Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

Mr Sim, I would definitely recommend my friends to join the physics cafe. The Physics Cafe made me interested in physics again due to Mr Sim’s enthusiastic and clear teaching. Finally physics made sense. The lecture notes are also very useful as they are not just summarized but include tough questions that might potentially come up for school exams and ultimately A levels. At the same time, the occasional small tests motivated me and trained me to be more calm and focused in exams. A skill which I felt was of utmost importance in exams. Ultimately I felt that the physics cafe really helped me a lot in my learning of physics.

Nicholas Sim , Favourite , HCI

The notes The Physics Cafe had prepared for each student comes in a form of booklet which had concise summary for each topic and ways to approach questions that could be set with the topics. That booklet is definitely useful and integral in my revision for my Physics examinations. In addition, Mr Sim is passionate about what he is teaching and enable the more complex Physics topics to be understood easily by the students. He just somehow is able to align our thoughts towards the different topics, and this is something which my school teachers rarely do so. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe! For friends who are relatively weak or strong in Physics alike, I would still recommend them to attend The Physics Cafe classes because the classes certainly would help to align our thoughts in a certain way towards Physics.

Lim Yu Han , Favourite , HCI

The physics cafe has not only helped me in understanding the physics concepts better, but also gain more interest in the subject. With the summarized mind maps and grade A questions, it makes me more confident in tackling higher ordered questions. After attending the physics cafe, i find it much easier to follow tutorials and lectures in school as I already have a strong foundation from the tuition. I would definitely recommend my friends to join.

Charles Lim , HCI

Lessons at The Physics Cafe is really enriching! I always learn new answering techniques for every topic, thus I am more fully prepared in the question type of each topic and familiarize with them. The Physics Cafe is unique in its own way as it gives me a much clearer overview of each topic and how they are linked. I am also constantly exposed to new and challenging questions that can test my knowledge and understanding of that topic. Thus, I highly recommend The Physics Cafe to other students, especially when much effort is put into the secrets enclosed booklet and the summary. Mr Dave Sim really put in an extra mile to take care of the welfare of the students and constantly gives us encouragement!

Ng Tann Wei , HCI

The Physics Cafe is not just about Physics. Mr Sim has demystified the A level examinations, imparting skills which one would find not just useful for the Physics paper itself, but for other subjects as well. He has developed a philosophy on the taking of examinationswhere no single question is ever too difficult to solve – there is a logical approach towards solving Mr Sim manages to make even the most difficult concepts bite-sized, and with the many time practices, confidence in handling the toughest of questions can be built. Thank you Mr Sim!

Bryan Wong , HCI

Physics Cafe is definitely worth every single cent spent. Lessons may move at a very fast speed but it’s good because it forces you to pay full attention. Mr Sim’s lessons are very understandable and I’m able to grasp the concept of topics relatively quickly. It is so much more efficient compared to schools lectures. Definitely a must go!

Zamen Lin , HCI

I feel that attending lessons at The Physics Cafe has been extremely fulfilling and useful for me. The concepts taught are extremely clear as well and it really does help to boost my confidence on the subject. The explanations are also extremely detailed, as compared to the lengthy explanations given by the school. I do not understand 3/4 of the lectures in school because the lecturers are just horrible but here in The Physics Cafe, I can actually understand everything that is being taught within the short 2h. I am really grateful for The Physics Cafe as it was really an extremely pleasant 2 years experience with them.

Zia Teh , Favourite , HCI

The Physics Cafe has really broken down each topic to its core and helped us understand each topic from the basics. The June workshop helped me out tremendously by not only covering a wide range of all the topics but also going through the popular questions. I have gain a lot of confidence, enough to hope for an A in the A levels unlike before. The lesson environment is also wonderfully set up and it can be seen that there was a lot of effort put in into decoration and other details. The environment is made really conducive for studying. Lastly, I belief many of us would have gain not only confidence but also lots of knowledge from the journey this year. I will definitely recommend my friends, and I have, to join The Physics Cafe.

