Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Miss Toh, I will always remember your puzzled face when I don’t do your homework. alwayz make me feel guilty.. :p your quiz was a little stressing initially but can be quite exciting too! your explanations are clear and to the point. I like it and I am sure many students do as well. Thank you Miss Toh!! Won’t have gone to JC without your encouragement and teaching.

Vini , ~SECONDARY , Favourite , VJC , YJC

Physics Cafe was a tremendous help to me. The notes that they provide are short, concise and easy to understand. It allowed me to understand better and rely less on memorising. Mr Sim’s explanation is also very clear and easy to understand. It often cleared my misunderstandings and doubts that arose when learning similar topics in school. The Physics Cafe is a must, especially for those who want to secure an A for physics.

Lim Hao Zhi Joshua , VJC

I started out as a student who hated physics simply because i had no interest in it and because i couldn’t do well no matter what and how i tried but my opinion starting to change gradually as i attended lessons here. Physics lessons became interesting to me and slowly i was able to grasp the techniques and concepts. Mr sim is really an excellent teacher who never fails to break down something so complicated into simpler things that i can understand. Thank you! 🙂

Liu jiahuan , VJC

I got to know about The Physics Cafe and enrolled in it when I was in J1. From the start, Mr Dave Sim really helped to clear the conceptual errors I had in Physics and thus made the learning and solving problems a lot easier. His teaching style also made lessons more interesting and engaging. Mr.Sim is very approachable when we have any questions or queries and almost always stays back after the lesson to help us with our problems. I would definitely recommend new junior college students to come to The Physics Cafe!

Sakif , VJC

Since JC1 ,my girl in one of the top JCs had changed 5 Physics tutors. Mr Dave Sim is the sixth.Before she joins Mr Dave Sim’s class she was demoralised and had no confidence in learning Physics cos no matter how much time she had spent in Physics she did not do well in her exams.After joining Mr Dave Sim’s class in end of April, She is gaining interest n confidence in learning Physics.She started to feel Physics is as intresting to learn as Chemistry which is one of her stronger subjects. Mr Sim’s STYLE AND WAY OF TEACHING makes Physics a subject which is SO MUCH EASIER AND FASTER TO UNDERSTAND and hence can derive the answers by the FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY.Each time after his lesson,my girl is able to handlle better her school tutorials and also those self-practice questions. My girl always says “ IF I HAVE MR SIM AS MY PHYSICS TUTOR FROM JC1, I WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM IN GETTING A.HE IS DAMN GOOD” In conclusion, I will STRONGLY recommend him to anyone who needs Physics tuition.

Mrs Tanaka , Favourite , VJC

Mr Sim is a great teacher who has succeeded in summarizing the essence of each topic in a concise manner. The distinction rate of the students speaks for the quality of the teaching.

Hua Qiang , VJC

What I really like about The Physics Cafe is how Mr Sim is so dedicated and passionate about teaching and how he is always so patient with our questions. I never enjoyed studying Physics, but Mr Sim managed to help me develop a liking for this subject and made physics a seemingly simpler subject to deal with. Unlike tuition at other centres, I thoroughly enjoyed classes and look forward to lessons every week. One thing that was particularly useful was the secrets enclosed booklet where Mr Sim condensed an entire chapter’s concepts into a single page which has made reference to notes so much more convenient. I really admire how he was able to compact two years’ worth of work into 7 lessons during the June holidays. It was really tough having such a tight schedule but Mr Sim made sure that he never left out anything that was on his agenda. He has showed us that the questions were always centered around those few concepts and by repeating them, he has managed to drill those concepts into us. Mr Sim makes me feel very well-prepared for my exams as he has prepared all the necessary resources that we need for us. Thank you, Mr Sim, for being such a wonderful teacher and for always caring for our welfare before everything else.I will check because I will miss lessons here and consider some good life lesson meme images 🙂

Khoo Ziwei , VJC

The Physics Cafe has helped me tremendously, after joining for 3 months, my grades improved from E to an A. I believe his technique and comprehensiveness has contributed significantly to my progress. I discovered things that I didn’t know before and cemented my physics concepts. There were many opportunities for time trials which simulated examinations conditions (with Mr. Sim as the invigilator) that trained me to complete questions quickly and accurately. The two hours spent in tuition were very well spent and worthwhile. At The Physics Cafe, there are no delays only extensions, no judgment only motivation and no teachers only mentors. Under his strict and caring guidance, I feel that the 2014 JC2 cohort of The Physics Cafe will do well.

Madeleine Poh , VJC

The Physics Maths Café Signature June Workshop was really helpful for me because it helped me to consolidate everything and made me much clearer and aware of the Physics concepts, something that I couldn’t have done on my own. Physics Maths Cafelessons are interactive and forces you to think critically and quickly. Questions prepared are also very helpful!! It’s much more efficient at TPC than in school because we learn much more things here than we would have in the same period of time in school. Would recommend students to join Physics Cafe and thank you Mr Sim!

