Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Mr Sim, you were great! I started attending your Physics tuition halfway through JC as I couldn’t understand anythig about physics. In fact I was the last position in class as of JC1 end of years for physics. After attending your tution, I’ve really understood every topic very well that now my classmates would just ask me for assistance for physics, a complete 360 degree turn compared to last year. Thanks!

Adriel Low , RVHS

The Physics cafe allows us to understand the difficult contents quickly as compared to school lessons which is rather slow and draggy. The June holiday package really helps in us understanding all the topics to be covered (hope that the lessons are longer or more lessons conducted though). I would definitely recommend my juniors to come to physics cafe.!

Li Qi , RVHS

I used to fail physics and hate physics. During everyday exams regardless if it is a major or minor one, physics is the last subject I want to study. After attending physics cafe, I no longer dread revising for physics. Putting my school notes aside, i only have to rely on mr sim’s notes and practice papers. I can still remember that I passed my physics for the very first time And finally reached the average score in my school! And that is the very first step to good results!

Toh Zi Qian , RVHS

The Physics Cafe has definitely made physics seemed a lot more comprehensive and easier. With those booklets that summarize each topic, it has definitely made it easier for students to refer back to the booklet which has everything that the student should know of that topic. Not only that, Mr Sim also ensures that his lectures are easily understood by everyone in the class. He is very patient in clarifying any doubts we have. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Lim Li Luan , RVHS

I got an A for physics A level paper. This years physics paper was relatively easier compared to the other years hence i was quite confident of getting an A. However the easier paper also meant that other students who were not as strong in physics would score better as well hence there was a little bit uneasy when i was getting my results. I feel very relieved and happy at the same time to be getting the A for A levels. The physics cafe definitely made a difference as it allowed me to grasp my concepts better and apply them frequently until it became almost second nature to me. The many mock papers given to me also allowed me to practice good time management for the paper and allowed me to plan my time well in the exam. I will definitely recommend all friends to attend the physics cafe as it will definitely make a difference to your physics grades.

Hew Yan Chong , RVHS

The Physics Cafe has definitely helped me a lot in mastering and understanding physics concepts more easily. The concise notes and Grade A questions designed by Mr Dave were great and they were really great companions throughout the journey to A-levels! Simpler, clear-cut methods to solve difficult questions were taught in lessons and it was really helpful. Mr Dave is also a very patient and hardworking teacher, always willing to lend a helping hand and try his best to explain the solution to us in the shortest way possible and this has helped me reduce time spent on solving many questions! Thank you Mr Dave!

Terence Lim , RVHS

The Physics Cafe is highly effective and helps to minimise revision time on Physics, and redirect time for other subjects. Unlike the teaching method in school, The Physics Cafe helps to distill the salient concepts and build a strong foundation by unpacking and application of key knowledge. Not only does it help to improve grades, but can also make you grow to love Physics!

Hee Yu Ning , RVHS

For me, Mr Dave Sim has been like a friend, albeit a very smart one, who was always there when I needed help. He doesn’t give you the impression that typical teachers give (think: uncaring and unconcerned). I think this trait of his makes attending his lessons an immense joy. That aside, I would say that he is really very strong in his physics concepts, which diffused over to me via his super effective teaching style. The method that he teaches does not involve anything complex, and hence, there is no need to memorise much (except for definitions of physics terms, a requirement that no one can escape from). As a result, my physics results shot up from class average to one of the top. I would say, my concepts are so good now that this subject has become a breeze to me. In addition, Mr Sim, gives out great notes (something he’s proud of too)! You only need to browse through these notes before the exams to sufficiently refresh your concepts. 5 stars! I think the tuition fees were totally worth the value that I got out of this experience. Thanks Mr Sim!

Huang Peng Fei , Favourite , RVHS

Mr Sim is really the coolest teacher one can ever have. He makes physics so fun and easy to learn! He is just like a friend to all of us and it was never difficult for me to approach him with questions. I looked forward to his lessons every week because they were always enjoyable. Getting an A for physics was definitely a no-no for me but that was before joining his tuition. With his comprehensive notes, creative teaching and fun-loving character, how tough can it be! I love physics so much now because of him! MR SIM YOU’RE THE BEST ^___^