Zeng Fang Ni , Favourite , HCI

The Physics Cafe has been very beneficial to me throughout the past two years. I learnt the basic exam techniques and methods to score well, which my school lecturers do not go into much detail. Although I live far away from the tuition centre, I believe it is still worthwhile to travel here as I am able to revise whatever I have learnt before within 2 hours, whereas I may take longer at home as I’m easily distracted. Lessons at The Physics Cafe are aimed at drilling key concepts into students via intensive practice. I feel this is very suited to my learning style as I need more practice to score well. The occasional homework, although dreary to do, is actually very helpful as I get to revise whatever I have learnt in 10 or so questions, especially before a test. On the whole, I would recommend The Physics Cafe to anyone who is looking to score an A in Physics.

Jeremy Tan , HCI

The Physics Cafe notes are well consolidated with simple mind maps to summarize the complicated concepts. Mr Sim is an awesome lecturer who is able to make the lessons enjoyable and fruitful. Every lesson is definitely worth the time and money. Under the guidance of Mr Sim I’m sure the cohort would do well this year. I would definitely recommend those who are losing hope to join The Physics Cafe! 🙂

Denise Chan Yun Xuan , HCI

Hi Mr Sim, before I joined The Physics Cafe, I was very reluctant to take up tuition at JC level because of some bad experiences in secondary school. The lessons were not properly structured and it was difficult to learn. Coming to The Physics Cafe, however, has changed my perception entirely. Detailed explanations in class, coupled with concise notes and clear emphasis on problem solving techniques were very helpful in grasping concepts quickly. The lessons were engaging and well paced, which helped to build up my confidence in the subject. The tutor, Mr Sim, was also willing to spend extra time outside lesson to help clarify my doubts. My journey with the Physics Cafe ends with the commencement of the A levels. Though the preparation was demanding and tiring, it was nonetheless an enjoyable and enriching journey. I am thankful to have Mr Sim walk this journey with me, and for his constant encouragement that helped me pull through the tough times. Thank you for your help Mr Sim!

Spencer Teo , Favourite , HCI

I got an A for physics and I feel really relieved and happy. I feel good about my results as i cannot ask for more. The Physics cafe definitely made a huge difference in this long journey. Mr Dave Sim is very meticulous and he takes the extra effort to be interested in every student’s progress. He breaks down challenging concepts and explains them in further details. He consolidates tips into small booklets and teaches his students to be exam smart. He also gives us ample questions for us to practice and to increase our exposure to all the different kinds of questions with different level of difficulty. Yes I feel that I am able to understand concepts better than the other students in my school as I have a headstart to the topics that were going to be taught. I highly recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Ng Tann Wei , Favourite , HCI

Hi Mr Sim, I am definitely very happy to have done well for my physics paper. My experience in coping with the subject was never easy. To be honest, I began with a shaky start. I felt very lost when school first started. I was so weak in my foundation that I couldn’t even properly grasp the physics concepts that were supposed to have been learnt in secondary school. My enrolment in The Physics Cafe gave me the opportunity to learn to overcome these obstacles. The Physics Cafe charted a course that was easy to follow and gave me confidence to keep trying despite making little or no headway along the journey. Mr Sim was a very encouraging teacher who inspired me to keep the faith and carry on working hard despite failures. The clear focus on problem solving techniques made seemingly arduous questions much more manageable. The concise notes made revision of materials a breeze. I might have been consistently doing worse than my peers in tests and exams, but I never felt inferior because the lessons at the Physics Cafe always gave me the confidence that I was on the right track and that I would succeed if I kept trying. It was a tough journey, but nonetheless, a learning experience that was worth the hardship. In the end, I got the only A that I had ever gotten in JC for physics. I will recommend my friends who are having a hard time with physics to try the Physics Cafe. Though the journey may be tough in JC, it will definitely be an eye opening and enriching experience.

