Our intention is to make you feel smart in class and keep this feeling with you for the rest of your life. You will never believe something so difficult can be so simple. There are two other ways to find out more. Firstly , read the students’ testimonials. They are genuine as they are linked to the Facebook account of the students. Secondly , our fees are not cheap. But we have the largest intake of Physics and Math IP and JC students in Singapore.

This is kai chen from 2S03D. After looking at this site, i must say i am really filled with respect for u man. Not many people are so committed, to the extent of ddoing things the way u are doing now just for the benefit of the student body. You were great then, and u are even better now. =) so please continue to do your best k sir!

Kai Chen , RI(JC)

Hi Mr Sim!

This is Yunyan!(or Ms Sang???:)After a while it gets weird to call myself Ms Sang in front of you.But it’s fond memory^_^) I’m writing to tell you that I have been accepted by Yale University. Thank you again for the one year of teaching, the recommendation letter that you wrote for me and all the help you have offered to me! I’m really grateful and hopefully I can come back to Singapore some time to thank you personally!:)Right now I’m in China enjoying the long holiday!

Yunyan , RI(JC)

I am Linlin. Hope that you are enjoying your teaching in RJC. I am currently in California Institute of Technology. I think I will either become a EE or MecE. I always enjoyed your teaching a lot. I wish I could be visit RJC again!

Lin Lin , RI(JC)

Hello Mr Sim!

I dont know if you still remember me but I am really glad to be taught by you because you make physics “easy”. Thanks for being a really dedicated teacher! I got an A in physics for my A levels (it was totally unexpected) . I believe that it is extremely crucial to practise and practise because there are really a lot of standard questions in the exams.

Ya Ling , RI(JC)

Hello Mr Sim,

Long time no see! I went to your website and it looks great! You are a really dedicated teacher! Hope everything is doing great there! I miss RJ so much!

Have fun teaching.

Siang Ee , RI(JC)

Just wanted to say thanks you for being such a dedicated physics/civics tutor and council teacher 🙂 I believe the whole ccad can attest to your enthusiasm for all ccad-related stuff, and I think many of us in 6H (including myself) would be very very lost as to some of the physics topics are about if it werent for your notes and explanations in class. Yup thanks for not giving up on us (especially last year when we werent really doing our tutorials etc) and for always encouraging us to do our best for stuff 🙂

Charlotte , RI(JC)

Mr Sim has been a very dedicated teacher as seen from his patience in class. He is always ready to clear our doubts even if it means explaining again. He is also approachable and humorous in his lessons. His step-by-step approach breaks down complicated physics concepts, making it easier for me to comprehend and digest. The notes and answer keys he provided also aided in my learning greatly as they are concise and clear.

Wanxi , RI(JC)

Mr. Sim is always able to explain the concepts thoroughly, patiently and clearly to the benefit of the whole class. His simple and direct procedures towards the concepts enable us to grasp them quickly and remember them. His notes are concise and easy to understand, making them efficient resources especially as there are so many topics to cover.

Juan , RI(JC)

Mr Dave Sim is a very responsible physics tutor. Besides lecture notes, he has also prepared his own notes for all the chapters which are more comprehensive and knowledgeable. His teaching is very interesting and can be easily understood by everyone. His students like to discuss questions with him in class and even during lunch time.

Lupeng , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a dedicated and meticulous teacher who has the welfare of his students at heart. He is a caring and approachable teacher, whose sense of humour has made him more of a friend to his students.

Jiaqi , RI(JC)

Hi Mr Sim,

Your physics tutorials are very useful, so useful that I don’t bother to pay attention in lectures. Haha. You stress concepts with much clarity in an easily understood way, and some of the tips you gave are very useful in exams. ^^ Many of my friends and I feel you’re the best physics teachers in RJC!

Gao Fan , RI(JC)

Hi Sir,

Really hope that you’ve had a fun holiday in December (without 6E). All the best for 2007 and hope you have fun with kids in your new civics class^_^Just a few days ago I heard from Cambridge that they gave me a conditional offer(3 As, no S paper) to study at Magdalene College . I know better than anybody else that without the life-saving As in Physics I could never have made it. Thank you for all the interesting lessons that salvaged my remaining interest in Physics^_^ Last thing – if you ever come to China, muz come and find us! Linlin and me will be so happy to see you in Suzhou!

Gao Fan , RI(JC)

Hi Sir,

It has been such a great joy having you as a physics tutor. I can frankly say, I have never had as much fun in class as I had during physics. All your jokes (whether they were funny or not :P) just made the class atmosphere so much more relaxed and every lesson was such a joy to be a part of. Your whole teaching style and ability to interact with and reach out to us students is just phenomenal, and you have taught us how fun and extremely enjoyable studying may be. Your templates and approaches have also made studying physics so much easier for us, and you have taught us how it is not too difficult to understand this subject after all. The great amount of time you have put into creating notes for us students and helping us in every way possible has been so heart warming to see, and I am sure everyone will agree with me in thanking you for all your effort and be eternally grateful to you. There are only a few teachers who create such an impact with their extreme passion to teach and their great concern for their students’ well being. You are definitely one of them. Your tolerance in aiding those who were not able to catch the concepts so fast, and your ability to make the class more enjoyable yet maintain the learning environment is something I will never forget, and will most certainly try to learn. And once again, thank you very much for being such a passionate, student-concerned, thoughtful, and just absolutely great teacher. =) enjoy your holss!

Ganesh , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is respectable, responsible and enthusiastic physics teacher. He teaches us with extreme patience and this can be reflected when he explains to us the physics concept again and again until all of us understand. While repeating the concept, he never makes me bored as he explains it in different ways and sometimes teaches us through games. He really enjoys teaching, not only regards it as a job. He tries his best to prepare us for all the exams and tests and but never fails to encourage us even when we do not do well. No matter what kind of students we, most of us are moved and motivated by his passion for physics and teaching.

In facilitating our understanding, he prepares overviews which summarize all the key physics concepts for us. This is actually very useful for us in preparing for the exams. It is concise and whole-rounded. By learning by the key concepts, it is easier for us to remember all the important things.

Yao Hua , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim’s popular physics notes are concise and comprehensive. He never fails to break down a chapter into different key concepts and ideas, making it easier for us to understand. Even a particularly difficult chapter will seem manageable and much less intimidating. He would even classify questions into different types where you would use the same type of calculations for. This simplifies things and makes it easier to tackle questions in an exam. I particularly like his idea of using a “SOP” to solve physics questions.

Soo Lin , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a very dedicated physics teacher with an unique approach to teaching Physics, geared towards ensuring that his students understand difficult Physics concepts and score well for Physics. Right from the first lesson, he has given us the broad strategy for tackling exams questions as well as tips to learn Physics well. In the summarised physics notes that he types for his students, he is able to encapsulate the essence of each topic amidst succinct yet comprehensive explanation of concepts. In addition, whenever appropriate, he provides derivations to make his students’ learning more complete. That said, it should be noted that he does not ‘spoon-feed’ his students, because he constantly reminds them to write their own notes based on their understanding of each topic. Furthermore, in his classroom and lecture teaching, he goes the extra mile to find or create suitable applets and animations to aid students’ understanding in physics concepts, which goes to show his commitment to teaching. All in all, Mr Sim has been an excellent physics teacher with the ability to inspire and motivate..

Charlotte , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is able to present important, and sometimes very complicated, physics concepts to students in a very comprehensible way. His notes summarizing the key understandings of each chapter are especially useful, as they are concise and accurate. In addition, he delivers his lessons with much clarity, and even injects elements of humour and allows us students to digest information taught easily.

Sherie , RI(JC)

I feel that the physics notes you gave to us is superb, so much so that many from other classes have asked for it too. The summarised physics notes are concise and to-the-point, cutting short all the ‘long stories’ in the lecture notes. It is easily comprehensible and very systematic, making it very clear for the reader to know exactly what is going on. (On a side note, I feel that you should publish a A-level physics book compiling all your notes as I believe they will be in hot demand and will likely provide relief and soothe the anxiety of many other potential physics students in the years to come.) All in all, I feel that you are one of the best physics teachers I have encountered so far, as you genuinely cared for us and have tried to stimulate our interest in the subject. Without you, I guess my physics concepts will still be muzzled up. You helped to clarify and clear all the misconceptions that I previously had. I would like to sincerely thank you for being such a dedicated teacher. Thank you Mr Sim!

Qi Han , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr. Sim is an earnest teacher who sincerely wants to help his students achieve better grades and understand physics better. He is able to clearly articulate and explain physics concepts that are often complicated and abstract. This had made learning physics in his class enjoyable, and made the study of physics less daunting. Also, his notes are systematic and well-planned, and deliver the few important concepts that one needs to know for a particular topic in a clear and concise format.

