Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Physics finally makes sense (:

The notes are comprehensive, and summarised, with all the basics you need to know, and questions that serve to strengthen knowledge of basic concepts. Also questions are organised in such a way that students that we are able to see a pattern to tackle the different kinds of questions, and the concepts that are commonly tested. The best part about the teaching is that complicated physics jargon isn’t used to explain already complicated physics concepts. Mr Sim uses simple terms to explain the seemingly complicated concepts and even answers complicated questions simply so that we understand. In short, he creates the ‘Ohhhhhh..’ effect, where through his explanation, something we thought was very difficult suddenly becomes so much clearer, making us go ‘Ohhhhh..’

Vaynii , NJC

Mr Sim’s physics lessons are always insightful, clear and easy to understand. He knows how to teach the different topics in the simplest manner and package the content as small bite size portions for us to digest in class. His painstaking teachings and the effort he takes to go through each assignment as clearly as possible is very effective in identifying our common mistakes and our misconceptions. Overall, Mr Sim is an excellent teacher and I will recommend my juniors to The Physics Cafe.

James Onggo , NJC

Hi Mr Sim! I think the physics cafe is quite an interesting tuition centre as it teaches mostly exam answering techniques, in comparison to my school, which focuses mostly on content, which I think is quite useful. Especially with all the “short forms” like NBA and BIL as I’ll never forget these formulas haha. I will definitely recommend the physics cafe to my friends since it’s very useful and we get good notes/freebies haha. 😀

Yi Tung , NJC

I was really bad at physics (Averaging around S or E?) all the way till my J2 mid years where I improved significantly after attending the june holiday crash course where Mr Sim showed me how to solve physics problems in ways which I never considered before. He managed to make physics really fun and easy for me and I eventually managed to get good results at A levels which was a feat I never thought I could achieve. I was that bad at physics! His notes were really useful, comprehensive but short enough so that it does not become a turnoff and it was really handy to refer to before the start of the physics paper. Thank you Mr Sim for being my physics tutor!!

Grace , NJC

The Physics Cafe has helped me with my physics a lot in the sense that they provide me with a detailed framework of how to answer both qualitative and quantitative questions. I would strongly recommend anyone struggling with physics to sign up for it!

Tay Kang Ming , NJC

I think the physics cafe trains speed very well. The physics cafe definitely cut down time taken for me to make sense of my school’s notes and grasp main points, so I really appreciate it. However, I do think that it will be great if there are more lessons in the Clementi branch, because Marymount is a tad bit far, but it’s not a big issue 🙂 Singapore is small. One of the best parts about The Physics Cafe is that Mr Sim explains to us in pictorial form very often and I find that I’m able to comprehend it in a better way compared to my school’s notes which has either too many words or diagrams that are far too because he brings us through his thought process. I hope our cohort can do well!!! Really hope so 🙂 Thanks Mr Sim for all your help!!!!

Yong Zi Fong , NJC

The Physics Cafe has been successful in developing problem solving techniques and exam skills. The mind map given is helpful in summarizing all the main points of the chapter, allowing me to solve and preempt different types of problems in the exam. Travelling to the physics cafe weekly is not a waste of time as the lessons allow me to understand the topics better in a shorter time compared to being at home. Lessons in the physics cafe are more productive and clearer as compared to what the teachers teach in school. Mr Sim teaches us techniques to solve problems quickly, which may not be taught by my school tutor. Yes I think the 2014 JC 2 cohort of the physics cafe will do well this year. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Kelly Chong , NJC

The Physics Cafe has its very own efficient way of teaching physics. We were trained to think and solve the questions quickly, but with accuracy. The concept maps that we have filled in for every topic in the Secrets Enclosed is very useful to when we revise for exams. We spent a sufficient amount time to revise the topics, and come up with a concept map without compromising on the details of the topics. In this area, The Physics Cafe has helped me to use my time more wisely and this has certainly helped me to improve. In The Physics Cafe, we not only solve typical A level questions, we also solve challenging questions that will motivate us more then more then to think more in depth, enabling us to give better quality answers. Thank you physics cafe for helping me all this while and now I can solve questions with more confidence!