Sheryl , RVHS

Mr Sim is a superb physics teacher that is completely different from your typical JC lecturer/ teachers.Even though I was a consistent student in school, I was rather confused by the physic theories taught by my school lecturers and hence repeatedly scored badly in school tests/exams. Rather baffled and frustrated by this, I was urged to find the best solution to improve my physic grade with the A Levels looming and this was when I was recommended to go for physics tuition at the Physics Cafe.Astoundingly, Mr Sim was able to explain theories and concepts so clearly, it is as if I was introduced to physics for the first time all over again. The small class size also makes it convenient to ask any questions to clear my doubts, and hence making it much more effective than school lectures/tutorial classes. Mr Sim’s teaching methods are also interesting, concise and easily understandable.The notes he specially made for his students are another plus point, where school notes wane in comparison and can be cast aside.By taking the very last minute resort to improve my physics grade in the last 2 months before A levels by not only going to weekly tuition but also the holiday crash course, one may say that I was very lucky to have obtained an A in my A levels physics; but the other reason would be because Mr Sim is such a good teacher! 🙂

Yan Tong , RVHS

Hi Mr Sim, I am really thankful for this opportunity to study physics with you. Your lessons have been very engaging and exciting and has helped me to develop a passion for physics. The exam answering techniques that you taught in the classes and workshops have really made a difference for me. It has helped me to answer physics questions with much more ease and confidence. In terms of areas of improvement I feel that the experience on a whole was a very wholesome one and that there are limited areas of improvement academically. The Physics Cafe lessons have taught me to analyze questions better as well as apply the correct concepts to solve questions. It has also given me ample practice to build up my confidence as well as discover my areas of weaknesses. The tips and common misconceptions that you go through in class are really useful in giving me the edge over my peers in school. I would definitely recommend friends to join the physics cafe as it is really the most effective tuition centers around and it will definitely guarantee good grades if you put your heart and soul into listening and completing the assignments. Thank you for all the help and assistance along this arduous journey Mr Sim!

Yan Chong , RVHS

The workshop was excellent largely due to Mr Sim’s teaching and presentation, which were clear, concise, and effective. Unlike school lectures, he engages the students by continuously asking questions they must answer, thus keeping them alert at all times. Also, it is clear the notes were prepared with the lesson itself in mind, allowing plenty of space for students to make notes throughout the lesson. This is a huge improvement over school notes where everything is already printed, meaning the student does not need to think and write. Finally, Mr Sim does not waste time on unnecessary parts of chapters. He jumps straight to the key parts that will help students solve questions and, most importantly, help students understand the chapter instead of memorizing the chapter. Such conceptual understanding is key to solving a wide range of A-Level questions, all of which Mr Sim also methodically covers in his lessons.

Kenneth Fung Chen Yu , RVHS

The Physics Cafe stands out greatly from school lessons and even after tuition centers thanks to a few reasons. Firstly, the notes provided are specifically designed so that students must take an active role in listening to the lecturer to make them complete. In this way, students are motivated to really absorb everything the lecturer is saying and also remembers the lesson’s content better due to writing it down. Secondly, the lecturer himself Mr Dave Sim is highly capable of engaging and retaining students’ attention by consistently asking questions and looking at the topic from the students’ perspective. Finally, there are many timed tests scattered throughout lessons for all chapters, and this serves to maximize students’ efficiency at solving questions – by training them to think quickly and concisely while still paying attention to all the details in the question. Together, these three facets of the lessons enable learning to be more effective and more efficient than with lessons in school.

Kenneth Fung Chen Yu , RVHS

I have gained more confidence in problem solving and through a fixed way of answering questions I can tackle most of the difficult questions in exams. I was exposed to questions of different difficulties and forms, which made revision a lot easier. I really enjoy little incentives in the cafe to make studying a lot easier, and the shuttle bus home has definitely made my day less tiring 🙂

Chloe Ng , RVHS

The physics cafe helps to provide a very comprehensive summary of each topic. It gave me a lot of confidence in tackling different questions, and helps me to understand the key concepts the examiners are looking out for.