Xinni , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a dedicated educator and a passionate physics teacher. He is extremely willing to help his students as evident from the setting up of his website. He does well in providing comprehensive explanations of physics concepts, allowing his students to grasp these concepts easily. He also tries to make most of his lessons interesting..

Caroline , RI(JC)

Mr Sim never fails to capture the attention of the class with his innovative and interesting methods of teaching, keeping the class spontaneous by facilitating discussions with fresh ideas. With such a large number of students in his class, getting to know the majority would be no mean feat but he goes the extra mile to understand everyone, going even further by designing notes that are comprehensive, catering for the needs of his students. For all his hardwork, he has earned my utmost respect as a caring teacher for the past 2 years.

Nicholas , RI(JC)

I think Mr Sim’s someone you’d have to get to know on a much more personal level to understand, because I think there’s much more to him than he shows to his class most of the times. He’s occasionally self-deprecating, which makes for a wonderful teacher to have, and his teaching methods are very effective. His notes are concise and to the point, which really helps in digesting and identifying the essentials of each topic. Personally I’d say he’s the best physics tutor in RJC (but yeah my grades don’t really reflect it (yet)).

Darryl , RI(JC)


Just wanted to say thank you-thank you – thank you so much for the help and guidance that you have given me! without it, i don’t think it would have been possible for me to get an ‘A’ for A levels. You make the lessons more enjoyable and physics more interesting 🙂 haha. sorry for all the trouble I gave you, including not doing some of the tutorials, talking in class etc. to express my gratitude, i shall spread a word around regarding thephysicscafe.com. Hope you continue teaching with a passion!

Ching Minsi , RI(JC)

Hello Mr Sim!

Thank you for your guidance for the past 2 years. You have been a fabulous teacher! 🙂 Couldn’t have gotten my A without you. All the best with the Physics Cafe!

Wanxi , RI(JC)

Hi Mr Sim,

Here is Yaohua, Hope you still remember me. I am from 6O. Thank you for your effort in writing all the testimonial for me. I have decided to go to University of Waterloo, Canada to study acturial science. This is the school that I want to go most because I can study acturial science as a degree. I will also continue to love physics. :)Hope you will have a batch less naughty but much smarter than us.

Zhou Yaohua , RI(JC)

Dear Mr Sim,

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout the past 2 years. I really enjoyed your tutorials that were always peppered with humour. You really made learning physics fun and less stressful. I am sincerely grateful to have you as my CT. Thank you once again, and all the best 🙂

Xinni , RI(JC)

Hello Mr Sim,

I benefited greatly from your notes of Kinematics and Overview of Jc1 Topics.It is really kind of you to upload notes for free. Your 44 page notes of kinematics have benefited me more than all the internet articles i have read for past 1 and half year.I would like to request for Superposition and Overview of Jc 2 Topics.I would love to write a short testimonial for you.

Lex , RI(JC)

Hi Mr Sim, I’m from the class of 2011. Though I haven’t taken my A Levels and gotten the A like many of your past students, and barely even had 3 months of Physics lessons in RJC, thanks for making the Kinematics module so fun & easy to understand. Your lectures were really the most enjoyable ones so far. =) I love your “stories” & the sms-quiz, and I think your explanations and slides are extremely clear and concise. If not for you leaving RI, I think we’d all be more than happy to have you as our Physics lecturer for the rest of the year!

Anonymous , RI(JC)

Dear sir,

I am sorry i just found that there is such a forum here to say something to you and your teaching as well. Frankly speaking, it’s my great fortune to have u as my physics tutor in rjc. I heard many other friends’ comments about their tutors. U make me feel that u are the best. Responsiblility, sense of humor, and concise, simple way of teaching, i have to say i have never met any teacher who can make me feel that. You can always teach us with the views of students, but not teachers. Many teachers cannot reach that because they never understand where the students’ difficulties are. Of course, besides teaching us physics concepts, u teach us many other things as well, such as socialising, values and attitude…Best of luck to u and ur funny but useful website. Thank you for your teaching.

Yuan Bo , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a great teacher who was able to help me regain my confidence in physics after 5 years of mediocre results and poor conceptual understanding.

Anonymous , RI(JC)

Your way of explaining the concepts are very clear and interesting. For example, the ‘home’ and ‘hanging around’ analogy you gave for holes and electrons is super interesting and easy to remember. For the notes, they are highly self-explanatory. It is important (at least for me) to understand the rationale behind each observation which the school notes fail to do so sometime (or maybe the school notes is too wordy to understand=D).

I trust you have the ability to be a wonderful physics tutor both in school and outside school. And I am so glad to see the opening of you physics learning center soon. I am willing to help out in your center if you need me in any way as it is also my dream to teach and apply physics in the future.

Best Regards , RI(JC)

Mr Sim’s notes are succint and to the point. They are very logical and allow you to not just memorise the equations, but help you to understand the reasoning and derivations of all physics formulas. He teaches through understanding and logical deduction, not by spoon feeding of forcing equations down your throat.

Anonymous , RI(JC)

I started A’level Physics with some love for the subject, but it soon disappeared as I found the syllabus very hard to comprehend. Often, I was clueless about problem-solving techniques, and this showed in my dismal marks. However, with Mr Sim’s help, I have made steady improvment in Physics, and now have started to enjoy it. It is very rare to find a dedicated teacher who is not only knowledgable, but who can also put across ideas effectively. Mr Sim has, with his succinct notes and engaging teaching style, the wonderful ability to share his passion for and knowledge of Physics with his students. I am very glad and count myself lucky to have had Mr Sim as my teacher in JC2! Thank you Mr Sim!

Indera , RI(JC)

He explains everything clearly and slowly for all of us to understand and he will not hesitate to answer all of our queries, even if it isnt in the syllabus. HES THE BEST PHYSICS TEACHER! =D The notes are short and sweet. and the summaries are definitely helpful too. thanks:)

Alloysius , RI(JC)

Both you and the notes are clear and concise. and the analogies u used seem to fit well lol!

Liangxu , RI(JC)

Although I was initially skeptical whether a new teacher would be beneficial for me, Mr Sim has transformed my outlook for physics and have made once intimidating questions look surprisingly easily. His clear explanation of the concepts allowed me grasp the fundamentals of the subject, and apply them to many problems, even the challenging ones.

Mr Sim has provided me with the platform to succeed in this field of sciences, and have inspired me to pursue physics at a higher level.

benkhoo , RI(JC)

I think Mr Sim’s notes are extremely concise and to the point. They highlight the most important parts of each chapter, and sieve out the redundant information. His notes also provides many examples which allows me to get familiar with using whatever knowledge i have learned straight away, so that i will remember it better. His lessons are always interesting, and he knows how to joke from time to time. His teaching method is very heavily oriented towards making you score well for physics, and though he does not usually talk much about the story of the theory, he produces results. Also, his lessons are well prepared and his use of animations and applets to help me learn are very appropriate. All in all, he is the one of the best, if not THE best physics teachers i have ever known.

Chien Ming , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr Sim, you seriously make the syllabus content more understandable and clear! Mr. Sim, your passion and dedication to see students improve is what separates you from other teachers. The notes that characterize your lessons are very concise and updated; they are extremely useful when doing revision. They reflect that passion you have 🙂 Thank you Mr Sim

David Lee , RI(JC)

The best aspect about Mr Dave Sim, is that he is a caring and concerned tutor. Always looking for ways to improve his teaching, he has inspired me to learn physics at a higher level in university. Always helping us out when we need, and joking with us often, learning under him was a pleasure. Besides physics, he taught us magic. I was touched by his love for magic, physics and teachin. thank you sir. i really looked up to you as a role model. wish you all the best in your dream job, but the future rj students are just unlucky if u decided to quit rj.

Senthil , RI(JC)

He exudes charisma and is able to engage the students in all of the class discussions. Physics was made graspable with his unique yet effective methods of illuminating concepts with either mind maps or interactive media applications. He is indeed an amazing teacher who inspires and motivates students to achieve the best that they can.

Julian Tay , RI(JC)

Mr sim is able to explain the different concepts in a succinct manner such that students are able to grasp it very easily and he enables the students to apply the different concepts for different questions. He is also able to use analogies to explain difficult concepts. His notes are concise and comprehensive at the same time. Most importantly, he teach us very well, with great enthusiasm and passion!

Shiyuan , RI(JC)

Mr Sim’s Physics notes are not too wordy, and more comprehensive compared to lecture notes. He is a very patient teacher, and does not mind re-explaining the concepts to those who have doubts. He puts in extra time and effort to make sure his students understand a particular concept or topic. Good luck on setting up your own Physics Learning Center sir!!!

