Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Effective, clear and concise. Lessons are humorous too with constant interactions between the tutor and students. Yup will recommend

Kai Min , DHS

The Physics Cafe has helped me better understand Physics with Mr Sim’s clear explanation of the concepts and the concise summaries of each topic. Also, I believe that the exposure to different types of questions and knowing the requirements each type of question has guided me to better tackle questions.

Sandy Lim , DHS

Mr Sim is a very dedicated teacher who has the rare ability to teach physics in a concise, clear approach. Physics has never been easy for me to grasp. But after joining Mr Sim for close to 2 years, i have been taught again and again the key concepts of each topic. Once you have grasped these major concepts in a topic (1-2 concepts at most), things become much easier and the topic becomes less and less daunting. Keeping in mind that the entire physics syllabus only comprises of 20 topics (spread across 2 years), physics with Mr Sim is actually not a difficult subject after all. That being said, Mr Sim’s lessons are the perfect complements to lessons in school. In fact, any of his students will say that they’ve got the edge over their peers in school because of the materials Mr Sim provides and also of the techniques taught in understanding and answering questions. Overall, I highly encourage my juniors to learn physics from mrsim, not only because he is a driven teacher who is 100% dedicated to help his students achieve the A, but also because learning physics as an A level student under his guidance has been a worry-free and engaging experience.

George Wong , DHS , Favourite

I was amazed that a person without physics common sense like me was able to pass physics under the holy guidance of Mr sim; I have never passed a physics test in JC except for the mid years and prelim where I miraculously improved after attending his divine weekly lessons which equipped me with critical exam skills necessary to solve physics questions. He had also offered an invaluable perspective from the lens of a paper setter.It is unquestionable that my physics revision has become more efficient and effective with Mr sim, who is able to point out the key points and techniques to tackle different types of questions. I would definitely recommend my friends to join physics cafe if time can rewind.

Cheung Song Ting , DHS

The physics cafe has effectively summarised the content and exposed students to all possible types of questions, making concepts easier to understand and apply. Tutors have been successful in helping students address misconceptions and questions and it has definitely helped me in my learning. I am now able to confidently tackle challenging questions all thanks to the lessons given by the physics cafe. I wished i had joined the physics cafe earlier before i developed all sorts of misconceptions which would take alot of time to clear up. It is definitely a great place to study physics and i definitely recommend it

Lim Jin Yang , DHS

Physics Cafe has managed to change the whole idea of studying physics and make it more doable. Mr Sim teach us very difficult concepts in a very accurate and simple manner. It has definitions make the learning more enjoyable and I do not feel the need to memorise concepts to do well.

Zhang xinze , DHS

I feel that the lessons in Physics cafe are very concise and highlights the key concepts we need to understand for each topic. The explanations of concepts are also very clear, and I feel that I learn much more in one lesson of Physics Cafe than I do in lectures at school. I do enjoy the free drinks provided as it helps me stay awake and refreshed during lessons. I joined physics cafe after the June holidays and I wish I had joined earlier as my understanding for the topics of the first half of the year is very weak and physics cafe really helped me nail my understanding of later topics, so if I had joined earlier, I would definitely do better in exams. I would definitely recommend Physics Cafe to my friends.

Bernetta Soh Lay Hui , DHS

Before I joined physics café, I was at a complete loss of what to do since I did not understand anything. The notes given by Physics cafe as well as the lessons conducted were really concise and easy to understand which helped me greatly.

Fou Qi Hong , DHS

The lessons here are concise and the preparation for different question types helps to better prepare us for exams. The simplification of concepts enables us to understand better, thereby allowing us to apply them effectively even when we encounter non-standard questions.

Ling Yu Qi Clarine , DHS

Since joining physics cafe, my attitude towards physics has changed and the subject become less daunting. In physics cafe, the students’ welfare is well taken care of and I really enjoy the environment there. Mr Sim is an amazing teacher who teaches us the short cut to answering questions and adequately expose us to a variety of questions. Through physics cafe, my grades have improved drastically, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!

Zhang xinze , DHS

Thank you Mr Sim for your lessons! The clear structure, way of teaching and practice questions has helped me understand Physics and achieve my A!

Sherman Lim , DHS

I joined PMC after midyear exams in JC1 because I was struggling to keep up in school and did not really understand much of the concepts and how to approach questions. PMC provided me with a concise summary of each topic and really helped me have a better understanding of the concepts and problem-solving techniques. If I could, I would definitely have joined earlier. I think the centre is a conducive environment to study and learn in and the drinks and food provided during lessons and workshops really help me energise and stay focused. I think that most of the students are naturally smart, but they are also very highly motivated. I also feel that the tuition fees are expensive, but at the same time it motivates me to make full use of the lesson and to be attentive because I know that it is costly.

Bernetta Soh Lay Hui , DHS

Before joining PMC, physics was one of my worst subjects and I absolutely didn’t see the point in it. But after lessons at PMC, I began seeing the links in physics and the real world – and that grew my appreciation for the topic and I gradually started to work on physics more seriously, and I’m having fun doing physics more than last time. Today, physics is one of my better subjects. It’s just the interesting lessons and the moment of epiphany when you realize how to solve the questions that you can expect from PMC. Thanks to all the physics tutors at PMC who have helped me 🙂

Kwa Zhi Cheng , DHS