Chai Yi Ann , RVHS

After I joined The Physics Cafe at the end of J1, I felt that my grasp on physics concepts and answering techniques have definitely improved. I now have greater and better understanding as compared to before and definitely would not have improved without the help of the lessons. As for the new centre, I think it’s a pretty good and conducive environment as I can always study there before or after class. The admins and teachers are also really friendly and helpful. I’m also very grateful for the drinks vending machines as it’s always a good refresher after a tiring day/class. For the mid years, I felt that I was more confident in answering questions as compared to before. For the first time, I came out of the exam hall feeling like I did better! And yes I actually improved 2 grades this mid years! 🙂 Though I could have done better on my part due to carelessness, I truly think that the June revision helped me a lot by refreshing my memory on all the past concepts and different question types. Also I want to thank the Physics Cafe for all the services provided like the shuttle bus, food and drinks! Not to mention the cafe library for self-study! It made traveling a lot easier and gave me a conducive place to study! 🙂 The free snacks and drinks were also really convenient and a good way to refresh after a day of working hard. Thank you Mr Sim and physics cafe for everything thus far! 🙂 I may not have done up to expections (yours and mine), but I could feel and see the improvement, and I’m confident to work ever harder to achieve better results!

Charisse Lim , RVHS

The Physics Cafe is very effective in helping me to solve basic and complex questions. Unlike the messy lessons in school, PC teaches me how to think methodically and approach the question step-by-step. I also learnt to avoid common pitfalls and understand the concept instead of memorizing it. Also, I feel that PC really thinks for the welfare of the students by planning different things to help us (e.g. video podcast, library, vending machine). I am always very touched by their thoughtfulness and it makes me very happy 🙂 I would definitely recommend my friends to join the Physics Cafe as the lessons here are very effective in helping me to study key concepts and challenging questions. The mind maps and concise summaries that we have made in lessons are also very useful when doing last-minute revision or recapping topics.

Yee Huei Chi , RVHS

The tutors I have met in The Physics Cafe are all extremely approachable and dedicated to teaching, never hesitating to extend a helping hand to anyone in need of help, even beyond lessons. The level of readiness can be reflected in each and every lesson, as such motivating and encouraging me to seek further clarifications when in the slightest doubt. The notes and questions presented for us are concise and succinct, effectively tackling the general problems or misconceptions students may have, and has been a very targetted appraoch to our learning, setting our foundation right. The various services the centre has extended to students, such as a condusive studying environment, is to me, a demonstration of trying to provide the best for students, taking into account the welfare of all students, of which I am thankful for. It is the tutors, who are going out of their way to care for us, which is unique to the tutors in The Physics Cafe. The tutors are definitely and undoubtedly well-equipped to push their students to the peak of their performance during A levels, and there is no doubt the students can achieve the grades they are seeking for, with the guidance and care of all the tutors in the centre. As such, I would definitely encourage my friends to seek The Physics Cafe as an option, when they need extra support in Math and Physics. Thank you Physics and Math Cafe for the past year!

Ho Jing Ning , RVHS

The intense June Holiday revision was a great opportunity to recap key concepts from J1-J2! Given the time constraints and vast amount of content to cover, Mr Sim was able to concisely and effectively deliver the materials to his students. One of the greatest takeaway is confidence to take on Physics questions and overcoming the fear of approaching seemingly complex questions. It’s always a joy to go for lessons! The friendly admins are really niceee!! Thank you, Mr Sim & the admins, for making the learning experience an enjoyable one!! And thank you Mr Sim for accepting all students regardless of our abilities :’) May we get out As!!!

Bernice Lim Si Min , RVHS

The lessons are so much clearer and concise than school’s lessons. It definitely saved me a lot of time for physics revision and this left me with more time for my other subjects. My peers are very helpful, I joined this year in January and I would have joined earlier because I desperately needed help last year. I will recommend it to my younger sibling. I like the cafe library because I can study there if I reach earlier, instead of hobo-ing around and wasting time.

Ho Sze Hui , RVHS

Thank you, Mr sim, for the June Holiday revision class!! I feel that the 28 hours spent here is really effective and prepared me for my midyears sufficiently! I improved so much and it is the first time I scored above a U for physics, thank you!