Zou Yang , RI(JC)

Mr. Sim is an excellent teacher in every aspect of teaching especially once I have tried to listen and pay attention during lesson. He is the one that made me understood what I couldn’t for the past two years, PHYSICS. If you ask any of the students from 6V I’m very sure they would say that they couldn’t understand a thing when they see the tutorial but when Mr. Sim discussed it during physics period, it is all easily understood, even the challenging questions are easily understood when he is explaining it. Strive on to be the best teacher sir! thank you for the precious time=)

Dustin , RI(JC)

Mr. Sim teaches in the most systematic and easiest ways to inspire his students’ interests for Physics. He teaches with passion. He shows this passion with his gestures, voices and great consistency and this motivates the students to work hard and concentrate in the class. He learly illustrates what A level and all other Physics exams are about and breaks them down for students to handle part by part, which not many other teachers are willing to do so.

Shi Ruitao , RI(JC)

He can explain the concepts using ‘common sense‘ words. He gives good analogies (this is VERY IMPORTANT to me!) (e.g. explaining the concept of COE and DC using ‘eating dinner’, ‘climbing an obstacle’, ‘having less energy’ and so on.)

Zachary Teo , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is an excellent tutor who explains Physics concepts in a clear (and humorous) manner, which makes it easier to remember. Lessons focus on exam skills yet do not depend on pure memorisation just for the exam. The notes are simple, clear, no-fuss, yet tell you everything you need to know!

I would definitely recommend anyone to join The Physics Cafe, whether you’re struggling with Physics or just getting by, or feel that you just need constant practice and clarification!

Trina Ling , RI(JC)

Upon starting Physics in Junior College, I was unable to fully comprehend the fundamental concepts that were taught in the beginning. As a result, it caused my understanding of Physics to be weakened substantially as the following topics were built upon these fundamental concepts and ideas. However, Mr Sim was able to teach these basic yet intriguing topics with ease. His grasp and passion for the subject showed through when he was able to answer each and every one of our questions in detail while most teachers avoided and ignored them. Moreover, his constant SMSes reminded us of the hard work we had to put in. Overall, the Physics Cafe has been able to summarize the important points of each topic in point form. This complemented Mr Sim’s detailed explanation in class, and together with the ample practices that were given, the Physics Cafe is the whole package for JC Physics. 

Lim Shi Wei , Favourite , RI(JC)

I enjoy lessons at the physics cafe. To me, the way physics was taught here was very easy to understand and apply. It gave me a better understanding of the subject and equipped me with skills to approach different questions types. Having put in my best effort to complete the many practice questions prepared for us, I saw a great improvement in my grades(: I’m really thankful!

Chia Pei Qi , RI(JC)

It’s been a very VERY fun year in the physics cafe, and Mr Sim is one of the best tutors I have met. His enthusiasm for teaching physics and helping students is hard to match, and his notes, provided in the form of small, easy-to-digest booklets, are comprehensive in terms of summarising what is important. He also provides many questions for practice – important in a subject where application is key, and school tutorials can be somewhat limited in terms of practice. I really have to thank Mr Sim for helping me to improve in physics, and I highly recommend the Physics Cafe to anyone who is struggling in the subject, or who simply find it difficult to grasp concepts.

Tan Wei Zheng Daniel , Favourite , RI(JC)

The emphasis placed on exam answering techniques is extremely apt and good, and has helped me alot in tackling questions accurately and swiftly. Lessons at Physics Cafe are more structured and well planned as compared to other tuition centres. Thank you Sir, I will certainly recommend my RI juniors to you!

Low Si Rong , RI(JC)

The lessons provided are extremely well structured and organized, with the concepts demarcated into the various concepts with much clarity. The emphasis on exam answering techniques also ensures that I was able to handle full papers as I was used to problem solving. Mr Sim is also very caring and willing to take any questions, even after lessons. I would definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends. Thanks Mr Sim!

Marcus Chiang , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a dedicated physics teacher and he takes time to make sure that students understand each and every topic clearly. He makes sure that students understand not just the concept behind physics, but also teaches us examination skills so that we can score in the Physics exams. Furthermore he is more than willing to answer any enquiries and clear any misunderstandings. students well, adding sometimes humour to his lessons which make them more refreshing.

Law Hong Shing , RI(JC)

I absolutely loved the notes that were given. It really helps that all the most essential and useful concepts are condensed into concise pages of notes that made revision very convenient, quick, and easy. Mr Sim always encourages us to keep adding on to the mind map whenever we learn something important. The lessons at the Physics Cafe are more exam-oriented and always seek to improve our speed and accuracy in answering exam questions. This helps ensure that we’re as ready as we can for examinations. Concepts and topics are also very concisely (and often humourously) delivered as opposed to long and dragged-out lectures, which makes learning and revision fun. I will certainly recommend my friends to the center! Thank you very much Mr Sim!

May , RI(JC)

Mr Dave Sim is quite simply, the best Physics teacher that I have ever had in the past 18 years of my life! The key feature distinguishing Mr Sim from the rest of the physics teachers that I have been exposed to is the unique personal connection that he develops with his students. His heart and soul for teaching translates into improved results and passion from his students, and his unique ability to understand a student’s needs complements his incredible explanation and teaching skills. He is not your ordinary run of the mill teacher, he is an inspiring person who can actually teach Physics. He has made Physics an interesting and enjoyable subject and I have never felt such excitement going for Physics lessons which are both enjoyable and productive, something which is indeed difficult to find in teachers. No regrets! 🙂

John Yu , Favourite , RI(JC)

HELLO MR SIM!!! here’s a tribute to you! You’re seriously, seriously the most awesomest coolest physics teacher I ever had. After you took over I never skipped a single day where there was physics cos every lesson was really really important and helped me a lot. I think you were meant to be a teacher all along: you have the seemingly effortless gift of making students understand concepts even though you sound like you’re just teaching normally most of the time. So I guess it’s good you stopped being an engineer in the field of p and n type objects and depleted layers. And you have no temper at all haha, and I’m really grateful for the amount of patience you have when teaching my class. And of course, there’s those insanely amusing and funny times you shared with my class. I swear I’ve never laughed so much or been so happy in a freaking lesson before (of course GP is the exception but that’s cos I’m biased towards GP) I think i’ll miss physics lessons a lot. haha. Happy teachers’ day! (albeit a rather belated one) It’s because of teachers like you that I finally see how important teachers are. I do think your learning I’m pretty sure this batch will help spread this reputation too.

Mingmei , RI(JC)

I am very grateful to Mr Sim for helping me get my A for Physics at the A levelsI hated Physics in J1 because the abstract ideas and concepts made no sense to me at all. But Mr Sim not only made Physics accessible to all of us through his amazing teaching, I was suddenly able to grasp key concepts better and do questions with astonishing ease and speed! The regular topical recaps, practice questions that ranged in difficulty and timed practices during Physics Cafe lessons were definitely a blessing. It is thanks to Mr Sim’s teaching that I was also able to develop an passion for the subject over time and that is why I have chosen to do engineering in university. If you are struggling with Physics, I would definitely recommend The Physics Cafe because Mr Sim makes the once seemingly insurmountable challenge called Physics a breeze (:

Reetaza Chatterjee , Favourite , RI(JC)

It’s really helpful because Mr Sim actually teaches you the methods to solve the various problems. Of course you still have to practice on your own, but knowing the different procedures to tackle different questions helps out A LOT. This really sets the physics cafe apart because in school, the teachers expect you to know everything maybe because of the tutorial lecture system. They expect you to already know how to solve the questions at a snap of the finger and expect you to deliver pristinely done tutorials. They don’t go down to the nitty gritty. Therefore, I will totally recommend the physics cafe to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the answering techniques!

Wyatt Oh , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has been extremely effective in helping me understand the physics concepts which I didn’t in the past. The notes given out are very concise and effective and they help a lot in revision as it shows the main concepts and formulas for all the chapters, and it can be seen that Mr Sim has put in a lot of effort into crafting the notes. Mr Sim has been a very helpful and patient teacher throughout the 1 year I spent at the Physics Cafe and he always seem to be able to make difficult topics a lot more digestable and understandable. The lessons here are much more interactive as compared to the dull and mundane tutorials in school, and it forces one to think instead of waiting for answers, and it is this kind of lessons which helps students improve. This place has made a huge difference in my physics results, and I will definitely recommend the Physics Cafe to my friends.

Brandon Chua , Favourite , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has notes that are far better than my school’s as they do not merely gloss over concepts but also show examples to strengthen students’ understanding. The notes are also aesthetically pleasing. I feel that ample questions and exam questions are given. Lessons with Physics Cafe are also very enjoyable and interesting as the teacher can be quite humorous too. I would recommend Physics Cafe to my friends!

Aw Khai Sheng , RI(JC)

The way that the notes are compiled are very clear and concise. This is much better than the organisation of the lecture notes in school, which are very lengthy. I think this helped me to organise the topics and content much more clearly, allowing me to have the deeper understanding of each topic and the subject as a whole.