Loy Yong Wei , NJC

I feel that the exam techniques (grade A) questions are challenging and help me tackle difficult problems. I also strongly feel that the notes given by the lecturer, the short summary as well as the points brought up in class have helped me clear many doubts and understand a lot the concept better than in school. At the same time helping to “drill”/absorb important concepts.  And I believe that coming for this tuition has really helped me in understanding difficult concepts better than I have understood when they were taught in school or during my independent study sessions. It is really a pity that I didn’t join earlier. With this being said, I would definitely recommend this physics tuition to all my juniors. And I believe everyone who has joined this tuition earlier would ace the A Level exams, and those who joined later would do decently at least.

Thulasie , NJC

Lesson in physics cafe continually challenged one to think on the spot and fast as well, putting our learnt skills in practice whereas in school, teachers are just waiting for someone to volunteer their answers. I think the method in physics cafe is more effective in engagingly the students to think critically and at the same time, forces them to not be distracted and stay focused.

KekTzee Yee , NJC

I feel more confident than before after the June holiday revision and every single lesson really tests my limits. If I lose focus for one second I will be lost, so I make it a point to stay on track.

Guhan , NJC

The Physics Cafe has helped me save hours of revision time, which is important as we only have 4 weeks during the June holidays to revise 2 years worth of work and we have 4 content subjects. It’s almost impossible to read all the lecture notes and practice questions that help us spot our misconceptions in just 4 weeks. However, Mr Sim’s concise notes and specially selected questions have allowed this hectic workload to be done in 7 lessons. Thank you Mr Sim and The Physics Cafe!

Jaslyn Tan Chiew Yee , NJC

I will recommend my friends to join the Physics Cafe. I feel that the lessons and the notes are very effective in helping me to understand the concepts better. We are exposed to many different types of questions that helps us to learn better. Joining this tuition has definitely helped me to increase my passion for Physics. Thank you Mr Sim

Sutha , NJC

The Physics Cafe has helped me to understand physics a lot better and has exposed me to many types of good and difficult questions which I probably would not have been able to if i did not join TPC. Mr Sim is able to explain abstract physics concepts in a simple way that is easy to understand which helps a lot as I’m often confused with school notes. I feel that the 2 hours of lessons every week are very productive and efficient as we get to reinforce concepts and practice them at the same time. The new facilities are also conducive for studying and the free drinks are a bonus! I joined TPC a few weeks before promos and I wished I had join earlier as I was really weak in my concepts. I will definitely recommend my friends and juniors to join TPC!

Cheryl Ann Tan , NJC

I joined The Physics Cafe in November in J1. At that time, I didn’t really understand the concepts and just did questions by using a formula which I thought would be appropriate. Even for topics like kinematics, which we have done since Sec 3, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do and when to apply the correct formula. I joined the class for the November revision lesson for all J1 topics and I was really thankful that I did because I learnt so much from the few weeks of lesson and gained more confidence in doing physics questions. In J2, during my first physics lecture, that was probably the first time that I understood what was going on. I also always failed the short quizzes that were given in school but in J2, I started to pass them. Besides the teaching aspect, The Physics Cafe also has many new facilities such as shuttle bus services to certain bus interchanges, watching a lesson video if that particular lesson was missed and many more. I’m glad that I joined The Physics Cafe when I did and I’m sure that other people would have benefited from this just as much as I have.

Jashini Hubert , NJC

Physics was always a topic that was really very hard for me to grasp. In school, I struggled to understand whatever was taught and everything just seemed so hard. However, after joining the Physics Cafe everything just seems so much more easier and I can understand the topics and apply the concepts learnt much more easily now. Joining this place has also reignited my love for physics and if given the chance I would have definitely joined this place much earlier.

