Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Very organised- Each topic is carefully segregated into the different concepts and explained very throughly with the many types of qns that can possibly come up in an exam. I like the tecnhiques you taught us such as the step-by-step procedure. It’s very helpful in solving qns.

Cassandra , AJC

Mr Sim is an extremely excellent tutor! He is able to explain complicated concepts in such a simple yet concise manner that it is very easy to understand. Physics used to be a subject that I dread studying for but after joing this physics tuition, I feel excited to do Physics and am definitely more motivated to work hard to achieve good grades. I even look forward to every tuition because I know that at the end of the 2hr session, I would have learnt alot of things and be more confident in this subject. Sometimes it feels like “enlightenment”. The mindmap Mr Sim went through with us is the best thing a Physics student could ever ask for! It is definitely a tremendous help in my revision. Thank You very much Mr Sim!

Ho Yu Tian , AJC

Mr Sim is an amazing teacher who knows how to explain even the most complicated concepts in a very simple manner to his students. The logical problem solving methods are easy to grasp and apply during the exams. I had almost given up on my physics before coming to Physics Cafe. But only after a few lessons, I managed to gain confidence and the necessary skills to do well for my exams. Also, Mr Sim’s concise notes are more than enough for any student to revise just before his exams and ace the paper! The Physics Cafe is truly my grade saver, and I hope with hardwork and Mr Sim’s guidance, it will be yours too! (:

Chandini Manoharan , AJC

Lessons in physics cafe are more concise and teaches us the important concepts needed for exams in a direct way, unlike in schools where lectures can be boring and draggy :/ students struggling in physics should join mr sim’s class as you will really improve your grades! 🙂

Tiffany , AJC

Mr Dave Sim teaches in a very fun, engaging and inspiring way. I will somehow feel the strong urge and passion for learning during and after his lessons. Wonder if others do feel that way too.!

Low Yong Han , AJC

The best tuition centre I’ve ever joined 😀 Mr Sim helped me to understand Physics much, much better, and the grades kind of speak for themselves. During my ‘O’ Levels I managed a A2 for my Physics out of pure memorization of questions, and I didn’t get it at all.Definitely didn’t help in JC! I am extremely thankful that I got to know Mr Sim. He’s clear and enthusiastic in his teaching and explains it in more simplistic ways to aid understanding. He helped me to improve my understanding of Physics, and also helped me enjoy studying it much more. I would recommend all my friends who need help in Physics and don’t like it to join 😀 Hahaha, because Mr Sim is just that awesome.YAY PHYSICS CAFE FREE DRINKS FREE BISCUITS(^^)

Joanna , AJC , Favourite

Dedicated teacher who jolts and awaken students. Lots of quality questions done in class and definitely appreciate the effort Mr Sim

Vernon , AJC

The Cafe is very successful in providing detailed notes on every topic that are easy to understand. Also given the practice and training in class, it is very assuring personally. I do not think I am wasting my time going for tuition, in fact the time I spent there to cover that range of concepts, I would have spent much more time on my own. The Cafe ensures that concepts and techniques are easily understood. Students from The Physics Cafe will have a better understanding of concepts, compared to their peers. I am sure we will do well.

Gurnihal Singh , AJC

The tutor teaches us step by step and we have the chance to do grade a questions. The summary map is very comprehensive and convenient to study.

L V Sree Bagvath , AJC

Mr. Sim has definitely been a tremendous help to me in my understanding of Physics! I have become extremely confident in what I am doing and I almost always can explain properly to my friends whenever they ask me physics questions! I would definitely say that Mr. Sim was very successful in teaching the exam answering techniques but even better is the fact that he made Physics look so easy ! Indeed, I will never believe something so difficult can be so easy until I joined the Physics Cafe. I think what sets Mr Sim apart from other Physics teachers is that he is very adept at teaching us the concepts behind each Physics topic and I think the most amazing thing is that he can somehow make Physics so fun and alive at the same time. Anyone can always see his enthusiasm as he teaches Physics! In my opinion, I think Mr Sim is very genuine and he always has his students’ welfare at heart. He has been very motivating throughout my journey at the Physics Cafe and I know he will continue to inspire even more students. Learning Physics has never been so enjoyable before and I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe (as I already have)! I would never settle for less than an A for Physics at the A levels and will definitely do Mr. Sim proud! Finally, many thanks for Mr. Sim’s patience and guidance throughout. My time at Physics Cafe was truly memorable and enriching!