Nicolette Tan , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has been very useful for me! Before joining The Physics Cafe, the thought of doing Physics intimidated me but Mr Sim made solving the toughest of problems rather manageable. He also drilled us on essential concepts and helped us identify possible ways that Cambridge can trick us and all these have definitely improved my problem solving techniques by leaps and bounds. I would definitely recommend my juniors to join.

Reetaza , RI(JC)

Lessons with Mr Sim are always very interesting. He is clear in his explanations and trains us exactly how we should approach the different types of questions. He made physics more interesting and less difficult for me.

Phaan Yi Lin , RI(JC)

Prior to joining the Physics Cafe, I knew next to nothing about physics, and was more than convinced that I’d chosen the wrong subject. Ever since I started lessons with Mr Sim though, I became more and more clear about the fundamentals and concepts of physics, and also grew more confident in answering Physics questions. A large part of this has been undoubtedly down to the focus on techniques of answering questions, which I find quite efficient. On the overall,Mr Sim has to be one of the best teachers I’ve had, and his lessons are also very engaging.

Clarence Neoh , RI(JC)

Mr Sim’s physics notes are excellent as he is able to present the main concepts in a topic in a clear, concise and compartmentalised way that does not breed confusion like the way some of the lecture notes do. This is especially important in the subject of Physics at the ‘A’ levels as a logical, systematic train of thought is fundamental to understanding multi-faceted physics concepts. His Logical Problem Solving system of thought is extremely effective in solving complex physics questions by providing a step-by-step guideline that is applicable to almost any physics question. Mr Sim’s unique and hilarious style of teaching is very effectual in getting the points and concepts across to his students. His ability of using familiar examples from everyday life to explain obscure physics concepts (like semiconductors and quantum physics) are especially effectively and memorable.

Shan Shan , RI(JC)

Mr Dave Sim is very clear in all his explanations, even for the H2 topics that are usually hard to understand. This helps me grasp difficult concepts more easily and be able to apply them in problem solving. Thank you so much for teaching me over these two years and I’ll definitely recommend my friends to join too!

Zheng Xi , RI(JC)

Mr Sim is a responsible and experienced physics teacher whose passion for teaching inspired many of his students to thrive for their personal best. As one of his student, I found his lessons intellectually stimulating, as he prepared well for each lesson and his interesting and insightful remarks successfully attracted the attention of students. He made learning not a stress but a joy, yet he encouraged each student to develop their intellectual potential to the fullest. I personally found the summary physics notes prepared by Mr Sim most useful, as I often felt suddenly enlightened by his brief yet in-depth analysis, and these notes serve as a wonderful guide for my revision as they helped me to clear and organize my thoughts. Most importantly, Mr Sim taught us a series of logical methods to approach physics questions, which I found extremely useful especially when our academic workloads are getting heavy. This method allowed us to effectively simplify complicated questions, and extract the most important information from the question in the shortest period of time, so that we can hardly be tricked or perplexed by those seemingly difficult questions.

Huixian , RI(JC)


Being a DSA student, I’m heavily committed with my CCA. As a result, a huge portion of my time has to be allocated to training sessions. I found it difficult to juggle between studies and CCA. I started attending the Physics Café in the hope of being able to pull my grades up. The Physics Café provides a systematic way of studying and answering questions. It helped us develop a clearer and deeper appreciation for the subject. Because of this unique way of learning physics, I felt that the studying process was a lot faster! Thank you MDS!

Woo Kah Leong Benedict , RI(JC)

Mr Sim has been my physics tutor for about a year now and indeed it must be said he is one of the most likable teachers around. The first thing that strikes you about Mr Sim is that he is indeed a teacher at heart. Mr Sim enjoys a passion, magic. We all know that magicians never like to reveal their tricks, no matter how trivial they may be. However, Mr Sim has on several occasions taught us a few of his tricks, of course not before performing them first. (Let me stress that this was of course done during our free time!) To many this may seem as an irrelevant point, to me it is a testament of Mr Sim’s character. Teaching is in his blood, by it physics, magic, or other things. What makes him so special is not only his heart to teach, it is also his personality. Despite being our teacher he has still retained his youthful nature and is able to bond with the class on a whole new level. In my opinion, a teacher cannot effectively communicate his or her knowledge without first bonding with the class. I’ve never enjoyed a lesson so thoroughly and learnt so much at the same time. Indeed my journey with Mr Sim has been short, it has been an unforgettable journey. Though as a student close to competing my A level i’ll “disappear like the pen in ear” (this is reference to a trick taught to us by Mr Sim), i’ll never forget what Mr Sim has taught me over this period of time, and what he represents. (a rare breed). Bravo Mr Sim. A million thanks of gratitude (:

chris 09S06H (i mean every word =p) you’re the best , Favourite , RI(JC)

I must thank Mr Dave Sim and his precisely and accurately prepared “Physics secrets enclosed”. It is handy, succinct and informative. Before every exam, I would go through it thoroughly, that gave me the mental readiness and confidence. The concepts gone through during regular lessons are very clear, Mr Sim does highlight the topics with greater emphasis and the relationship between some. The Physics Cafe focuses on the very essential of understanding Physics more than just being able to answer the usual questions. It is the thought process. With understanding, naturally, our results have jumped. And with sound recommending this tuition to my juniors. I have benefited from the programme and I’m sure it’ll be likewise for my juniors. The physics cafe is there to support you, if you fully utilise the materials given, like completing all your “daily dose” for every chapter, there’s no reason why you won’t enjoy Physics and do well in it! Thank you Mr Dave Sim and the Physics Cafe.

Leow Andrew , RI(JC)

My experience with The Physics Cafe has been an enjoyable one. I first joined The Physics Cafe during the 2011 post-promos crash course and since then, my physics have improved tremendously. Mr Dave Sim is a very patient, knowledgeable and, not forgetting, funny teacher. Thank you very much Mr Sim (:

Nigel Ng Khai Jun , RI(JC)

Mr Sim’s lessons are really great, he is an awesome physics teacher in that he really helps you understand the physics concepts behind each topic and also helps tie the different parts of a topic together! His methods to tackle questions are also very effective. He makes it really very easy to understand Physics and I’ve learnt more under him in 1 year than I could in 3-4 years at school!He has completely overthrown my years-long belief that Physics is a subject not meant to be understood! Thank You Mr Sim, you’re a genius! 😀

Maithili , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has really helped me a lot as a student to grasp concepts better and to tackle exams better. It has been the catalyst to the improvement i have made for my Physics subject. The Physics Cafe, with Mr Sim especially, has made Physics so fun and interesting for me that i’ve never ever lost interest in it ever again no matter how hard it was, or how boring it might have been. Physics Cafe lessons are very different from school’s tutorial and lecture system as it goes right into the main crux of JC life, which is to solve A level questions. School’s prefer to help us develop and understand the topics and do no emphasis as much on the examination techniques as The Physics Cafe does. The Physics Cafe provides us with the essential tools to supplement our knowledge and thus make it simpler for us to answer questions as we now know what Cambridge wants. I would definitely recommend my friend to join The Physics Cafe as the essential tools you gain to tackle exams and the supplements to your knowledge are just the basic things you will obtain.The bond and friendship you will form with not only your mates from the Physics Cafe but also with our dear Mr Sim will be very much worthwhile for all of us.

Ng Wei Peng Jordan , Favourite , RI(JC)

I used to struggle with Physics in J1, as it was such a complicated subject to me. I did not understand any of the school’s lectures and they seemed really boring to me. However, when Mr. Sim started to teach me the subject, I found myself understanding the concepts involved instead of pure memorising, and Mr. Sim always managed to simplify even the most complicated ideas in the H2 physics syllabus. Mr. Sim made learning Physics easy and even interesting, and I started to do better during my exams without much difficulty. Mr. Sim was also concerned about my grades and gave me much needed encouragement during the days leading up the ‘A’ Levels. My experience learning in The Physics Cafe has hence been very fruitful and enjoyable, and I would definitely recommend it to those who do not already know about this learning centre! 🙂 Once again, thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement 🙂 regardless of my result in March, I feel that you have really made Physics more understandable and fun for me 🙂 Your physics lessons were indeed very helpful and enjoyable, I cannot even begin to describe how thankful and happy I am! Haha 🙂

Jolyn Yeo , Favourite , RI(JC)

Hi Mr Sim, your lessons are very intense but I like how you break down all the hard questions to make them seem less daunting to us. I feel that I’ve been learning new answering techniques every lesson and I really appreciate that. Thank you for all the help you’ve given and I hope with that, I’ll get a satisfactory result for As. Thank you (:

Li Youjia , RI(JC)

Skills on tackling questions and tips to have the right mentality upon entering the exam hall are really useful. It helps that tough questions are specially identified and worked on in class, saving us time in picking out the questions ourselves. While it was hard to keep up given that I joined The Physics Cafe at quite a late stage, the classes served as motivationfor me to work harder and close up the gaps in my knowledge to make the best out of every lesson. Overall, the biggest takeaway for me would be in the way I view the exams, in that I’ll no longer be so worried and stressed out but rather see it as a way for me to express what I know to the examiner to the best of my ability, and to be able to figure out what each question is trying to ask before crafting an answer to fulfill the requirements.