Praveen Viji , NJC

I really liked the vending machine and snacks which keeps me awake and focused. I joined when I was in Secondary 3, and the fact that I joined back already suggests how it really helped me gained my confidence in math and gave me ample practices to ace math. The summaries given were always a life-saver especially for last minute revision (before entering the exam hall).

Cheah Hui Jing Cherie , NJC

Before I joined The Physics Cafe, my Physics was horrible and no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t improve my grades. I had initially taken up physics as one of my subjects for JC as I had developed a passion for it in secondary school. However, with the abysmal grades that I was getting in school, this passion was slowly diminishing, and I felt that maybe I simply couldn’t do Physics. However, everything changed after I joined the Physics Cafe after my promos. Mr Sim revisited every single JC1 topic and was simply amazing. Everything finally made sense and I gained the confidence that I could do much better in physics. In JC2, he was as amazing, and physics became so much more fun because of Mr Sim. My grades improved naturally, and I enjoyed doing Physics. I seriously regretted not joining earlier and really thanks for everything Mr Sim!! You’re definitely the best!

Praveen Viji , NJC

Having spent about a year at the physics cafe has exposed me to the various question types for the different topics. The mere 2 hours per week has taught me to use the most efficient method when tackling exam questions. I was initially failing physics throughout my entire J1 year but after joining TPC, things changed, and I started seeing improvement. I wish I had started my journey with TPC earlier and I would definitely recommend it to my peers and juniors! Thank you, Mr Sim & Mr Kwok, for your constant guidance!!

Chan Han Wen , NJC

Lessons at physics cafe is succinct and challenging. The tutor is engaging and very clear in explaining concepts. I joined physics cafe at Sec3 and throughout the years, physics cafe has helped me to develop strong fundamentals as well as constantly challenging me with difficult questions. With physics cafe, I can spend less time studying for physics since their revision is very thorough and easy to remember. I would definitely recommend my friends to join physics cafe as it helped me a lot and on top of that that are free drinks as well as flexible lesson timings!

Tay Jin Wen , NJC

Before coming for lessons at The Physics Cafe, I was failing almost every single physics test and had not much motivation in doing physics. However, after attending lessons here, I’ve been improving in my physics and I started developing interest in the subject! Because of the Physics Cafe, I’ve been practicing physics really hard, and I definitely feel much more prepared for A’ Levels as compared to if I had never joined in the first place. I sincerely feel that The Physics Cafe is able to garner a high distinction rate due to their ability to nurture the students’ self-motivation and self-discipline by the teachers’ unique style of teaching and A++ resources they provide us with. The tuition fees may not be cheap, but I do highly recommend The Physics Cafe if you are looking for a top-notch Physics tuition and if you’re willing to pay!

Colyn Goh Li Xuan , NJC

I got to know of PMC by word of mouth, that it is a tuition centre capable of delivering accurate knowledge as well as preparing students for tough questions. The digital lessons are a good alternative, albeit relatively expensive. I joined during the June Workshops and I think joining for the entire June Workshop would have been very beneficial for me. I believe the notes are overall good and well compiled. I agree that the fees are not cheap. Even though I understand that tuition is not a social business, I think that many students require such help and it would be good if fees could be slightly lower. Overall, the quality of the education is definitely outstanding and the teachers’ attitude towards teaching is a huge bonus to the good experience at PMC. 🙂

Koo Wei De , NJC

I signed up after I scored an E in my block tests. Honestly, the materials are a lot more efficient and clearer than most lecture notes you’ll get in school, lessons are structured effectively to learn what you need to know in a logical way and summarized very well. the lessons are good, with heavy focus on content and practice and offers a lot of good questions that you probably won’t be exposed to via school or on your own. Despite the steep price, this is genuinely one of the best tuition centre out there – it’s well run, the content is good, the lessons are planned well, and the teachers care.

Naaman Tan , NJC