not forget the important physics concepts. This also allowed each student to do the given work at their own pace, fully understanding each topic before moving on to the next. Overall, it was nice to know that my efforts paid off and I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!)

Joanna Tan , ACJC

Mr Sim has made a big difference when it comes to studying for my Physics A Level paper. I only joined in J2 but I managed to see a stark contrast in terms of how I studied for Physics before and after joining. The lessons are very useful in teaching me how to answer questions according to what the examiner wants because Mr Sim teaches using examples and not lecture-note style. In addition, he understands the common pitfalls in students’ way of understanding a particular concept and why they would think in that manner. By addressing them, he helps us to fully understand the topic such that we can answer the questions confidently during exams. Also, he does not only go through the solution but the entire thought process when answering different types of questions. This ensures that when it comes to exam time, even if we haven’t seen the question before, we still have a very good chance of deriving the correct answer.

Joelle Ho , ACJC

I started going for tuition not because I do not understand the topic, but I need help in tackling the questions. Information can be found from textbooks and lecture notes, but solving questions in an entirely different thing. The physics cafe helped me to understand the topic even better and apply the knowledge to answer exam questions. Mr Sim has helped me to become more confident in the subject and my physics have improved significantly after joining Physics Maths Cafe. I can’t fall asleep during tuition because every moment is a filled moment, every minute and second is maximised for teaching and learning, no time for slacking or an eye shut or to daydream unlike in school. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Esther Gay , ACJC

The June Workshop really helped me consolidate all my learning throughout the year and a half. It has strengthen and reinforced old concepts as well as helped me understand the new concepts faster and better. The skills learnt has helped me a lot in my revision not only for physics but the other subjects as well. After the workshop, i feel more confident to tackle questions and most importantly made me feel more reassured that I am capable of an A in the A levels Physics Paper.

Cleona , ACJC

The Physics Cafe has really helped me to understand seemingly difficult topics in physics with much ease and has greatly boosted my confidence in physics as compared to the time before joining. The lessons are much more concise and is very effective in helping me understand the topic, much more in 1 or 2 lessons than what the school lectures can cover over 3 or 4. I would strongly recommend my friends to join The Physics Maths Cafe as it is honestly one of the best tuition centers around that can help you understand physics topics with much more ease than you can imagine.

Ong Eden , ACJC

The physics cafe provides very short and sweet summary notes for every chapter that makes it easy to refer to when solving questions. Through attending lessons, I feel my concepts strengthening each lesson and the standard structure of what is taught makes it hard for one to go wrong. I have indeed become more confident of my physics since joining the physics cafe. Unlike school, the physics cafe is very clear about what they are teaching and make no deviation from what taught in the first place. Difficult questions seem very easy with simple thought processes in lessons here, while it takes quite some time for teachers in school to get answers. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs help in physics to join the physics cafe.

Bernice Wan , ACJC

My foundation and understanding of physics really increased tremendously from the short 2 months since i have joined, especially during Physics Maths Café Signature June workshop as it helped to clear many of my J1 topics concepts. TPC provides more than enough questions to help me grasp the physics concept better and Mr Sim’s explanations were all very thorough, clear and concise. I especially like how he covers what really is important to help us score by highlighting and repeating the main points several times. For my school, I feel that they sometimes skim through the content and place more focus on things that are not very relevant and the explanation can get quite confusing. I would definitely recommend others to join TPC 🙂

Yeo Jia Li , ACJC

Physics cafe has allowed us a better understanding of the syllabus within the shortest time possible. It has shortened the time I require to spend revising each topic. It has indeed been a challenging journey, from learning how to answer basic questions to grade A questions. Even though it has been challenging, Mr Sim has always taught the lesson with a cheerful attitude, making jokes along the way and making us laugh. I hope that these last few weeks of lessons will truly be fruitful and that I will be able to obtain the grade I hope for.

Marcus Wong , ACJC

I would recommend my friends to join the physics cafe 🙂 even though it takes me an hour to get there and back every week, I really feel that it has helped me tremendously in my physics!