Nicholas Koh , RI(JC)

The physics secrets enclosed is very well written and comprehensive and has helped me greatly in my revision. Perhaps more info can be included regarding qualitative questions as the notes are very concise (not a bad thing). In physics cafe, the questions done in class revises all the concepts tested in each chapter such that we are able to answer commonly asked questions and get a better grasp of concepts. The explanations given are also in depth and comprehensive. However, in school, tutorials are done in a touch and go manner and sometimes questions are skipped to save time. I am not able to understand the concepts fully.

Jemima Soh , RI(JC)

I enjoy the emphasis on exam questions and answering technique. Gives targeted experience in understanding question intent and phrasing answers without wasting time on content reiteration alone. Tuition at The Physics Cafe really saves a lot of time. It moves faster and exposes me to a wide variety of questions. This helps me to distinguish what questions are asking for and has helped greatly in saving time in exams. Timed practices and quizzes also force students to practice thinking quickly and clearly under stress, something that is rare in school and other tuition centers. Students at the physics cafe have a much stronger exam technique than those outside, and also recognize common pitfalls (e.g. Non-SI units in question info) more easily and consistently. This helps to save many marks that we could have gotten otherwise. I would recommend my friends to join TPC especially for the revision workshops and crash courses which are extremely engaging.

Amanda Chung , RI(JC)

Before joining the Physics Cafe I had difficulties summarizing my notes and sometimes, I fear that I might miss out important and essential concepts. Since joining The Physics Cafe, I do not have to spend hours and hours reading my school notes just to understand a particular concept. I can just take Mr Sim’s notes out before exams and quickly revise it. Moreover, the notes include examples similar to exam standard. Attending Mr Sim’s lessons has been a real eye opener. After spending long hours in school for physics lectures and tutorials, I might still not understand what was taught. However, after attending one lesson at TPC, I magically understood everything I was previously unsure of or did not understand. I will definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends and juniors as it is definitely worth the money and time. TPC helps you understand Physics better. As compared to hours wasted trying to figure out what is being taught in school on my own, it is worth the time travelling to The Physics Cafe.

Daniel Nur Hakim Ismail , Favourite , RI(JC)

Yes I would definitely recommend my friends to join Physics Café because I’ve improved tremendously ever since I joined. Mr Sim is really engaging and helps break down each chapter into individual concepts that we have to know/memorize. I never knew studying physics could be so effortless and easy. By simply attending the weekly lesson at Physics Café, I can now focus and invest more time on studying other subjects that I’m weaker in. On top of that, Mr Sim has also helped cultivate my interest in Physics and I am even thinking of doing Physics-related university courses.

Wan Yuquan , RI(JC)

Mr Dave Sim has imparted highly systematic and efficient ways to approach examinations to his students, eliminating unnecessary stress and anxiety faced when dealing with tough papers. He also encourages the understanding of Physics concepts both in depth and breadth, such that his students are better able to break down hard questions and answer them in a way that fulfills the examiner’s requirements. I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Zheng Fan , RI(JC)

I will definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe. I started off in early Feb in J2. The previous year, I got a D for Physics in my Promos. This year’s CT1, I got a B. I am very confident in my J2 topics because Mr Sim has helped me to understand all of it. If only I started coming in J1! Mr Sim also maximises the time we spend in tuition. Not a single minute of the two hours are wasted each week. Perhaps you may baulk at the fees considering that there are ~20 or more people in each class. But I can assure you that so long you remain focused in class, you will gain much more than you can expect as Mr Sim gives everyone equal attention. The part which differentiates Mr Sim is that he is always available should you have extra questions to ask, there has not been a single time where he has said “No, sorry, not this week, I’m not free.” In spite of his busy schedule, he always helps his students. Finally I would like to commend The Physics Cafe for their integrity as a company. Due to a miscalculation, I once paid an extra $50 in tuition fees. A week later, Mr Sim immediately returned it to me. I can’t say for sure, but I am not confident that most tuition centres would do this. To any and all reading this, you MUST come for The Physics Cafe if you are looking for Physics tuition.

Lim Jun Heng , RI(JC)

What distinguishes The Physics Cafe is the clarity with which Mr Sim teaches the content, problem-solving techniques and answers questions.I was quite confused about Physics in JC1 and was quite demoralised after repeatedly receiving dismal grades in school; upon attending lessons here, however, Mr Sim taught the content really clearly and taught very effective problem solving techniques, and was able to answer all my questions! With my doubts cleared and with a better grasp of the content, I quickly regained confidence in Physics and saw my grades pick up again, something I had not thought possible! The notes provided are very concise and useful too, and the lessons are really structured to reinforce skills and content learnt during class. Mr Sim is also a very good tutor who’s willing to answer all your questions and ensure that you understand fully. This is the only Physics tuition I would recommend anyone to join!

Kate , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe provides a short concise lecture which focuses on answering technique as well as exam skills. This makes the Physics Cafe truly stand out, ensuring that every student is well equipped with the necessary skills and tools needed for the examinations. Another amazing tool which The Physics Cafe provides is the amazing “Secrets Enclosed”as well as the detailed, yet concise notes that come along with every chapter. This breaks every topic down to its first principals as well as the set number of skills that the questions about the topic can cover and test. This enables one to study efficiently and effectively for any examination as just flipping through the notes will ensure that one is able to absorb the important details for every topic! Most importantly, The Physics Cafe has a talented teacher Mr. Sim, who has an ability to get the main point of each topic across in an effective manner that one is able to remember the details for a long time after the lesson. Furthermore, Mr. Sim’s lessons are engaging and interactive, ensuring that one is fully alert throughout the whole lesson, thus ensuring that no time is wasted. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe!

Colin Ong , Favourite , RI(JC)

The Physics Maths Cafe notes are great and easily understandable. The fact that Mr Ang asks all of us questions throughout the lesson makes it more engagingand ensures that we do not get distracted. Hopefully we will all be able to get our As in A levels!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MR ANG.

Denise Wong , RI(JC)

I am definitely very much more confident in Physics! I have always second-guessed myself, especially for the more complicated topics or the ones I felt I was never very good at. But after one year under Mr Sim, especially the June Workshop, it definitely helped me to answer more questions with much more certainty as I do truly understand a lot more:) I think the main difference lies in the fact that Mr Sim always ensures that we get enough practice, and does not waste too much time teaching things over and over again, nor does he teach anything that is redundant. I have spent a lot more time practicing questions, improving both my technique as well as my speed. I think the large number of students he has is testament to the fact that his methods and teaching methods definitely DO work:) I would definitely recommend my friends to Physics Cafe!!!

Lee Chan Wai , RI(JC)

Mr Dave Sim’s lessons are easy to understand and engaging. I am less fearful of Physics after attending The Physics Cafe. During the lessons, we also get to learn how to think fast to answer questions, a skill that is very important when taking examinations. Mr Sim also share with us tips and tricks in handling some standard questions. Mr Sim is also very encouraging. I would recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Abelline Chua , RI(JC)

Solving questions handpicked by Mr Sim has allowed me to better understand and apply physics concepts. His engaging and effective lessons has definitely helped me gain confidence in tackling challenging questions. I will recommend The Physics Cafe to any student who is struggling to follow lessons or to score in exams.

Yue Xin , RI(JC)

The Physics Math Cafe has made me more confident about the subject as the notes are really summarized and get to the main point very quickly! Many different types of challenging questions are gone through in class and Mr Sim’s guidance really helps! Compared to school notes Mr Sim’s notes are very summarized and concise and get to the main point very quickly which is very useful! He also drills us with many many questions so we get used to the different types of questions that can be asked. Yep,I would definitely recommend TPC to my friend. 🙂

Chew Qing Hui , RI(JC)

I’m much more confident in Physics after attending the Physics Cafe. It’s different from normal school lessons because Mr Sim is very clear in his teaching and extremely concise. This allows me to pick up concepts much more quickly. I would definitely recommend it to my friends if they can afford it.

Joel Seow , RI(JC)

The physics cafe has made me more confident in answering physics questions. Mr Sim is very clear in explaining concepts and questions and is very concise. The notes (summary page) given are very useful and effective for my revision. I used to find physics very challenging but it has changed after coming for tuition here. In short, I’ll definitely recommend my friends to join the physics cafe

Kelsey Goh , RI(JC)

The physics cafe teaches in the most straightforward way possible. The way Mr Dave Sim teaches builds on the fundamentals before teaching including extra information, which aids in understandingas compared to school lectures, where the information comes in chunks and students have to rely on themselves to sort out the information. The questions Mr Dave Sim chooses also helps the newfound knowledge to ‘stick’ much better, where as example questions in the lecture notes only require blind application of formulas. Thx Mr sim! Physics has become much more intuitive for me now!