Cheong Jia Chin , AJC , Favourite

Mr Sim is a vastly experienced teacher who is able to express his thought process to the students clearly. The little book of secrets is a concise and thorough guidebook that had been a great help for me especially just before the exams.

Eric Lim , AJC

Physics Cafe has been very successful in helping me answer any type of question, be it easy or challenging. However hard the questions may be, Mr Sim always breaks down the question until it is possible for anyone to solve any type of question. Before I joined The Physics Cafe, I have been constantly failing Physics and I struggled to understand any concepts. Needless to say, Physics was my most dreaded subject. After having joined The Physics Cafe, my improvement was so sudden and I passed my first ever Physics test. From then on, I have never failed Physics and was performing better than many students in my class. All these would not have been possible if not for Mr Sim who is so gifted in explaining concepts so clearly that anyone can understand the content without having the need to look back at their lecture notes. Lessons at The Physics Cafe are very unique with a cozy learning environment and many opportunities to answer questions. I believe students from The Physics Cafe will have a better grasp of concepts and confidence when tackling Physics problems, having been through rigorous training by Mr Sim. I am certain that the 2014 JC2 cohort of Physics Cafe will do well this year. I will certainly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe and I wish The Physics Cafe all the best in the future. Thank you very much, Mr Sim!

Neil George Dominic , AJC , Favourite

The Physics Cafe has concise and organized notes that are completely different from lecture notes in schools which are chunky and overlooks main points. I think with these notes students will know what they have to know within the shortest time possible. Since they are eventually preparing for the exam, it’s better to learn faster and learn more. In schools lectures are not as efficient as tuition and the physics concept is not delivered clearly unlike The Physics Cafe. I would recommend TPC to my peers.

Jessie Lau , AJC

The Physics Cafe really did a great job in teaching and guiding students to solve all kinds of physics problems including basic ones and Grade A questions. I still remember that before Mid Year common test, I travelled overseas to visit some of my relatives. I did not revise physics at all. However, with the help of The Physics Cafe, I still managed to get 85 percentile in my school. I do recommend all my closest friend to join The Physics Cafe. I believe that Physics Cafe would never let people down.

Wang Fangyuan , AJC

“You’ll never believe something so difficult can be so easy.” Its really true though :-). Even though i only joined the physics cafe in june, it has been a very meaningful and productive session and i’ve learnt much much more. I would definitely recommend my friends to join.

Brenda Fong , AJC

Throughout my journey in Physics Cafe, I have become much more confident in the subject as I am now aware of the approach I should take towards different questions instead of just thinking randomly for a solution. What makes Physics Cafe stand out from normal lessons is how it helps to condense every topic into 2 pages such that it is sufficient for you to understand the topic clearly. With the addition on challenging questions, we are further aware of how the concepts of a topic are applied in the question and the way to go about answering it. The Physics Cafe is definitely the right choice for students who are keen to ace their Physics exams.