Neo Shu Yi , RVHS

Lessons conducted by Mr Dave Sim at the Physics Cafe have been really great. Mr Sim really helped a lot with my Physics concepts and the June Holiday programme also helped me catch up on my J1 syllabus especially since I only joined TPC this year. I was terrible at physics, getting straight Us all the way to J2 but thankfully it started to change from Midyears onwards. Also, Mr Sim is a great teacher who is always open to questions and can answer them efficiently as compared to other teachers I’ve met. He is also friendly and funny, making lessons much more enjoyable! I really like the study space TPC have, so I can study before or after my class. I also really like the free drinks, especially hot chocolate, that keeps me alive throughout the lessons. I also am very grateful to the student councillors who are very friendly, approachable and helpful. I think 2017 batch will do as well as the previous batches! I will definitely recommend my friends & juniors to come to TPC as it has been very lifechanging (in terms of Physics) for me. And I’ve already recommended a few to come so, Mr Sim have fun with my juniors (if they join) 😀

Neo Shu Yi , RVHS

The Physics Cafe is really one of a kind! The student councillors are really friendly and approachable. I joined at the beginning of JC2 and it was life changing because I am suddenly able to understand physics! Subsequently, I was able to catch up with lessons in school because I have a clearer understanding of what is going on. Before joining, I feel like I have been living under a rock because I feel so clueless about physics haha… I would have definitely joined The Physics Cafe earlier so as to build my foundation right from the start. I would recommend The Physics Cafe to my juniors who are struggling with physics (-:

Ho Sze Hui , RVHS

Having lessons at physics cafe has been extremely enriching. Mr Sim’s energy and enthusiasm in teaching have left a great impression in me. Thank you for explaining the concepts in a very concise and clear manner.

Foo Hsien Li , RVHS

In the final lap towards A-Level, the revision lessons were geared towards preparing us for Grade A questions. Through these lessons, i have gained greater confidence to manage A-Level and tougher questions alike through the demonstrations by Mr Sim. As always, I’m thankful for the friendly admins and tutors (Mr Sim and Mr Kwok) whom made me look forward to class weekly! ((Side note: Get well soon Mr Kwok!!))

Bernice Lim Si Min , RVHS

I got a B for my A level physics paper and although I am not thoroughly happy with it I think it’s still better than nothing. Lessons at the physics cafe are concise and clear, making it easier to grasp concepts that are more tedious. To the juniors, just keep practising and you’ll notice the trend in the papers! And yes I will recommend my friends to join the physics café

Ng Xin Yi , RVHS

I scored a B for the physics A levels and that is a huge improvement from the grades I normally get in school (which were fluctuating around D to U). Lessons from TPC were not only engaging but also very helpful in making me understand concepts better, as well as to tackle questions with more speed and accuracy. I think hard work really comes in play in preparation for As!! My advice to anyone is to just keep doing the practices given by TPC as well as to diligently do the past year TYS. Slowly but surely, there would be improvements!! So never beat yourself up when grades aren’t showing massive improvement even though you’re putting in lots of effort. I definitely recommend friends and juniors in joining TPC as I have no regrets joining it at all!

Charisse Lim Kei Min , RVHS

I scored a B for Physics. I am happy and am thankful to Physics Cafe. I have always enjoyed lessons at Physics Cafe. My advice to juniors is that if you are weak in Physics, or losing confidence, come to Physics Cafe. I am glad I did and I highly recommend it! Thank you Mr Dave Sim.

Yee Huei Chi , RVHS

My understanding and appreciation for physics has certainly increased in the time that I’ve been at PMC! It certainly gave me a lot of clarity and hope in improving my physics 🙂 Mr Kwok has been a really helpful and engaging tutor, and I am truly grateful for the help PMC as a whole has given me.

Koh Kay Lyn , RVHS

I always had problems with my basic physics concepts ever since secondary school until I attended PMC. After joining PMC, I was able to see significant improvements in my Physics grades. The lessons are really easy to understand, and the topics seem crystal clear after each session. Lessons at PMC are not only fun and engaging, but also really enriching. Mr Daniel Kwok is a patient and kind teacher! He takes the time to clearly explain complicated concepts and dismiss our doubts. The learning environment is also very ideal, it pushes students to work hard to do well. If I could go back in time, I would definitely have joined earlier.

Sheryl Mah , RVHS

Really enjoy the lessons taught, which I feel is the most important thing (as enjoyment breeds interest, which typically results in good grades). This is something that all teachers I have had in school failed to accomplish, hence really thankful for sparking an interest in the subject taught.

Zarek , RVHS

Attending PMC lessons throughout my JC years was one of the best decisions that I made, as the teaching style and materials really helped me grasp my basics and gear me up for harder questions that allowed me to make better use of my studying time, which was very crucial in the mad rush for A levels. The environment in the centre was also friendly and bright, and with lessons as interesting and engaging as the ones here, it was no surprise that me and my friends look forward to lessons each week.

Lim Qian Hui , RVHS