Ding YuChen , RI(JC)

I am very thankful the extra practice questions that are challenging and comprehensive in the form of booklets that can be easily referred to. I also like the Physics and Maths Secrets Enclosed booklet which contains all the essential key points and concepts as well as definitions and formulae which we need to know before taking any major exams! Doing all the questions in class as well as those in the Physics Maths Cafe “take away” package gives me more confidence in tackling my exams! Mr Sim also gives very clear and precise explanations of difficult concepts using analogies that are easily relatable to us; making something so difficult seem relatively manageable!!! Thank you Mr Sim!!

Fiona , RI(JC)

Some may think that travelling for tuition is a waste of time but personally I find classes at the physics cafe very useful. The notes are concise and to the point, and Mr Sim provides us with an easy way to remember the physics concepts and formulas. I especially find the secrets enclosed a very powerful summary of the key concepts required for the syllabus. Thank you for also taking the time to answer questions before or after class 🙂

(This doesn’t sound really coherent hahaha but I sincerely mean all that I’ve typed 🙂

May Watt , RI(JC)

I find the lessons here very effective with not a single second wasted. Every single lesson I encounter new interesting and difficult questions and eventually knowing how to solve them is very satisfying. Physics has been a very enjoyable subject ever since I have joined!

Michelle Loke , RI(JC)

Mr Sim has made physics a lot clearer for me and I actually find it to be quite enjoyable thanks to him! He always challenges us by giving us higher order questions and this has helped to expose me to a variety of questions. The notes provided are also very concise and useful for exam revision. I would definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends because I feel that I have personally benefitted and they can too.

Kelsey Goh , RI(JC)

The Physics Café had helped me gain confidence in confronting difficult physics questions. It also helped me gain a much greater understanding in physics topics, especially topics like electromagnetism. The notes are comprehensive yet summarised unlike the lengthy school lecture notes. We are exposed to a great scope of questions and this allows us to be more prepared for the actual exam. After joining, I have greater confidence in handling exams and I will definitely recommend my friends to join.

Phua Shi Ting , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has helped me grasp difficult physics concepts that I could not comprehend in school, using mindmaps and numerous practices for each topic. As much as extra practice outside tuition and school is required, the Physics Cafe has definitely shorten the time spent on revision and offers an edge through challenging questions asked and addressed by the tutor. Lessons at The Physics Cafe forces students to think all the time; the tutor bothers to ask each student a question during lessons to test their understanding, and constantly provide challenging questions to push our limits. The Physics Cafe has certainly boost my confidence in Physics and I can attempt questions with more confidence and ease. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who seeks to improve their Physics!

Victoria Tan , Favourite , RI(JC)

Mr. Sim is really great Physics teacher. I have really benefitted a great deal from his teaching. His lessons are highly structured and very rigorous, and the hours spent at the PhysicsCafe really help me focus on the subject and really think about what my strengths and weaknesses are in the subject. The curriculum at the PhysicsCafe is very extensive and covers basically all the bases. With Mr Sim’s teaching, I have become a whole lot more confident whenever I do Physics questions. THANKS MR SIM 🙂

Yen Ren Zuo Brian , RI(JC)

The absolute best part of The Physics Cafe is the extreme efficiency. As opposed to normal lessons, Mr Sim never wastes any time in teaching us physics. Every minute is well spent, and physics ceased to be a chore for me as Mr Sim’s super clear explanations erases all my doubts. There was always the sense that he is very in tune with the A level requirements, always gearing us towards that goal.

Joel Seow , RI(JC)

In the Physics Cafe, the notes are concise and clear, making it easy for the students to understand. Mr Sim explains which formula is required under different circumstances, and explicitly establishes the link between various formulas. Beyond just the fundamental formulas, the technique involved behind various types of questions is explained, rather than just simply leaving it to the students to find out for themselves. This allows us as students to remain composed during the paper as we have learnt the necessary skills to tackle such questions. Time is spent much more efficiently at the cafe compared to ploughing through notes at home, being unaware of what we do not know. In The Physics Cafe, questions are modeled after the A levels, and covers a broad range of possible questions, allowing students to be well versed and equipped for the paper. Mr Sim helps explain what to look out for in the question, ensuring we correctly identify the focus of the question and hence applying the relevant concepts. Mr Sim keeps lessons engaging, ensuring all the students are able to follow the lessons. While doing practices, he helps the weaker students in particular, ensuring everyone benefits from it. His explanations are catered to the levels of the students and this was extremely beneficial as i was lagging behind the cohort when I joined. The Physics Cafe produces students who ace their exams as they are equipped with the necessary skills and are confident in their skills. I have no doubt the students of The Physics Cafe would do well. I definitely recommend The Physics Cafe for all students who may be struggling, it is never too late. I joined after CT2 and am already seeing huge improvements in my results due to the clearer conceptual understanding.

Ryan Sek , Favourite , RI(JC)

I think it’s great that The Physics Cafe has helped me to grasp my concepts better and be more aware of the different techniques and skills required for the different types of questions within each topic. It has definitely helped me gain more confidence in the subject. Also, the compiled notes is very effective for revision because all the concepts and definitions are concise.

Lim Jie En , RI(JC)

I really enjoyed the lessons there because it was very efficient and concise. Mr Sim really picked out the difficult questions that I would be most likely to get tricked by and this helped me to avoid the traps in similar types of questions in the future. I wish I had joined this centre earlier as I would have done better for my promos. Thank you Mr Sim for helping me to do well and understand physics better 🙂

Jang Yu Joon , RI(JC)

Physics Cafe has helped me to improve my understanding on the various topics especially on those that seemed difficult to me initially. After attending lessons here, I am more confident of the concepts. The mind maps and the summarized notes have made memorising much easier and this definitely comes in handy when solving problems.

Sanjana , RI(JC)

I was quite bad at Physics in Year 4 and it took me a lot of courage to choose Physics in JC. However, I realise that Physics has become my least concern among all my subjects ever since I joined since start of last year and I have been consistently scoring As for all my Physics paper. The lessons are very exam-oriented and focus on problem-solving and understanding of concepts at the same time, while school lectures are only able to fulfil the former. The questions are carefully chosen so that we will not miss any concepts during our revision. The problem-solving skills are also highly relevant in other subjects too. There are also a lot of unique student welfare such as free follow drinks from vending machines, snacks and even shuttle bus to bring you home after a hard day at work. Thank you Mr Sim for giving me confidence and enjoy Physics!

Song Lizhi , RI(JC)

The materials at physics cafe are summarised in a way that allows students to study the content in a shorter period of time. Mr Dave Sim also gets students to actively participate in class, which helps students to understand concepts in a more unique fashion.

Terry Teo , RI(JC)

If I can go back in time I will definitely join earlier. Mr Sim is able to explain key concepts in a very clear manner. At first I was wondering why people don’t ask questions during the class, then I realise that he addresses my queries immediately after explaining each question, like he knows what we are thinking!

Tao Ming Hui , RI(JC)

Physics cafe provides notes that are very concise and to the point, as lecture notes usually have too many words, and we students have to spend time distilling the lecture notes. It does help to save time when the tuition centre provides clear notes. The lessons are also to the point and no time is wasted at all. This tuition has also helped to improve my intuition for the subject especially in problem solving. Many erroneous assumptions, misconceptions and thinking methods picked up during secondary school physics were dispelled, allowing me to solve difficult questions with relative ease. Joining physics cafe in March was indeed useful and has helped me to consistently improve my grades as well. I do feel prepared for examinations, thanks to this tuition, and would recommend my friends to join. While the price is indisputably steep, noticeable improvements in physics problem solving skills,as well as in grades make this a worthy investment for those who need extra help to master RI(JC) physics.

Mukund Bala , RI(JC)

I signed up for physics cafe from the very beginning of jc because my basics and foundations in physics were very shaky and I’m really glad that I did. Not only did Mr Sim’s lessons and techniques help firm up my concepts and foundations, the time limits that he set for us on every question helped me to work on problems and solve them within a very short time frame. By introducing the hardest possible prelim and a level questions that can be tested on every topic and going a step further by categorizing within each topic the types of questions that can be asked, students at physics cafe are definitely at an advantage as they are equipped with the ability and experience to tackle any form of question that comes our way. Mr Sim makes the most effective use of the 2 hours every week to impart the most essential problem solving techniques and knowledge that we need to get our As. Furthermore, the complimentary food and drinks help us to be even more refreshed and less tired during our lessons so that we can absorb information efficiently. All in all, physics cafe is a good investment because the experience and the efficient problem solving experience that I have gained can also be applied to other subjects as I’m made to think differently and quickly. I’m really glad I made this decision and I wish Mr Sim the very best in his future endeavors and a big thank you for all his hardwork.