Ng Qing Hao , AJC

I am very thankful and glad that I have joined The Physics Cafe since J1. Without the guidance I received from Mr Sim, I would probably feel very demoralised about Physics as a subject and wouldn’t do as well in school. The Physics Cafe has definitely made me more confident in tackling physics questions and the skills picked up have been indeed very valuable to me. What I am going to say next is probably going to be quite extreme but sometimes I think that I can just forgo school lectures and just attend The Physics Cafe’s lessons. I have never regretted joining The Physics Cafe and I am very grateful to Mr Sim and the team behind the tuition centre for their hard work and dedication. Thank you 🙂

Lau Shu Qing , AJC , Favourite

The Physics Cafe has a very systematic and well-structured teaching method and materials which greatly aid students while doing their revision. It not only prepares us for our exams but also helps us understand the various topics. Mr Sim is an amazing tutor whouses creative methods and tips that further enable us to tackle tougher questions, which is usually what is not covered in school. Under the guidance of Mr Sim, I have become more confident in facing difficult questions. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Maths Cafe.

Aathira , AJC

I was consistently failing Physics in J1 despite putting the most amount of effort into it for my promos. It was still my worst done subject. I just didn’t know my concepts well enough and didn’t know how to approach questions. Until my senior introduced me to The Physics Cafe, and it was quite a life saver. My grades jumped to a C in lecture tests and I had a lot more confidence in physics now even being able to help my friends in school. I think what makes TPC different from school is that Physics Maths Cafe new concepts and topics are built upon layers of what was taught previously. Being able to link them helps us remember and understand them clearer as oppose to school’s method or teaching topics on its own. Also the technique that TPC uses to help you answer questions are all very systematic which is a universal skill that can be applied throughout all types of questions making it much easier for you to answers questions from other topics. All of these factors made me very thankful and grateful for joining TPC.

Nicole Low , AJC

Physics lessons in the Cafe has helped me tremendously in my physics throughout the past 2 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with TPC especially since physics seemed quite absurd to me in J1 before joining the tuition. Surprisingly, I’ve looked forward to every tuition as Mr Sim makes lessons very productive yet fun. Despite living quite far away from the TPC centre I go to, I’ve never felt like the travel time was time wasted because I probably learn more in the 2 hours then if I had to learn physics all by myself. Mr Sim is one of the best tuition teachers I’ve gotten and despite the large class size, he manages and provides attention and concern to all (and sends very encouraging emails from time to time). Very thankful to have found TPC! Thank you Mr Sim!

Akshatha , AJC

Even though I’ve only been with the Physics Cafe for a short period of time, it has helped me gain interest in a subject that I wasn’t very interested in at the start. I would highly recommend my juniors to join the physics cafe in the future!:) The Physics Cafe has certainly got my interest back on physics. Before i joined the Physics Cafe, I never once passed a single Physics paper and that has made me lose interest in that subject. However, after joining the Physics Cafe, I have come to realise how fun and amazing Physics can be! Thanks to Mr Sim, he was able to provide deep and concise explanations for students to better understand key important Physics concepts.

Toh Zhao Zheng , AJC

The Physics Cafe has given me, by far, the best tuition experience I’ve ever had. Mr Sim is able to understand and empathise with students’ struggles and help us accordingly. He is patient and is always willing to answer any of our doubts. His teaching capabilities are simply put.. superior. He has the knack for explaining concepts in a way that anyone can understand by making it relatable. He draws links from chapter to chapter whilst going into the crux of every topic, allowing us to see the Physics syllabus from both macroscopic and microscopic views. In secondary school, Physics was always my most hated subject. I disliked how there seemed to be so many hidden elements to a single concept, and that none of my teachers could offer me reasonable explanations as to how things really worked. So yes, I memorised my way through ‘O’ Levels. Not fun. Boring. But I remembered being mindblown after my first lesson with the Physics Cafe. Gone were the “Don’t ask so much, just answer like this” days. Mr Sim ensures that every possible lingering question any student has is answered. From then on, I started gaining confidence and interest in the subject. May I also say that the Physics Cafe has the best staff ever. And honestly, their planning skills are superb. You can always trust them when you need help. They take care of your welfare so well you’ll start to wonder what else they can come up with. From shuttle buses home, free food, free coloured pens, to even a gigantic vending machine.. I have no idea. Hands down the best. Just enrol. Right now.