Kathlyn Lee , ACJC

Personally, Physics Cafe has been a great help in my understanding of Physics. Mr Sim have always used simple but specific examples to bring across key concepts to us, and these concepts are etched into me such that it makes revision a breeze. I cannot imagine myself getting the consistent good results in school without his guidance. Physics Cafe has allowed me to be ahead of my class at all times, a lesson a week is sufficient if one is attentive throughout it. I would definitely recommend my juniors or others in need of help in physics to join Physics Cafe. Thank you for the effort you have put in for us Mr Sim.

Chen Yi Jun , ACJC

Lessons are very well structured and every minute of class is put into good use. The notes are fantastic!! Mr Sim is very thorough and patient in explaining concepts. Also what i really like about Mr Sim is that he knows what we feel as students. I will recommend everyone to join physics cafe if they need help in physics!

Cleona , ACJC

I will definitely recommend the PMC to my friends as it’s a one of kind tuition centre that puts a personal touch into what they teach. You’ll be able to learn what you’ll dread learning in the most personal and anecdotal approach possible, which is going to be change the way you see your syllabus for the better! The classes are effective in the sense that the syllabus content has been perfectly captured into just the 2 hours of listening and thinking. The pedagogy behind such ways of teaching is just simply timeless.

Ethan Chia Cheng Wai , ACJC

The physics cafe is already very well-known especially amongst my peers in school. In JC1 before I had joined the physics cafe, I never had any tutoring and was somewhat struggling to understand the concepts taught. I managed to scrap through my promotional exams but I knew passing was not enough. In the beginning of JC2, I decided to enrol in the physics cafe with one of my classmates. What awaited me was something completely unique and different. In the physics cafe, they do not just teach; they teach with understanding. They teach you how to manage your time well, and teach you critical thinking skills. It’s a holistic experience where you feel at ease too. My tutors Mr sim and Mr tan have been patient with me and they’re quite funny hehehe 🙂 While sometimes I’m slow at understanding, the tutors make sure to leave no one behind. Ever since, I feel more confident tackling my exam papers. The Centre is really cosy and conducive for self-study. In the end, joining the physics cafe wont only improve your grades, it will develop your interest and understanding in the subject, which is the most important thing if you want to remain positive in JC! I never regret my decision to join and I had an extremely fulfilling experience there!

Janice , ACJC

I joined PMC during the holiday programme in June for the crash course. I was initially getting borderline passes meaning E and even at the brink of S. However, after tuition at PMC, I became more confident in physics as I learned the concepts more effectively and the various answering techniques. I improved and got D for promos. My parents are delighted and encourage me to improve further using the help of PMC. Overall, I’ll recommend PMC to my friends because the lessons are effective. I wish I had joined earlier in the year though.

Samantha Seet , ACJC

Lessons in PMC helped me to understand concepts more in depth and clearly compared to school. Helped me to apply my concepts. We are also exposed to different types of questions. The student councillors are very patient with new students and we get free drinks!! I joined after term exams in July. And yes, I should have joined earlier so that I can be ahead of my class. I would recommend it to my friends!

Jane Shirley , ACJC

The lessons are the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t really like physics although I had to take the subject, but the lessons here are definitely the most engaging, clear and concise with the key concepts. The tutors are sharp and well able to deliver the important points across well. They would deliberately take time to re-emphasize and constantly repeat these key concepts throughout a lesson and with a summary at the start of the next lesson to recap previously learnt key points. I admire how organised they are and their care for the students (shout out to Mr Daniel Kwok). Thanks to PMC, I really don’t struggle through lectures and tutorials in class anymore. I am grateful for the tutors here in helping me achieve a high percentile in school (ACJC 96% percentile) given that I got an A2 for O levels last year. They have done a great job and I have encouraged my classmates to join. Thank you for being amazing and keep it up!