Jennifer Shyamalee , RI(JC)

The lessons have slowly helped me build up my confidence in tackling physics questions and also familiarise myself with typical physics problems. The notes for each lesson are compact and comprehensive. I also enjoy the availability of food and free drinks at the cafe library and the area is very conducive for self-studying.

Yee Yang En , RI(JC)

Physics used to be a very foreign subject to me but The Physics Cafe has offered me some clarity to the subject. Mr Sim has a unique way of engaging his students and making the daunting subject seem so much easier. Not only do we learn concepts, we learn how to apply these concepts into difficult questions – and the application, I believe, is the most essential exam technique to be acquired. As such, I find myself growing to appreciate the subject each day. Furthermore, with the newly expanded centre at Toa Payoh where snacks, drinks and various amenities are available, it has been a pleasure to attend tuition every week. I am confident that the JC2 cohort this year will be able to score very well, thanks to the help of The Physics Cafe! 🙂

Seah Jia Ying , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has helped me a lot for both Maths and Physics. Though I joined only in J2, in a short period of time, the classes here helped me to consolidate my learning and improve my understanding of the topics. The lessons are very engaging and easy to understand and the tutors help me with any questions I may have. Overall, I would really recommend the Physics cafe to anyone who needs help in gaining confidence in their own studies and help in understanding their subjects.

V.Meghana , RI(JC)

I used to do very poorly in Math in J1, and the teachers at the Physics Cafe have helped me so much in helping me improve my fundamentals across all the topics. The very succinct and yet concise way of teaching has helped me summarize and understand what I previously used to think was a lot to remember, and the very wide range of questions that are given during class has really helped in helping me identify certain types of questions in the exam when they come out. I am really thankful I joined the Physics Cafe and I certainly wished I had joined in J1 but nevertheless the J2 journey has certainly been enjoyable for me. In addition, I really want to thank both Mr Ang and Mr Tan for making the lessons interesting and their patience in answering our relentless questions, we really appreciate it! Also, the math secret enclosed booklet is super useful! Its such an effective way of condensing all the information required to look at right before an exam. 😀 

Ashwinii Selvaraj , RI(JC)

Lessons are so engaging if you blink you’ll miss something important… Very clear and concise notes and efficient methods taught to solve problems. The notes expose me to a lot of questions and practice which is essential in mastering Physics. The services offered are all very good except I don’t have the time to use it. Would definitely recommend Physics Cafe to my friends or Juniors who need help with Physics. The course has helped me improve tremendously in my understanding of the subject.

Wang Zhirui , RI(JC)

Physics Cafe has helped me understand concepts in Physics that I always memorized but never really knew how to apply. Mr Sim’s explanations are precise and clear and I definitely hoped to have joined earlier, but better late than never 🙂 I also really like the vending machine as it serves as an accessible source of energy replenishment!

Leticia Beh , RI(JC)

The lessons are very effective, as it can pack a lot of information into a short time frame, as well as make it relatively easy to understand. I joined the classes right before the June holidays, and I really feel like I should have done it earlier ??

Cheong Wei Soon , RI(JC)

Just want to say that perhaps joining PMC was one of the best decisions of JC. have always been barely passing or failing physics since year 3, and my grades shot up from S to B in the span of two exams. I honestly was sceptical of the claims made about how effective PMC was but now I’m more than thoroughly convinced. thank you so much Mr sim!

Ethan Liew , RI(JC)

The lessons are very concise and they help to summarise the important concepts. By going for the lessons, it has helped to streamline my revision as I have understood the concepts and can just practice during my free time. The materials provided are very clear and it is not as confusing as the school notes when they try and give too much unnecessary information. I joined physics cafe at the start of 2017 and after attending the lesson, i regretted not joining earlier as Mr Sim is a great teacher. I definitely would recommend friends who wish to improve in Physics to join as I myself have seen my improvement in physics. I love the amenities provided for us as it helps to motivate us during lessons.

Marc Tan , RI(JC)

PMC has helped me improve my understanding of the topics and has helped me to be more equipped with skills to do questions. I joined rather late, but given a choice I would’ve joined much earlier. Mr Sim has really helped me improve my physics and has made physics more bearable.

Tan Min , RI(JC)

The materials are good, but may we have more bring-home structured practices with answer keys? Thank you! I would definitely recommend my friends to join 🙂 The free food and amenities are also very nice, I love it!! Thank you tutors for putting in so much effort into teaching us 🙂 I’m glad to have improved from a U grade to an A grade! Thank you, student coordinators, for being very friendly and making the experience so nice too 🙂

Chen Roubing , RI(JC)

I joined the Physics Cafe during the June holidays, when they were having their June Holiday Workshop. The lessons are really engaging and Mr Sim explained all the important physics concepts very clearly and effectively within a short time. The notes provided are also extremely helpful and concise too. Attending the lessons here has also helped me have a better grasp at the subject and better prepared for the exams!

Ryan Low , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has helped me tremendously in understanding how to approach the various questions. I know what steps to take whenever I see each question, whereas in school there’s no clear structure we are taught to follow. I would definitely recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Precia Lian Wan Qi , RI(JC)

I love the notes from PMC because it’s so useful in helping me to understand the concepts better! PMC has helped to boost my confidence in Physics and develop greater interest in the subject. Lessons at PMC is much faster compared to school. I will definitely recommend my friends to join!

Lim Yu Yun , RI(JC)

While I have only recently joined The Cafe, I am quite happy with what I have experienced and learnt so far. The pace of the class is quicker than my lectures in school and more engaging, which keeps me on my toes and keeps me going. I would strongly recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends.

Taran Singh Bhogal , RI(JC)

Lessons in The Physics Cafe has made me more confident in answering physics questions with an approach in mind. The lessons are engaging and interactive. I would recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe.

Clarice Lee , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has made me more confident for the subject. It helps me understand the topics better. The Physics cafe place more emphasis on teaching exam answering techniques as compared to school. I would definitely recommend my friends to join.

Maxine , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe provides one of the most well-planned lessons and gives the most comprehensive materials. In school, it is very difficult for me to comprehend the concepts in lectures and when I attempt the tutorials for a topic without attending a PC lesson first, I honestly can’t do many of the questions. That’s why I look forward to lessons weekly, because after a lesson, the questions in my tutorials instantly become much more manageable. When I study for exams, I also use the notes and questions from PMC more than what the school gives, because they cover both depth and breadth better. Whenever my friends ask me for physics tuition recommendations, I always tell them about PMC, because I really don’t think I could do physics without PMC. Thank you, Mr Sim!

Precia Lian Wan Qi , RI(JC)

The lessons are excellent, very engaging and informative. The teacher is really good, I learn quickly, and he clarifies the concepts well. I would have preferred to join earlier as compared to after CTs, and I would definitely recommend to other students.

Taran Singh Bhogal , RI(JC)

At first, I thought because Physics Cafe was a lecture styled kind of tuition centre I didn’t know if it was going to be effective or not. But after joining the lessons I realized it didn’t matter because the lessons and the notes were so concise and Mr Sim’s teaching style is so understandable. My grade for CTs was an S and now it’s a C for promos, so I definitely think it’s extremely effective and now all my friends want to know where I go!

Heidi Li , RI(JC)

Mr Sim focuses on exam answering techniques and common misconceptions in preparation for the A-levels. The tuition centre is very comfortable and conducive for learning, and the lessons conducted provide a great opportunity for me to consolidate everything that I have learnt for physics. Having been in The Physics Cafe since the June Holidays this year, I am now more prepared for the A-level exams, and I think the rest of the JC2 cohort is too! I will definitely recommend The Physics Cafe to my friends!

Ryan Low , RI(JC)

The Physics Cafe has made concepts so much easier to grasp and I wish I had joined earlier. The student councillors and teachers are all really friendly as well. After coming to PMC, I feel like I finally understand Physics even though I felt like giving up on the subject last year. With PMC’s thorough preparation, I feel slightly more confident about A levels as compared to if I had not come to PMC. Hopefully, the 2017 JC2 cohort will do just as well, if not better, than the previous cohorts for A levels this year.