Spencer Teo , HCI

It’s definitely more time saving to learn from lessons in The Physics Cafe as self study has not been helpful for me. The lessons here helped me understand much better than I would on my own. I think the difference between me before lessons here and right now is that when I look at a question, I know methods to solve it and have the concepts in my mind. In the past, I am always unsure and guessed equations to use. The lessons here are much more focused and easy to understand than school lectures and tutorials. I think the cohort this year will do well. I know that I didn’t really fare well for my prelims, but I really saw improvements in my overall understanding. I am no longer afraid of physics as a subject and I know that i have a chance to achieve my A in A levels(which I must!). I will recommend it to my friends because I could not imagine a better tuition for physics The Physics Cafe.

Li Jia Ning , HCI

My experience in the Physics Café has been really pleasant as I learnt to understand Physics concepts much better and efficiently. The notes designed by the Physics Café are very suitable as they are concise and contain the most important concepts in every chapter. It is also very skill focused, which benefitted me tremendously in terms of answering questions. Before I attended The Physics Café, I was struggling to extract out main concepts in every chapter and to understand the concepts taught as the notes provided by my school has too much unimportant and distracting information. Even after spending a lot of time understanding my school notes and concepts, I was still troubled by the application of concepts in exams. After joining The Physics Cafe, I find that I can do my paper much better. More importantly, I am very glad that I have started to build up confidence in Physics. Mr Dave’s lessons are very interesting and exam-focused. The students in The Physics Café are very capable and their capabilities really motivate me to work harder. I want to be as good as some of them. Generally, from my observation, this cohort can do really well in the A level’s. I will also work as hard as I can to make sure that I eventually reach my target in spite of the ups and downs in my performance during school exams throughout these two years.

Ma Shenglin , HCI

Despite joining The Physics Cafe for only around 2 months, I see great improvement in not only how I approach questions but also my learning methodology. Compared to the thick school lecture notes which covers much background knowledge and less application relevant to tackling examination questions, The Physics Cafe has structured its lessons and organized the notes in a very concise and easily applicable way. This has helped me to move from spending lots of futile time revising materials with a diluted focus to being able to learn to sharpen my key concepts and practice applying them during examination preparation. I’m really glad that now, I can start to learn to go into the examination hall with an organized and clear mind with concepts in “Secrets Enclosed” rather than approaching questions in a random manner. Joining The Physics Cafe has given me learning experiences so enjoyable and fruitful that I would recommend it to any friend who desire to develop passion and confidence for the subject.

GuYuling , Favourite , HCI

The notes written clearly identify the concepts and possible question types tested for each topic and definitely help me to be more focused when revising the different topics.I definitely feel more confident when doing the Physics paper after the workshop. Lessons at The Physics Cafe are at a much faster pace than those in school and the emphasis is on answering techniques instead of knowledge transfer

Tricia , HCI

Physics used to be my weakest subject and I found it frustrating not being able to grasp the content of the school lectures as compared to my other subjects. You’ve not only taught me the correct thought processes when approaching questions, but have also inspired me to be more confident in Physics. The Physics Cafe is definitely a lifesaver and I will recommend to my juniors who are struggling in J1 just like how I did last year.

Winston Tan , HCI

The physics cafe helps students understand every physics concept in a very clear and concise manner. The notes are crafted in a very organized way which is very useful for a good summary of each topic and definitely helps us to save time when doing a quick revision of all the topics just before an exam. Attending physics cafe lessons have definitely helped me to be more confident in solving physics questions. Moreover, Mr Sim makes an effort to engage every student in class by asking each one of us questions to check our understanding of concepts. His explanations are also very clear and I will always new revelations and have a much deeper understanding of the topic after after attending his lessons. This is also something that differentiates the physics cafe from other tuition centres. I will definitely recommend the physics cafe to my friends.

Tanya Chee , HCI

The Physics Cafe’s pedagogy is very unique and different as compared to the conventional method of teaching Physics in schools/tuitions. Not only has it been very effective in answering examination questions, it has also saved me alot of time from revising from the school notes, allowing me to dedicate extra efforts into my other subjects. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe, as their results can only improve if they do!