Pang Shihui , AJC

The physics cafe has played a pivotal role in improving my physics. When I first joined in J2, my physics was really bad and I was one of the worst students at physics in my class. Fast forward to half a year later, and I am one of the best scorers in class. What I felt helped me tremendously was the style in which the lessons were conducted. As there is a lot of emphasis on exam answering techniques, I was able to grasp the techniques and the thinking framework quickly. Furthermore, Mr Sim has made a conscientious effort to ensure that the students have a good and comfortable learning environment through the provision of free snacks and drinks.

Lim Chee Yit , AJC

I will recommend my friends to join the Physics Cafe. I enjoy attending Mr Sim’s lessons, which have helped me in understanding key physics concepts that I struggled to understand previously in school. Another beneficial takeaway from Mr Sim’s lessons are his advice on exam skills as well as students’ common mistakes, that I find very useful to me.

Joshua Goh , AJC

Before I joined The Physics Café, I hated physics as I thought that it was a subject that was impossible to understand. During my exams, I would simple apply a random formula without understanding and hope for the best, and not to my surprise, I did not score anything above a U for the whole of my J1 and was always at the bottom 5 percentile in my cohort. However, after joining physics café after my block tests, my results started to show great improvement with the help of the well planned lessons and clear and concised summary notes. In less than 6 months, my percentile improved to around the level average despite struggling to break free from the bottom 5 percent for the entire J1. I will definitely recommend joining Physics Café to my juniors.

Tan Cheng Ping Katherine , AJC

I really like the way Mr Sim conducts the lessons and it helps me to understand the various concepts way better. The notes are succinct and extremely helpful during my revision. All in all, The Physics Cafe is a pleasant place for learning and given a choice, I would have joined it earlier.

Jared Chua , AJC

I like it that the notes are consolidated into the small booklet such that it allows me to see the bigger picture! It summarizes each chapter into one page, making the booklet a great book for final reading before the exam. I also like it that Mr Sim never fails to come up with random Grade A questions that link topics together, making the lessons more effective and interesting:)

Toh Jia Xuan , AJC

The Physics Cafe has made me more confident in Physics and their notes really saved me a lot of time when I do the questions. Now doing Physics questions does not seem a chore and it is enjoyable to me. Physics Cafe teaches us steps to answer questions efficiently which is different from schools and other tuition centres. Mr Sim teaches well and he made understanding the Physics concepts much easier with his explanation and his notes. I will definitely recommend my friends to join Physics Cafe as it helped me, and it will help them too.

Goh Kiat Yin , AJC

I really gained confidence ever since having been in physics cafe since Sec 3 when I failed and improved to an A just in a few months. The teachers are very devoted and they can solve any questions you ask them and explain them well, not just force you to memorise and honestly I don’t really pay attention in lectures cause physics cafe lessons to me are so much more useful ???? thanks to all the Teachers who helped me gain interest in this subject and helped physics be my most confident subject!!

Jodi , AJC

Concise mind-maps are very helpful in preparing for major tests or exams. Lessons are much clearer and more geared towards higher order thinking compared to typical school lessons. I would recommend Physics Cafe to my friends.

David Simon , AJC

The quality of The Physics Cafe lessons is better than the quality of school lessons and the lessons are extremely useful in helping me grasp key concepts required for each chapter as compared to lessons in school. The student councillors are also extremely friendly, and the Cafe Library is also a conducive and convenient place to study. I joined the Physics Cafe during the November holidays and after attending the lessons I feel more equipped with the skills and techniques required for A Levels and if given a choice, I would have joined earlier. I think that the JC2 2017 cohort of PMC will do well this year and I would certainly recommend my friends to join the Physics Cafe.

