Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

I think that the different mind maps of key concepts for each chapter was really important to help us to take note of what are the ways a certain concept might be tested in problem solving. Furthermore, the answering techniques taught also help us to better answer the question even when we are not really sure of the answer. The lessons in school teach physics but the lessons in the physics cafe help us to know what are the important concepts for each chapter, how to be exam smart, and how to answer the questions asked.

Gong Wei Zhen , TJC

I think the notes The Physics Cafe has made for problem solving are extremely useful. It much better the flipping through my large stack of notes. 10 min of flipping through helps me refresh all my formulas and solving methods and I am ready for a test within 10 minutes. The lesson here is more organized, systematic as compared to that in school. It’s faster paced, has good examples and experiments/ diagrams used by Mr Sim to aid our learning, something the school does not use. Lastly, the mind map helps to get hold of the chapter in a gist so absorbing information is less tedious than reading all the lecture material. Lastly the lecturers include too much information that they say is out of syllabus in our notes, making it even more wordy and difficult to understand. Definitely, for anyone who needs help in physics this is the place to go! Mr Sim is a wonderful teacher to learn from and the methods he uses to make us understand physics concepts is unique. I am studying hard, Mr Sim to make my grades a reality, I won’t disappoint you!

Shingar Aggarwal , TJC

The Physics Cafe has been successful in making the understanding of the subject easier and teaching exam skills to score well. It definitely helped me save time to grasp concepts that I would otherwise have spent a very long time on. The difference between this and school is that the 2 hours feels more efficient and effective. Yes I would recommend others to join the physics cafe and the 2014 cohort will do well

Ho Rui Yan , TJC

The Physics Cafe has been a great help to me and I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe if they can. Lessons are very engaging and his explanations are very clear. Repetitions ingrain concepts that come in handy during examinations. The constant practices that we do during lessons make us sharper and faster which really helps during the exam so during papers we are calm, confident and relaxed. The practice booklets that we receive are also very useful and help us to be exposed to almost all of the possible question types in a particular topic. Physics revision has been made very easy by Mr Sim with his concise and precise notes that tell us everything that we need to know.

Marissa Ang , TJC

The Physics Cafe has indeed strengthened my skills and knowledge in the subject. Before I joined, my command of the concepts was quite weak but I am able to answer questions more confidently now. Mr Sim has taken immeasurable efforts into breaking down strenuous, complex concepts down into bite-sized, easily understandable nuggets of information. His ability to systematically unpack and solve all sorts of questions imaginable and induce such mentality in his students to do so is what gives him the edge over normal schools’ tutorials. I will definitely recommend him to students who are struggling in this subject, as long as they are willing to work hard and put in the same amount of effort into the subject as Mr Sim does in helping every one of us to excel at Physics. Thanks Mr Sim!

Brandon Chong , TJC

The Physics Cafe has been wonderful in helping me with my physics, I never knew I had the potential to actually do well in this subject I was so scared of before I came here. Not only is Mr Sim so well versed in the subject that he makes it seem as easy as pie, lessons are also engaging and the notes and incredibly helpful. There is an intrinsic difference between a student from this class and ones I see in school, here we’re taught to study smart, not just study, which I have realized makes a huge difference. Every physics tuition class is so meaningful in the revision leading up to A levels and I am pretty confident that with all the help I’ve gotten from here, I can get my distinction.

Rashmita Kearle , TJC

Mr Sim’s physics lessons are very engaging and productive. He helps us by focusing on the important key concepts in every topic and always challenging us with difficult and interesting questions. Before joining physics cafe, I merely pass my physics. However after joining in J2 my results improved tremendously and I managed to top the class consecutively for MCT and JCT. Physics cafe have pushed me to excel and gain confidence in physics. I strongly believe that with Mr Sim’s constant guidance and our diligence, it would be a smooth sailing path towards an A grade.

Tan Zhao Tong , TJC

The problems we solve in class are of a wide range and exposes us to all the types of questions that Cambridge can ask so if we do see similar qns in our papers we would have a certain level of understanding and might know how to approach the qns. The incorporation of H1 qns helps and exposes to more types of qns as our school and ourselves rarely take the effort to go through H1 since we take H2. I would recommend students to join. It really helped me conceptualise all the concepts rather than just relying on memorizing the content we need to know and really understand the concepts. It really made a big difference to my grades. Before joining I only scored Us for physics and at most a S. But after joining the physics cafe for only a year, I managed to get Bs. It really made a big difference to my grades and improved my level of understanding of the topics taught in school.

Gillian Chong , TJC

The Physics Cafe has helped me to understand a lot of concepts that I found difficult to comprehend before joining physics cafe. In physics cafe, the teacher taught us about the procedure to answer certain questions and repeats it a lot of times, such that it felt like he was talking to me in my brain in the exam, that’s why I was able to solve most questions in the exam.

Lee En, Nicole , TJC

The Physics Cafe focuses on mastering exam answering techniques in the shortest time possible, allowing students to be more efficient in their learning process. Exposure to higher thinking order questions has also made me more prepared and confident in tackling physics. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Kellyn Goh , TJC

The quality of lessons is very good. With complicated concepts being broken down into simple terms, making me more confident in answering Grade A Questions; I like the teaching style of the centre. I joined during the June holidays and would prefer to have started earlier as there are still topics that I’m unsure. I will recommend my friends to join PMC.

Lui Jia Yun , TJC

The physics cafe never fails to make physics concepts easier for me to understand, the summary of each chapters is especially useful in grasping the idea of each chapter. Attending lessons at the physics cafe always makes me feel enlightened about the physics concepts. If I could go back in time I would definitely attend the physics lessons earlier to strengthen my foundation.

Peh Hui Min , TJC

Lessons at TPC are engaging and effective. Definitely different from what we experience in school. As we have already made concise notes in class, it leaves us more time to study other subjects that we may be weaker in (without compromising our physics grades). I am thankful to have found and joined TPC 🙂

Tan Zhao Tong , TJC

I really like the tutor’s teaching as it is very clear. The pace is good for me and I have really improved after coming here.

Ho Wee Meng , TJC

Mr Tan makes a great effort to keep our spirits high, especially for those of us who are attending back to back lessons

Jody , TJC

The tuition fees at PMC are definitely higher than the tuition fees at other tuition centres or even 1-to-1 tuition. However, the Teachers at PMC are patient and enthusiastic. They will explain concepts in as many possible ways until you understand. While I would have liked to join the tuition at the start of J1, the tuition fees are too high for Long-term attendance. As such, my main regret is not joining earlier in J2 because we only take A levels once.

Vera Tan , TJC

Before joining PMC, physics was one of my worst subjects and I absolutely didn’t see the point in it. But after lessons at PMC, I began seeing the links in physics and the real world – and that grew my appreciation for the topic and I gradually started to work on physics more seriously, and I’m having fun doing physics more than last time. Today, physics is one of my better subjects. It’s just the interesting lessons and the moment of epiphany when you realize how to solve the questions that you can expect from PMC. Thanks to all the physics tutors at PMC who have helped me 🙂

Tricia Tan , TJC