Jesse Tan Ze Xi , HCI

The Physics Cafe has helped me to consolidate all my concepts in a very effective manner and enabled me to have a clear understanding of the topics. This has greatly improved my confidence in physics, and the engaging lessons have sparked my interest in the subject. Attending lessons at the physics cafe is time well spent, with a comprehensive but concise coverage of a topic in each lesson. I actually wish I had joined The Physics Cafe earlier so I didn’t have to struggle so much in JC 1! I will definitely recommend the physics cafe to my friends:

Tanya Chee , HCI

Attending lessons here has helped me in my understanding and learning of physics greatly. I used to think that physics was a very tough subject to handle, but now my mentality has changed. Mr Sim has managed to make seemingly difficult concepts so much easier to understand and grasp. In the past, I used to have a lot of apprehension towards physics, but now I actually look forward to solving physics questions!!

June Tan Hwee Shan , HCI

The physics cafe has equipped me with various problem solving skills and new ways to approach grade A questions, which I do not think I would be able to do without help from physics cafe. Also, I have improved by leaps and bounds under Mr Sim, due to his clear explanations and his ability to break down questions which makes it simpler and easier to understand.

Abigail Teo , HCI

Dear Mr Sim, I am mummy of Moses Tan Jing Yuan,of Physics Class,C2.He is from HCJC. Moses will be taking his final paper for his A levels today – Physics 2-315pm. I want to thank you for your precious time you spent with Moses sometime back when he started to have Tinnitus. Your session with him certainly boosted his confidence and he began to believe in himself. He was very thankful for your advices and encouraging words.Thank you very much. Moses would have his huge obstacles and struggles if not,for your belief in him,your kind words to which he held on and not to mention your very effective teaching tools in imparting your knowledge to him. He has always enjoyed being your student.For him,it was a last minute race against time to better himself. Thank you,Mr Sim,for holding Moses’ hands and journeyed with him. We thank you with a grateful heart.

Mrs Tan Lay Lay(Mum’s of Moses Tan Jing Yuan) , HCI

The physics cafe is truly amazing! Before I joined the physics cafe, my knowledge towards most physics concepts were very shallow. However, ever since I’ve joined the physics cafe, I’ve started to really come to understand the these concepts. Mr Sim carries out lessons in a very engaging way and makes understanding challenging concepts a lot easier especially for students like me who are not strong in the subject to begin with. The Physics Cafe also has a very conducive environment which makes learning a lot more enjoyable and they provide services such as shuttle buses and complimentary snacks which makes the learning experience that much better.

Samantha Ong , HCI

The Physics Cafe really helped me in both understanding and question tackling. Together with the super concised notes provided, Mr Sim constantly highlights the different types of questions for various topics and teaches us how to approach them differently or look out for how the different topics may be integrated into one tough question. The new tuition centre in TPY is really really nice and convenient, especially with all the student privileges like complimentary food and drinks. It does make going to tuition a lot better 🙂

Anthea Foong , HCI

Even though I just joined The Physics Cafe recently, the June workshop helped me understand concepts and chapters that I had been struggling to grasp since JC1. I guess something that I wouldn’t have expected is a four-grade improvement in Physics after such a short time because I’ve been getting straight Us for Physics hahaha. The Physics Cafe helped to illustrate simple methods to solve seemingly complex problems which was easy to understand and remember which helped me replicate the steps in my own self-revision at home. I really like how the atmosphere is set to be relaxed even though the lessons are fast-paced.

Tan Yongching , HCI

The Physics Cafe is not only a cafe which fills our tummy but also boosts our confidence in our physics and fills our brains with physics concepts made easy! Although I’m still not scoring an A, I’ve improved since I joined the Physics Cafe. Mr Sim is very approachable and we have very nice admins too! 🙂

Lua Ser Ning , HCI

The notes are very concise, and the lessons were really clear so it makes it easy for all of us to understand. Mr Sim teaches us how to approach questions and common misconceptions and all these really help make the concepts easier to comprehend

Chan zhini , HCI

The lessons are always very concise and to the point such that I always have new takeaways from every lesson. Rather than just merely going through the drills, the lessons guide me through the thinking process for every question and I believe that is the most important skill for me to tackle any questions in exams under pressure. The snacks and drinks are also really nice perks to get us through the intense 2-hour long lessons thank you:)

Tan Tuan Ying , HCI

I’m more confident whenever I sit for physics papers and I’m also able to refer to Mr Sim’s concise notes before the exam for last minute revision. The lessons are much fast-paced but the explanations are clear.