Jared Chua , AJC

I am very fortunate to be one of the students that have joined Physics cafe in 2016. Physics cafe have really helped me in my understanding of physics. In school, I used to be very lost and always questioned what the teacher teaches as I do not understand. However, after coming to physics cafe, my understanding for physics have increased exponentially. This has led me to perform much better than my peers and attain good results. Mr Sim is also a very passionate teacher who is willing to help his students. He has always helped me when I have questions. I think physics cafe is also a very convenient tuition centre especially with digital make up classes that I can go for. All in all, I am very grateful to physics cafe and would definitely recommend my juniors.

Jensen Lim Chang Sheng , AJC

The physics cafe lesson has really enlightened me in terms of the content of the topics, making something that looks challenging and complicated, to something that I can do and is within my reach. The content was delivered clearly, and I was told what are needed and are important for the exams to score the marks that I needed. I like that the centre is always filled w friendly student councillor who are always prepared to help when we are in need. They are always cheerful and that certainly made my day a bit brighter. I joined the physics cafe as I was doing really badly in school and a pass wasn’t within my reach. After recommendations from my friends around me, I decided to join physics cafe and I realised that the contents were actually very easy after we understand the topic fully. I hope to be able to practice more before the exams to be even more prepared. If given a chance, I would definitely join physics cafe earlier and not spend time trying to understand the topic myself which always end up being futile. The 2017 jc2 physics batch will certainly do well!!! 🙂 hehe maybe 10/10 get A/B haha Will definitely recommend to my friends!!!!!

Daphne Lim , AJC

The lessons in PMC have been very well-explained and concise to make sure the lessons are taught well and efficiently. I’ve really learnt a lot from these lessons and these lessons really helped me to understand physics concepts even better and cleared any misconceptions regarding some difficult topics. Food catering during the June hols workshop are good, and the variety of drinks provided in the dispensing machine are sufficient. The student councillors are also friendly and professional too. I joined PMC before June hols at around end of April and yes, I wished I could join earlier so that I can be able to learn more from the PMC tutors. I believe that PMC students will do well this year under guidance from the great tutors in PMC. I’ll definitely recommend PMC to my other friends and juniors taking A levels in future.

Tan Wan Long , AJC

The Physics Cafe has allowed me to understand key concepts and integrate them into challenging questions. I also like that the tuition centre is very flexible in allowing me to change my tuition dates and the conducive environment. I joined the Physics Cafe in March 2017. I think that the 2017 cohort will do well. I will definitely recommend my juniors to join the Physics Cafe.

Ivan Lua Yangzhi , AJC

I joined the class late, yet it was a sudden change to how I looked at physics. I can do the questions faster and better thanks to the times training given and better explanations compared to school as they don’t explain certain things fully and mostly focus on the non- important stuff

Karthik Ramanathan , AJC

The lessons are short and sweet with almost everything I need to know. Compared to school it is definitely more efficient as not a second is wasted by Mr Sim. The methodical approach in problem solving suits me as well and I would recommend all my friends to join The Physics Cafe if they are struggling in physics

Marcus Tan Zhong Hong , AJC

I scored an A for the A levels paper and I’m very happy with it. The lessons in The Physics Cafe have been really helpful as the special notes provided really helped me to better understand and visualise the different topics. To any juniors out there, as long as you work hard and put in the effort, you will definitely be able to do well. I will definitely recommend more friends to join TPC!

Low Hon Zheng , AJC

I scored an A for the 2016 A Level Physics Paper. The lessons in PMC have been really helpful due to the concise notes and simplified analogies given by Mr Sim, as well as his after-class lesson clarifications for those who seek them. My advice to any juniors would be to not give up on a subject and keep trying until the very end and I will definitely recommend PMC to friends and relatives!

Joshua Goh , AJC

I joined PMC on my own accord and would definitely still do it, because what I gain here is so much more. I really like the good admin system and drinks. I joined during the J1 end of year workshop and I would definitely have hope to join earlier. The fees here are not cheap but I think it’s still worth it.

Germaine Tay , AJC