Tristan Chua , ACJC

The Physics Cafe really puts a lot of effort into providing clear and concise notes which really helps in strengthening your concepts and enables you to tackle questions more readily. This has really helped me to gain confidence and reignite my interest in physics. Thanks, Mr Sim for always being so patient with all of us! Also, they take into account the welfare of their students and this makes studying there a lot better. I would definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to those who require a boost in physics:-)

Shirley Lim , ACJC

I struggled a lot with physics in J1 and I really hated it. But after joining The Physics Cafe, I improved a lot. I had a much better understanding of the concepts and I could do questions easily and this is all thanks to Mr Sim’s teaching skills. The way he simplifies and breaks things down to the essentials makes it a lot easier to grasp. The quality of lessons here is a lot better than those in other tuition centres and I wish I had joined earlier in J1. I recommended this place to my friend and she has also improved a lot too! P.S I love the vending machine

Rachel chow , ACJC

Physics cafe makes concepts so much easier to understand because the tutor breaks down and dissects the different parts of a chapter, explaining them very simply and in a straightforward manner (eg quantum 1,2,3). Unlike school lectures and tutorials where it’s all over the place most of the times. I really like the online resources, free drinks, councillors, conducive environment (tables, chairs, aircon etc) and tutor(s). I joined in J1 before June holidays (Forces). Physics is the only subject I am most ready for honestly. I would have joined right from the start if possible. I have recommended almost all my friends from my school/other JCs who take H2 physics to join the physics cafe as I have seen tremendous improvement in my results and true enlightenment of what I am learning.

Jolene Pek , ACJC

PMC has been a great lifesaver for me in maths. I remember coming in here contemplating whether I made the right choice because of the fees structure (one shot $1k+) so it’s taking a huge risk. However, I was proved wrong as the quality of teaching as well as the materials given were worth the amount I paid, not only informative but also helpful in helping me to grasp the concepts easily. My grades been consistent at high B, which indicates how my grades are obtained not by luck but by consistent practice and good foundation which is all thanks to PMC. thank you 🙂

Gan Kah Ee , ACJC

I joined Physics cafe workshop in June when I was J1 and thought that their lessons were effective and made me understand the important concepts for each topic in a short period of time. I could do more questions and understand what I’m doing instead of blindly applying the formulas and hoping to get the right answers. I decided to join Physics cafe’s regular lessons in J2 and I’m glad I chose Physics cafe and not any other tuition centre. The materials given by PMC are useful and the notes are concise compared to school notes. I always read them before my exams, the notes have all the formulas I need to know for each topic and there is a list of definitions at the end too. The regular lessons cover important concepts for each topic in a short period of time and they give us challenging questions to do during lessons for each topic timed and thanks to that, I take shorter time to complete my MCQs than I did last year. They also teach a lot of shortcuts and faster ways to approach each question since A levels are more about how well you manage your time rather than your knowledge. The teachers in Physics cafe are really nice. When you don’t understand something during the lesson, they take the time to revisit certain concepts to make it easier for us to understand. They also cover common misconceptions students have when doing questions and advise us on how to avoid them when we are feeling panicked during exams. They also teach us several methods to approach each question so that we can choose the method that is easier for us to understand. Hot chocolate in Physics cafe is amazing also. You must try it at least once if you ever join Physics cafe. I highly encourage anyone struggling with H2 physics to join Physics cafe if they can afford it 🙂

Sruthi Saravanan , ACJC

I only joined The Physics Cafe after my midyear examinations, where I did very badly. After joining for around a month, I saw my physics grade jump from an E to a C, in such a short period of time. I like how the notes provided are clear and make the topic much easier to understand. Mr Sim is also a very good teacher, who explains each topic very clearly. Even though tuition fees are not cheap, it is worth it as the classes really helped me to improve my understanding of the subject in a very short period, and I would have joined earlier if I had known about this earlier.

Wesley Wee , ACJC

I like how in lessons; the teachers go through the topic from the start again to refresh our memory of the topic. I feel PMC has been able to produce such high distinction rate because of the skills they teach, and also the fact that the students are able to pick up and apply the skills quickly.

Samantha Seet , ACJC