Lusina Gao , RI(JC)

Although The Physics Cafe lessons are only a short few hours per week, they are always very productive and interesting and I always learn a lot during the lessons! It is very different from lessons in school as Mr Sim summarises all the key concepts we need to know at the start of the lesson and rest of the lesson is spent doing questions so that we can practice the concepts and identify our weaknesses which I feel is very important and helpful in revision. The centre itself is amazing as well with free drinks and friendly student councillors and teachers! I’ll recommend my friends and juniors to join the physics cafe 🙂

Emily Lua , RI(JC)

Lessons at physics cafe reinforces the important points and essentials to solve a question. Physics cafe provides step by step basics to solving simple questions, as well as encourages critical thinking while solving Grade A questions. Lessons at physics cafe are much more focused and concise. Not only are the lessons top quality, the atmosphere is welcoming as well. Lessons are not always pure lecture style, there are interactions with students through questions being asked. Also, with a humorous teacher (Mr Sim), lessons are rather interesting. The student councillors are very helpful and accommodating as well. Whenever I go early to lessons, they would open the room for me (thank you ^^). Joining Physics Cafe was the right decision. I’ve improved tremendously after joining, and I’m sure Physics Cafe will help many others improve in the years to come (:

Tan Min , RI(JC)

Lessons are at an appropriate pace but sometimes could be a bit slow and repetitive. New questions are interesting and engaging though and Mr Sim is very clear with his explanations. I would recommend my friends to join PC even though its slightly pricey, but I would say it is worth it.

Joel Lim , RI(JC)

I will really recommend my friends to join The Physics Cafe as it has helped me improve my physics a lot. The materials and lessons are very useful and provide a great exposure of questions. The teachers and student councillors are also very friendly 🙂 It has been a great experience, so I truly recommend anyone to join because it’ll be both fun and enjoyable to learn here! 🙂

Chen Roubing , RI(JC)

Before joining The Physics Cafe, my physics grades were always barely scraping a pass, which were mainly attributed to definition marks and random guesses. However, after attending the June crash course, my CT2 grade immediately jumped 3 grades up! The notes provided are concise and with Mr Sim’s simple explanations, my understanding of the topics really improved. For the first time ever, I even had friends clarifying their doubts with me 😛 If I could go back in time, I definitely wish to have started lessons in J1 to solidify my foundations, but I guess it’s better late than never 🙂

Leticia Beh , RI(JC)

I got A for physics (for the first time ever!!) I loved lessons are the Physics Cafe because I really started to understand concepts only after I joined. I liked the difficult questions and how Mr Sim can explain things very fast and very easily. Remember that physics will definitely get easier along the way if you work hard 🙂

Tao Ming Hui , RI(JC)

Before joining The Physics Cafe, I was not confident in my studies. After joining the centre, my results didn’t improve immediately. In fact I still got poor grades for physics. However, with every lesson, I grew more confident in my knowledge of physics. I started believing in myself. That is the thing that really helped me improve and do well.

V.Meghana , RI(JC)

Obviously very happy because I have improved from getting Cs to A. I think physics cafe has helped in terms of identifying question types and the methods of solving questions faster and in a more efficient manner. Thank you Mr Sim!

Jang Yu Joon , RI(JC)

I was really hoping to get an A for physics but considering how I was never really a natural at the subject, I guess a B was a good enough consolidation. Definitely would have gotten lower without the help of physics cafe. The lessons were helpful throughout the journey, with concise, organized notes that cleared my doubts whenever I had them. Concepts were repeated which helped with memory and there was ample of opportunities to practice. My advice to juniors is to do your best and leave no regrets. The journey is tough but worth it so don’t give up!

Seah JIa Ying , RI(JC)

I scored A for Physics A-level. I’m very happy with it, as it represents how much I have improved since I joined Physics Cafe. Lessons in Physics Cafe are very time-effective, hence I can gain lots of experience with Physics concepts and questions in a single two-hour lesson. Mr Sim’s explanations are very clear, such that information can be understood and retained in my memory very quickly. There is little need to re-read the notes afterwards, as the lesson also comprises adequate practice of all styles of questions (neatly organised in a small booklet), which fleshes out the important concepts in each chapter. We get to solve questions on the spot, before Mr Sim goes through step-by-step the most efficient way of solving each question. This process is very interactive, as Mr Sim asks very good guiding questions, making clear the important things we need to think of to solve the questions. This systematic learning approach is especially useful for higher-order questions which require thorough understanding. For me, the specially-compiled questions (from June Holiday crash course) is the most effective way of practising Physics myself, due to the concise answers provided. I will recommend Physics students to join The Physics Cafe.

Yong Kang Yee , RI(JC)

I am satisfied with my grade. The summary book was an excellent guide for me during my revision and practice. The tuition centre provides us with many practice questions and also drills on the common concepts that come out in papers, while also paying attention to the tricky questions that we may encounter. Ultimately, the most important things are constant revision and effort.

Yee Yang En , RI(JC)

I was quite bad at Physics in Year 4 and it took me a lot of courage to choose Physics in JC. However, I realise that Physics has become my least concern among all my subjects ever since I joined since start of last year and I have been consistently scoring As for all my Physics paper. The lessons are very exam-oriented and focus on problem-solving and understanding of concepts at the same time, while school lectures are only able to fulfil the former. The questions are carefully chosen so that we will not miss and concepts during our revision. The problem-solving skills are also highly relevant in other subjects too. There are also a lot of unique student welfare such as free follow drinks from vending machines, snacks and even shuttle bus to bring you home after a hard day at work. Thank you, Mr Sim, for giving me confidence and enjoy Physics!

Song Lizhi , RI(JC)

I really like the digital lessons as we can come and catch up the lessons that we have missed in our free time. I also like that the PMC materials are organised, and bite sized such that the notes are convenient to be brought around. If I can go back in time, I would join PMC earlier.

Wang Jieying , RI(JC)

I attended lessons for myself as I was struggling quite badly in J1. The notes in the lessons are also more concise and to the point as compared to school lecture notes. I think the free drinks and food are a nice benefit in addition to the lessons. If I could go back in time I would join earlier to get a better foundation from the start. I think some are naturally smart, but most have gotten there with hard work and practice.

Heidi Li , RI(JC)

The materials that the physics cafe provides are definitely helpful in preparing students for their A-levels. The notes are very concise and can be easily understood. The environment is very conducive, and the student councillors are also very friendly and helpful. Overall, the physics cafe plays a salient role in aiding its students in attaining their stellar grades

Maxine , RI(JC)

I have gained a clearer understanding of the various topics for Physics, and I believe anyone who puts in sufficient time for Physics would be able to score a distinction with the correct learning methods.

Clarice Lee , RI(JC)

I started going to PMC because I did not perform well in my J1 Promos and was really worried that I had made the wrong decision in my subject choice. Hence, I decided to take up tuition to strengthen my foundation before moving onto JC2. Through the lessons at PMC, I was able to understand topics at a more in-depth level and Mr Sim would go through and break down the question types for each topic that make it less overwhelming. Slowly, I began to grasp concepts that I had not been able to previously. As my understanding improved, so did my grades. The learning environment in PMC is friendly and encouraging and we are provided with many facilities such as free drinks and the option for digital lessons to make us feel as comfortable as possible. Thank you, Mr Sim, for making Physics more enjoyable with your jokes in lessons and understandable with your concise yet accurate explanations.

Gracia Goh , RI(JC)

I truly enjoy lessons at PMC because they make lessons really interesting and at the same time enriching. At PMC, I learnt how to analyse questions from different perspectives. I really love the PMC secrets enclosed book because it summarizes all the important concepts in one booklet!

Lim Yu Yun , RI(JC)

Lessons in PMC definitely helped increase my understanding on all the topics and it has made it easier for me to solve problems now. What I liked most were the hot drinks and snacks as it has made it more comfortable for us to study

Carissa Yap , RI(JC)

PMC’s materials are really helpful for understanding the difficult topics and condensing everything for revision. the tutors are always ready to help and are always going the extra mile to ensure we clear our doubts. the atmosphere is friendly, and I feel like I learn a lot every lesson. I improved more than I thought I would with PMC. PMC is really a lifesaver.

Angelina Kok , RI(JC)

PMC is a great learning centre because of the dedication they have towards helping every student perform to their best ability. They even had free consultation sessions before the prelim exams so that we could clarify our doubts which might be difficult with the time constraints the tutors have due to their schedule during normal lessons throughout their term. From attending lessons, I’ve not only clarified my physics concepts but also gained more confidence in doing physics questions and have started to enjoy the subject like I once did. Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work and dedication towards teaching us as well as the much needed motivation given to us from time to time 🙂

Walden Lim , RI(JC)

Mr Sim explains Physics concepts in a clear and concise manner. The methods to answer questions that he teaches are also extremely useful in identifying the demands of the question, allowing me to better suit my answers to the question requirements.

Nichelle Eng , RI(JC)

My physics foundation was very weak in secondary school, but once I joined Physics Cafe at the start of J1, I found that physics can be very logical and easy to understand. I give my thanks to Mr Dave Sim as he is able to teach in a simple and clear manner with a short procedure/guide for every chapter. Following the procedure, I found myself doing questions more accurately and efficiently. This has helped me to achieve my A in A-levels!

Jethro sim sheng yang , RI(JC)