Lim Sze Leng , VJC

A lot of the questions used during lessons are great in helping me to understand the concepts better. It helps to save a lot of time reading my lecture notes and understanding it. Doing tutorial questions in class has also become an optional choice since the weekly tuition class has already made me do a lot of practice. To be honest, I actually really enjoy the lessons with Dave. Out of all the tuitions I have been going since young, I can honestly say that this is the only tuition that i have thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons. I think the best thing about this tuition would be that every student is constantly being engaged by Dave’s questions. It forces us to think on our feet which is good because we are actually learning and applying the concepts. Of course I think my cohort will do well this year and i will definitely recommend my younger siblings to join TPC in the future.

Aloysius Loh , VJC

Physics cafe has been very successful in making me more confident and proficient in the various topics. The fast paced yet clear lessons ensures that we are able to grasp the concept well and answer questions effectively. The questions provided by the physics cafe are also challenging and useful for my learning. The complimentary drinks and cafe library makes my learning more conducive and I’m grateful to the physics cafe for that.

Ho Yeung Ken , VJC

I feel that the workshop is very useful, it have helped me to have a better understanding and a clearer picture of the whole syllabus requirement. Mr Sim’s lessons are very productive, we are constantly engaged. He asks questions, and ensure that we are clear about the concept before moving on. This is very important because it gives us confidence that it makes our self study easier. I really like the notes provided by Mr Sim, he categorises the ideas in each topic.

Shannon Ng Yan Yun , VJC

I only joined since the June Holiday workshop due to the struggle I had with Physics in school. Joining the workshop has really helped me improve my grade (S) to an (E)/(D) 49.6%. Honestly, I didn’t like physics before joining the workshop. However, I am glad that I am part of this crash course because it has really helped me gain confidence in physics and sparked my love for this subject. Mr. Sim is very successful in bringing in difficult concepts into real world experiences which hence makes the seemingly difficult concepts very much easier. The crash course has also been effective as Mr. Sim is able to tell us how the concepts can be tested and we are hence able to save time from re-reading our school notes for revision. The Physics Secrets Enclosed booklet is a really effective summarised booklet and that it has really helped me solve questions with the simplest and shortest way possible. I really enjoy the open cafe library concept to self – study and definitely love the free treats provided. 🙂

Jon Lim , VJC

Secrets Enclosed was really helpful for my learning of this subject. Before joining TPC, I was honestly struggling with Physics and was always failing or at most getting an E grade. The JC2 Physics intensive June crash course has helped me so much and made me enjoy studying the subject. Although I still got an E during CT2, I think I made an improvement for this prelims, by getting a C grade. Personally, I feel that the Secrets Enclosed is super concised and useful, but I think each individual has different learning styles so it might be better to make your own notes by refering to both your school notes and the secrets enclosed. 🙂 Lessons in TPC are also very intense. Mr Sim picks out the harder questions from his database of questions and forces us to think within an allocated time to improve our way of thinking. However, accuracy and precision of answering these questions are not secondary. Although we should think fast, but he will give some leeway if we needed abit more time to provide a more accurate answer. As mentioned earlier, I only joined TPC during the physics crash course as I was really desperate to improve my Physics Grade. I would definitely join TPC earlier if I knew about this tuition earlier. TPC has really helped me and I believe if everyone puts in hard work, results will really show so I’m definitely going to recommend it to my friends! In fact, I recommended two friends of mine to join! 🙂 

Jon Lim , VJC

Physics cafe is definitely one of the best tuitions for me. I like the atmosphere and the passion of the teachers. They really want to help us, I could tell it was more than just a job for them. I think I joined at the right time and I definitely recommend this to everyone

Hur Sang Yoon , VJC

I managed to get an A for Physics during A levels. I am extremely proud of that A because Physics has been an area of weakness for my studies. Physics Cafe materials contain much harder questions compared to my school tutorials. These questions challenge me to think more about each topic and therefore prepared me well for the A levels. The questions from Physics Cafe are also handpicked by Mr Sim which is why I find them more useful than compared to doing exam papers from other schools! My main advice for future students is that you should never give up no matter what grade you get in school. Look at your school grades as a source of motivation to work even harder, and constantly reflect on areas you can work on to get your dream grades! For those who are already doing well, don’t be complacent too! 🙂 I highly recommend Physics Cafe to all!

Ang Min Rui , VJC

I’ve gotten a B and honestly speaking, I’m not really satisfied with my result. TPC has definitely been helpful as my physics grade in JC has always been S or E. I think the most important thing is definitely to try and like the subject when you study it, because it helps and you will definitely find studying physics more fun and interesting. TPC is a really great place with good notes and tips!

Jon Lim , VJC

I got an A for physics and am really satisfied with the result. The physics cafe gave me the help I needed to understand important concepts and work around the exam questions. The lessons were very succinct, teaching the testing points and techniques needed to give clear and sharp answers. Through the lessons, Mr Sim has also passed on his love for physics, making me more interested in the subject as a whole. I would strongly recommend the physics cafe to anyone struggling with the subject. To all juniors at the physics cafe, work hard and work smart and your effort will pay off!

Zebedee Teo , VJC

I chose to attend PMC on my own free will and was surprised by the quality of the tuition there. The centre not only aids you in having a solid grasp of the concept but also being familiar with tricky physics questions. Tuition fee is definitely not cheap, but PMC is worth every dollar.

Danielle Chee , VJC