Shereen Tan Yi Jun , HCI

PMC makes physics concept much easier by skipping the mind-boggling derivation of equations which saves lots of time. I joined in May and I wished I’ve joined before that to attend mechanics lessons as I am rather weak in that. Of course, I will recommend my friends over.

Li Jing Chen , HCI

The Physics Cafe has been of tremendous help to me as the tutor (Mr Sim) has broken down difficult concepts into small, bite-sized information that are easy to digest and understand. What I like about the centre would be its amenities such as the digital lessons that allow me to have access to lessons I have missed.

Jaclyn Liam , HCI

The quality is better than other tuition centres as clear and concise explanations are given by tutors. The free and easy adhoc schedule is something I like as it that does not restrict students to their time slot. Replacement classes can easily be made without having it to be arranged for them. the free drinks also serve as incentives during lessons. I would recommend friends to join 🙂

Tan Eu Ning , HCI

The Physics Cafe has really helped me a lot in understanding the Physics concepts taught in school. The notes are concise, and the teacher definitely knows students’ weaknesses and queries and will address them during lessons. It has made my learning much more effective and efficient. 

Tan Tuan Ying , HCI

When I was in J1, I struggled a lot with Physics. Despite my efforts, I always scored an “U” grade. During the December Holidays, I decided to join The Physics Cafe and the lessons helped me to build up my foundation and prepare for the new year. With the concise mind maps and Mr Sim’s effective teaching, I could see significant improvements in my results. I wish I joined The Physics Cafe earlier, so I did not have to struggle so much in J1. I now enjoy Physics and it is no longer a chore to me. I look forward to lessons at The Physics Cafe because they are very informative, and I can learn much more compared to a week of lessons in school. Mr Sim is humorous and patient. After lessons, he will always stay back to clarify our doubts. The Physics Cafe is truly a cafe – not only one which feeds us with yummy snacks and iced milo, but also feeds us with the essential knowledge to satisfy our hunger and thirst to do well in school.

Lua Ser Ning , HCI

Lessons in the Physics Cafe are useful for students who want the extra practice and exposure to a wide variety of questions. the notes are very comprehensive, and can be further added on to make our own notes. not so good for people who want personalised lessons or more attention one-on-one even cos there is little time before and after lesson to ask the teacher questions. I think without physics cafe, I might not have even passed physics at A levels, considering that I had consistently gotten U’s in school.

Natalie Ngin Li Xin , HCI

I’ve been with PMC since sec3 and have been attending physics and math here. I remember being apprehensive initially as I did not know what to expect and physics was one of my worst subjects in secondary school. However, I soon realised that PMC teaching style suits me as once the concepts were taught to us, they were immediately followed up by showing students how to apply what we have learnt, which was more effective than in schools, eventually allowing me to score an A1 at O levels. Now, in JC, the same teaching style has helped me through difficult topics such as quantum physics and nuclear physics and has definitely motivated me to continue to work hard for this subject. 🙂

Khoo Yueh Leng , HCI

I first joined because I didn’t really understand physics concepts when they were taught in school, but Mr Sim effectively broke down the complicated concepts into simple formulas and ideas for us to remember, which I think is very useful for my learning, allowing me to process the concepts a lot easier. Being able to understand physics more easily thanks to Physics Cafe whom made it a very enjoyable subject to learn!

Tan Wen Xiu , HCI

Every lesson in physics cafe was enlightening and I felt like I was always learning so much in the short 2 hrs. If I had a chance, I would have joined physics cafe earlier as I would’ve been able to cope way better and understand concepts more quickly.

Yoke Min , HCI

The Physics Cafe has really played a pivotal role in helping me and my friends grasp concepts in the shortest time possible, and students that have gone through the lessons pick up skills and learning techniques that will be able to benefit them not only in the A levels, but also in their future studies. The friendly and humorous teachers and staff also make lessons more enjoyable and helpful!

Zoey Ong , HCI